[Top 5] Eternal Return Best Augments That Are Excellent

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Top 5 Augments POG!!

Welcome everyone to an Eternal Return top listing. Today I am here to talk about Augments.

These things are add-on abilities that give you that slight edge over other people playing the same character. It pushes you from being good at something to being great at it. There are over 20 augments in the game with nine of them being the Core Augments. This top 5 list takes into account the effectiveness of both major and minor augments when compared to each other so stick around because the entries in this list may just surprise you. 

As an added side note, I am mostly referring to their use in squad mode as some augments are only used on certain characters, and most of the support augments are only viable in squad mode.


5. Amplification Drone 

Giant concert Field with a spotlight drone in the middle. Pink on Pink for Maximum Style!

Dance and jam out as you get amped up.

Starting off with a core augment: Amplification drone or Amp Drone for short. Is this giant drone that releases a large pink circle around you and can affect allies. It's pretty identifiable and when seen on an enemy signifies the beginning of their attack. 

While it would normally seem like this would be put on casters, there are other skill builds that are found on supports and ranged damage dealers that use this skill to make their burst hit that much harder. For example Aya’s Sniper build starts a fight by casting and instantly canceling her ultimate to gain the effects of the Amp drone while she shoots down her enemies. 

Not everyone gains benefits from skill amplification but the fact that it can be applied to a team more than makes up for it. The augment is activated when you cast your ultimate, it gives you movement speed and skill amplification scaled towards your level in an area around you. So long as you are within the drone then all allies receive this buff. 

It does not stack with itself so when playing in a team make sure to either cascade it so that you have the longest up time, or have only 1 member with this augment. 


  • Scales with level 
  • Affects allies 
  • Is effectively another Amp item late game
  • Large radius so allies do not need to be close 


  • Needs to be built around (not every character scales with amp) 
  • Effect is only felt mid to late game (needs to scale up)
  • Basically has 2 cooldown (Your Ultimate, and its own 60s)


4. Diamond Shard 

Hard as a rock? no, Diamond is Unbreakable

Think what's harder than a stone wall? a Diamond Shard. 

Another core augment here: Diamond Shard is a fortification augment that makes you tankier and dish out some damage at the same time. While not as flashy as other augments it has a solid ability that makes sure that you can protect yourself and your friends from harm. 

This augment follows tradition as it is normally seen on tanks and bruisers of Eternal Return. With the other fortification augments and usually a support sub- augments then whoever you see this on will keep you away from their squishier allies with ease. It is an annoying augment to play against and not exactly the best augment in solos, but its sheer tankiness and AoE slow more than make up for it as it makes any tank an even better zoner. 

How it works is that after immobilizing an enemy; either through a root, a stun or anything like that you gain defense for 3 seconds, this defense scales extremely well and even does a lot at earlier levels. Then once 4 seconds pass after you immobilize the enemy it bursts around you dealing a small amount of damage but the kicker here is the 50% slow for 1.5s. That gives you and your team more than enough time to kill the enemies before whoever you slow can either get to you or get away. 


  • Effective at all stages of the game
  • Gives a large amount of defense 
  • Has an AoE slow 
  • Relatively low cooldown 


  • Activation requirement (Most stuns require a gimmick; for example hitting a wall or doing a certain amount of hits) 
  • Team Reliant (defense is nice but you end up lacking damage)
  • Is slow not a stun (Dashes are fixed distances, not affected by move speed)


3. Thorns Shackles 

A little greenery never hurt anyone, but these thorns have no roses. 

This is our first sub augment, what this means is that you do not need to pick it to gain the other augments of the same tree; Unlike Core augments that define which of the 3 main augment trees; that being Havoc, Fortification, or Support. Sub augments can be equipped even if your main core augment belongs to another tree, so long as you choose it to be your subtree. 

Found in the support tree, this skill is normally seen on damage dealers who have some form of CC or immobilization. It increases not only their damage but also the damage from anything else, this includes other players, animals, and even Wick the roaming boss. Normally landing a stun on a character is the signal to engage and focus down that one character, this adds salt to the wound by making it just that much faster to finish the job. 

That being said, Thorn Shackles is in my opinion a really strong ability so long as you have some form of immobilization. It has no visual cue so not many people can expect and plan around this augment. It increases damage taken, meaning that both skill damage and attack damage are increased on those affected by this. It also lasts 6s, meaning that it only has a 6s downtime. 


  • Any character can pick this and be fine
  • Increase damage taken from ALL sources 
  • Support Characters have the most amount of immobilization skills
  • Makes tanky characters easy to kill, and squishy characters a cakewalk


  • Stuns are normally hard to land (for the most part) 
  • The damage increase is almost negligible but still relevant
  • Is affected by their defense stat as the final damage taken has to go through armor or resistances


2. Frailty Infliction 

 Weaken, discombobulate, and strike

Full combo moments before completion. 

This Havoc core augment is the one most likely seen on many dps characters in your matches. Unlike the other core augments in Havoc this one has no downside and lets you consistently deal damage. While it is not suitable for burst characters such as mages most other characters are able to use this even when they are not dps for the sole purpose of how much damage you can deal with this. 

Frailty as it is colloquially called applies a scaling defense down debuff after hitting an enemy with 3 auto attacks as well as dealing a scaling amount of true damage. While the damage seems small it is True Damage, meaning that it is dealt in full. Most ranged characters will use this to deal decent damage as they kite the enemy and most assassins will use this to maximize their damage on the squishy targets. 

Some people would call it a noob augment since people who don't know how to get into augments would default to this one, yet it still works even to pro-level due to how effective it is at dealing damage. So when you see this in your lobby do take note so you know who to focus down first. 


  • Relatively high damage late game 
  • Lets you attack tanks and actually do decent damage
  • Makes auto attackers attack harder 
  • Relatively low cooldown


  • Requires 3 basic attacks or skills on the SAME target in 3s
  • Multi-hit effects count only as 1 hit and weapon skills or added bonus damage tics do not count at all
  • The skill trigger could reset if you accidentally attack the wrong target.

1. Quench 

Flashy visuals and a subtle effect

Heal hard, hit harder, true lifesteal right here. 

Topping this list is one of the sub augments: From the Havoc tree it is Quench. This augment is insanely good in my eyes, as it has no cooldown, meaning that it is always up, increases your damage for a decent amount and gives you lifesteal, something that you must either specifically build towards or have innately. 

Anyone and almost everyone takes this if they are looking towards the havoc tree as their main or even their subtree. It allows you to deal additional damage to the animals around the map as well as towards the android bosses and the roaming boss herself. Each time you hit them with an attack or ability you heal for a percentage of the damage dealt, letting you keep on farming or collecting resources without worry for your health. 

This ability is strong enough that most people build healing reduction just to make sure that you heal less from it and other sources of healing. It gives you 20% extra damage to animals as well as a 15% heal from them. Even the Androids take 6% more damage from you as you heal 4.5% dealt to them. While it looks small, remember that it is a passive meaning, unlike other augments they never go on cooldown. 


  • Always up
  • Gives anyone lifesteal
  • Scales with your own damage
  • Lets the early game be easier due to having more health 


  • In final zone situations, this is usually rendered moot
  • Only affects animals not players
  • Is meant to kill bosses and help you scale faster to late game. 

That's the list, hopefully, this helps

If you want to know more about these augments or the other augments look at the official wiki here. https://eternalreturn.fandom.com/wiki/Augments

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