[Top 3] Mobile Legends Best Balmond Builds That Win Games

Transform into a beast with this builds.

As a ferocious combatant, Balmond is a Fighter who is renowned for his Regen/Damage specialty. He is not a build dependent hero but turns into an absolute beast when at the summit of his build components. He costs only 6500 Battle Points and should be a hero who is purchased early upon signing up to the game. If you don’t have Balmond in your hero list, then you should consider adding him now.

Versatility is unlimited when it comes to Balmond. He is an early to late game hero that can take on sustained damage. His skills add on attack and defense mechanisms that makes him a fun and educational hero to master when gaining an insight into all facets of the ML battlefield. Balmond is a hero who has stood the test and remained relevant since his release in 2016. He is definitely a must-own hero for ML gamers, here are his key strengths and weaknesses.



  • Damage - Irritating when opposing, Satisfying when using. Balmond is a well-rounded fighter who is well equipped with a skill set that can deal continuous and burst damage. As an added advantage, he gains an HP boost/buff from successful kills.
  • HP Regen - While dealing continuous damage, Balmond has the capability of regenerating HP but only on successful hits. His burst damage buffs his HP. These are his inner core strengths that should be capitalized on if you want to master Balmond.
  • Durability - His ability to regenerate HP adds to his advantage as a durable hero who can endure sustained damage. Balmond also has mobility in his skill set that is quite handy when on the offense.
  • Versatility/Adaptability - Balmond is an all rounded hero with considerable mobility and attack speed that can take on a multitude of roles in battle. He can adapt to circumstances and situations in battle, since he is a team hero with crowd control within his skill set. He is a top ganker, roam, jungle, tanky hero in all their essence.
  • Endurance - Balmond is an initiator who can take on the front lines, poke and harass with a high chance of both survival and successful attacks. He is a chief in the front-lines when at the peak of his build.



  • High Skills Cooldown Rate - As an initiator, timing is necessary since he is vulnerable to damage in the frontlines of battle if his skills are not successfully executed. Balmond is quite squishy against a diverse range of heroes that can deal continuous damage.
  • Mobility - Balmond is skill dependent on speed in mobility. His attack speed enhances his mobility but he is slow in comparison to other heroes in his category, even with the use of his skill set. 
  • Skill Dependent - As stated, Balmond relies on his skills for speed in mobility and attack. It can be utilized as an offense and retreat mechanism as well. His unique set of skills also enhance his HP aside from attack speed which aids him in diversity and versatility.
  • Squishy in comparison - His strengths lie in HP Regen through continuous damage. Balmond is squishy against high damage dealers who can deal continuous and burst damage. As a skill dependent hero, he lacks durability without the aid of his skills, which provides a window, especially when his skills are not successfully engaged.
  • Easy to Counter - All the previous points alongside the fact that he is an old hero who has stood the test of time in relevancy adds to the fact that Balmond is well known by many and can be easily countered by a wide range of heroes.


With this comprehension of the Bloody Beast, let's take an in-depth look at the Best Balmond Builds that bring the W home.


3. Sustained DPS

This is a traditional fighter build for Balmond. It capitalizes on his HP Regen effects while adding durability that can take on sustained damage. It is a composition of items that don’t focus on attack but rather his ability to deal continuous and burst damage. 

The items essentially provide support through engagement and initiating opponents into team fights. It is durable and flexible as it provides potential for Balmond to engage in battle for longer periods of time with a higher chance of survival. This is a great support build that provides versatility in taking on other roles and supporting teammates.

Use this Build if.

  • You’re clearing Lanes - The first item in this build is a top performance item in clearing the Express Lane while harassing opponents into retreat. It enhances Balmond’s continuous damage and burst and also helps build team gold in the early phases of gameplay.
  • You have flexibility in supporting teammates - This build generates mobility and durability. It is a strong support system for a hero such as Balmond who has decent crowd control embedded in his list of capabilities in versatility.
  • You Playing Offlane - This is a traditional fighter build that best suits the Express Lane. It has potential in farming and building team gold at a slow pace while leveling up skills for more damage in attack since the items are mainly defensive. 

This build is best utilized against Tanks, Fighters and Mages who deal sustained damage since these items can take on sustained damage as well as aid Balmond’s skills and specialties, especially in HP Regen.


Level Up Balmond’s Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep) first, since it deals Continuous Damage and is a major harass and poke skill. Follow up with his First Skill (Soul Lock) for added mobility and attack speed then follow this sequence at level two then continue this sequence and level up his Ultimate Skill (Lethal Counter) when it becomes available. His Ultimate Skill best aids his Passive Skill (Bloodthirst) that buffs HP on successful target annihilations. 

  • Level One: Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep)
  • Level Two: First Skill (Soul Lock)
  • Level Three: Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill (Lethal Counter)


  • Cursed Helmet ($1760) - This helmet helps with clearing lanes. Its Unique Passive (Burning Soul) deals Magic Damage equivalent to 1.2% of an opponent's HP. This is increased by 250% to 350% when damage is dealt on creeps. It’s perfect for clearing and guarding the Exp Lane in early battle.
  • Tough Boots ($700) - These durable pair of boots provide Magic Defense and generate an extra 40% in Movement. This is essential against Magic Attack and aids Balmond’s lack of speed in mobility while also enhancing his Attack Speed.
  • Guardian Helmet ($2200) - This helmet reinforces Balmonds HP Regen specialty since its Unique Passive (Recovery) regenerates Max HP per second after taking damage. It caps off at 1550 HP and boosts HP Regen by 20%.
  • Radiant Amor ($1880) - This amor assists in Balmonds ability to deal Continuous Damage. Its Unique Passive (Holy Blessing) decreases Magic Damage by 52%. It replenishes +950 HP and generates 20% HP. This aids in attack against Tanks and Mages.
  • Dominance Ice ($2010) - This reduces opposing Regen Effects such as Heals, Shields and Life Steal. It has two Unique Passives. Arctic Cold reduces opposition Attack Speed by 70% and Life Drain reduces opposing Shield and HP Regen Effects by 50%. This is best employed against Tanks and Mages.
  • Immortality ($2120) - This on the spot resurrection provides room for error and assists in Balmonds Continuous Damage and HP Regen abilities. It is perfect for tight situations in team fights in dying stages of battle. 


A Fighter Build Emblem is recommended for this build. An extra 0.25% HP is gained for every 1% lost when using a Fighter Emblem. Talent Points may be assigned to the following.

  • Bravery - additional Physical Attack.
  • Firmness - added Physical Defense
  • Shield - Magic Defense
  • Invasion - Physical Penetration
  • Swift - Enhanced Attack Speed

Battle Spell

  • Flicker can be used as an aid to movement in pursuit or retreat. 
  • Execute may also be used with this build as it deals damage that can counter attacks and improve Balmond’s capabilities, especially in the late game.


2. Durable

This is a Tank Build to place your mind in perspective. The items provide room for enduring attacks from a wide variety of opponents from the early to late stages of battle. This is not an attack build and Balmond’s damage is felt through team gold count and leveling up skills.

With this build, Balmond has versatility and stretch for taking on a support role in the front lines through initiation but is team dependent in seeing true damage dealt. This is a build that can be countered by well farmed damage dealers, but is a tough and robust build that provides strength to Balmond’s continuous damage, burst and regen abilities. It greatly enhances his survival chances in any situation against a wide range of opponents.

Use this Build if.

  • You’re taking on Frontlines of battle - This is a Tank Build that comprises items that focus on Balmonds HP Regen specialty. It provides strength and endurance in taking on damage in the front-lines that may pave the way for successful team fights
  • You’re playing Roam - Moving through the Jungle and Lanes with this build is very well handy. Balmond has the strength and abilities to counter attacks aside from launching successful attacks on a wide range of heroes.
  • You’re supporting and/or taking on damage dealers - This is the ideal build to support your own teammate damage dealers and take on damage from opposing damage dealers. Depending on timing, various scenarios can result from this, especially through team fights and ambush.

This is a defensive build that can take on damage from high damage heroes. It is best utilized in initiating and poking enemy fronts that may lead to successful engagements or gaining advantage over territory.


Balmonds Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep) should be leveled up first at Level One. Then again at Level Two to add essence to his durability. Follow up with his First Skill (Soul Lock at Level Three then finish off with his Ultimate Skill (Lethal Counter) at Level Four then continue the same sequence.

  • Level One: Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep)
  • Level Two: Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep)
  • Level Three:  First Skill (Soul Lock)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill (Lethal Counter)


  • Tough Boots ($700) - These boots have a Unique Passive called Fortitude that reduces CC and Slow Duration by 30%. They also add 40% Movement and add 22% Magic Defense. These boots support durability.
  • Cursed Helmet ($1760) - This helmet has a Unique Passive named Burning Soul that deals extra damage on opponents. It enhances HP by +1200 and adds a supplementary 25% Magic Defense. This is a very tanky item that is relevant to this build's focus on durability.
  • Guardian Helmet ($2200) - This is a very handy item that aids Balmond in HP Recovery. Its Unique Passive Recovery regenerates HP that is handy and works hand in hand with Balmond’s abilities in dealing Continuous and Burst Damage.
  • Radiant Amor ($1880) - The Unique Passive of this item Holy Blessing grants HP when HP is lost. This supports Balmonds HP Regen.
  • Blade Amor ($1910) - This is a desirable item if you’re playing in the frontlines of battle during the late game. Its Unique Passive (Holy Blessing) reduces Magic Damage which is vital when poking, initiating, harassing and gaining possession over the battlefield.
  • Immortality ($2120) - This second chance at redemption is handy in close encounters. It gives enemies a sense of fear as it shows extra strength. Balmond best capitalizes on this through his continuous damage that may resuscitate and provide a second chance in encounters.


A Fighter Build is again recommended for this build since it supports Balmond’s HP Regen abilities in gaining 0.25% HP on 1% HP that is lost. Talent Points should focus on the following.

  • Firmness - Added layer of Physical Defense.
  • Shield - Provides Magic Defense
  • Persistence - Additional HP
  • Disabling Strike - 20% damage dealt increases Physical Attack by 20% on opponents

Battle Spell

  • Vengeance may be utilized with this build for its Damage Reduction capabilities. It also deals 35% Magic Damage each time damage is received. This battle spell supports strength and endurance that are the key pros of this build.
  • Flicker is a battle spell for those who are well-versed with Balmond where it presents the opportunity to blink to designated locations and can be used in both attack and retreat.


1. Burst

This is an attack, harass and assault build. It boosts Balmond’s specialty in Attack then supports his HP Regen ability in the end. It is an all round build that is much more versatile and flexible than the two other builds in this list. It is a pro build for those who are accomplished Balmond or Fighter users.

This build is recommended when playing Balmond as a core in the Jungle but is equally impactful in other roles. It boosts all of Balmond’s specialties but requires successful engagement on his skills to really make an impression in battle. This is a game carry build that should be mastered by those who are interested in Balmond as a main hero.

Use this Build if.

  • You’re Playing Core - With the spell vamp and damage items that start off this build, playing core as a Jungler brings forth an advantage in fast farming with the ability to back up in support if and when necessary.
  • You’re Roaming - This is a perfect Roam Build since it is balanced in both attack and defense. Balmond’s specialties are in HP Regen and Damage so this is a superb build to capitalize on this in all aspects of his flexibility and versatility.
  • You’re leading Battle - This is a game carry build where Balmonds presence is impactful in the outcome of the game. This is why it has been stated that this is a pro build for those who are well versed in Balmond since teammates will be dependent on you in support as well as in leading and initiating team fights and battlefield advancements.

This build is best utilized in attack on high damage dealers such as Marksmen and Mages in the early game then has the potential to take on sustained damage dealers such as Tanks and Fighters in the mid to late stages of battle.


Level Up Balmond’s Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep) at Level One for extra damage potential. Follow up with his First Skill (Soul Lock) for mobility at Level Two then follow the same sequence and level up his Ultimate Skill (Lethal Counter) each time it becomes available.

  • Level One - Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep)
  • Level Two - First Skill (Soul Lock)
  • Level Three - Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep)
  • Level Four - Ultimate Skill (Lethal Counter)


  • Tough Boots ($700) - Movement and Magic Defense.
  • War Axe ($2100) - This build supports Balmonds ability to take on damage. It adds 35% Physical Attack, +550 HP and 10% Cooldown Reduction. Its Unique Passive (Fighting Spirit) grants extra Physical Attack and Penetration including 15% movement speed at full stacks.
  • Bloodlust Axe ($1970) - This is a spell vamp that adds 70% in Physical Attack and a 10% Cooldown Reduction. It supports Balmond’s Ultimate Skill in addition to his ability to deal Continuous Damage.
  • Dominance Ice ($2010) - This piece of armor debuffs HP regen effects and paves way for Balmond to deal Continuous and Burst Damage. It has two Unique Passives. Arctic Cold reduces opponent attack speed and life drain reduces their life steal and HP Regen capabilities. 
  • Athena’s Shield ($2150) - This shield generally provides extra defense against Burst and Magic Damage. It’s best suited in the front lines of battle and adds value to the attack items before it in providing durability and endurance.
  • Antique Cuirass ($2170) - This armor deflects Physical Damage from Tanks and Fighters. It’s perfect for the late game in taking on opponent front liners that will eventually pave the way for successful team fights or gaining battlefield possession.


A Jungle Emblem may be used with this build since this is a potential core build where Balmond can take on the role of Farming. Talent Points may be assigned as follows.

  • Brutal - Deals extra damage to Jungle Monsters
  • Balance - Physical and Magic Life Steal
  • Swift - Enhances Attack Speed
  • Iron - Damage Reduction from Jungle Monsters

A Fighter Emblem is recommended if Balmond will not be utilized as a core hero. Additionally as stated, an extra 0.25% HP is gained on 1% lost. Talent Points should focus on his Damage and HP Regen as follows.

  • Bravery - For Physical Attack
  • Firmness - For Physical Defense
  • Shield - Magic Defense, especially against Mages
  • Invasion - Physical Penetration
  • Persistence - Enhances HP
  • Swift - Attack Speed

Battle Spell

Flicker should be mastered with this build since it provides an avenue to flash to a designated spot that may be used in attack and retreat. It resonates with this build as a burst build.


Balmond is strong against high damage dealers in early stages of battle then has the potential to take on sustained damage heroes in the late phases of gameplay. Here are a few heroes that he is particularly strong against.

  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Pharsa
  • Sun
  • Zilong


Balmond is weak against sustained damage and crowd control heroes in the early stages of battle then can fall off against well farmed damage heroes in the mid to late game. Here are a few common heroes that he is notably weak against.

  • Alucard
  • Moskov
  • Ling
  • Freya
  • Hanabi


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