[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Items For Spectre That Will Make Her Powerful

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Let the raging begin



15. Power Treads

(These kicks were made for stompping)

Overview: Although pretty standard in most builds Power Treads deserve at least a mention. The total item cost is 1400 gold at that modest price who can blame people for sporting a pair of these kicks.

Why this Item:

  • Offers 10 agility, Strength, or Intelligence
  • Grants 25 Attack Speed 
  • Increases Movement Speed by 45

Get this item if:

  • You need additional agility due to a difficult lane matchup
  • Bonus attack speed will help with your farming
  • Your opponents are aggressive and you want the move speed to evade them

Power Treads Details:  https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Treads


14. Phase Boots

(Would you wear these?)

Overview: This is an excellent pick-up for those players who like to fight first and farm second. With the bonus armor and damage, it could really swing the fight in your favor.

Why this Item:

  • Grants bonus 18 Damage
  • This item gives you 45 Movement speed
  • Lets you avoid unit collision 

Get this item if:

  • Your opponents are using creeps to block your harass
  • Your opponents are very mobile
  • The extra damage will help in your lane fights

Phase Boot’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Phase_Boots


13. Vanguard

(The best offense, is a good defense)

Overview: Well here we have it an unusual pickup, Vanguard brings with it some good early game survivability. Granting additional Health and Health Recovery to boot, every point matters.

Why this Item:

  • Give you an additional 250 Hp 
  • Tacks on 7 Hp regen
  • Provides a chance to block a decent chunk of damage

Get this item if:

  • Your opponents out scale your lane in damage
  • The enemy lane is being aggressive
  • You are frequently losing trades in lane

Vanguard’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Vanguard


12. Assault Cuirass

(Why isn't this a cosmetic yet?)

Overview: Assault Cuirass is a great team item, when team fights break out you really get all the value of your 5125 gold purchase.

Why this Item:

  • Grants bonus 30 attack speed from the item and then another 30 for the aura
  • Your allies also benefit from your item selection now
  • Grants an additional 15 armor to you and 5 to your allies

Get this item if:

  • Your team is fairly fragile
  • You are one of the furthest in your build, to help your team
  • The enemy has been building armor 

Assault Cuirass Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Assault_Cuirass


11. Mjollnir

(This hammer isn't just for Thor)

Overview: Mjollnir is built from Maelstrom a popular flash-farming tool. This is an excellent way for farm-dependent heroes like Spectre or Phantom Assassin to get the items they need to steal the show.

Why this Item: 

  • This item gives you a whopping 70 attack speed
  • Gives you 24 bonus damage
  • 30% chance to deal an additional 180 magic damage 

Get this item if:

  • You have fallen behind and need to flash farm
  • You are playing a hero whose attack speed gets higher the more items they get
  • The enemy is focusing on you allowing you to maximize this item’s active and deal more magic damage back to them.

Mjollnir’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Mjollnir


10. Black King Bar

(Now this thing just looks evil)

Overview: Now although BKB is an amazing item and I highly recommend it on Spectre it is not a guaranteed get out of CC free card. Some abilities in Dota 2 can not be dispelled and therefore BKB won’t be able to free you.

Why this Item:

  • Bonus 24 damage 
  • Bonus 10 Strength which is your secondary stat
  • Spell immunity & Basic Dispel

Get this item if:

  • The enemy has a lot of Crowd Control
  • Opponents have strong DoTs

Black King Bar’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Black_King_Bar


9. Aghanim’s Sceptre 

(Add him to the game already!)

Overview: Aghanim’s Sceptre isn’t always necessarily a must-buy, but I highly recommend for Spectre if you can farm the gold for it as the mobility and versatility is immense.

Why this Item:

  • Grants Shadow Step ability which is a miniature ultimate
  • Gives you 10 for all your attributes
  • This item gives you a bonus of 175 to HP and MP

Get this item if:

  • Enemies keep escaping you 
  • Your team is always engaging in team fights without you or your ultimate ability
  • You have extra gold to burn

Aghanim’s Sceptre Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Aghanim's_Scepter


8. Blade Mail

(If don't touch me was a picture)

Overview: This one is for those players who take the last three times you’ve been focusing seriously, and Spectre makes it even worse by being the awesome carry who hurts you as you hurt her.

Why this Item: 

  • Packs a punch when the enemy carry decides to fight you
  • The reflect damage stacks well with Dispersion 
  • Grants a bonus 6 Armor

Get this item if:

  • The enemy’s physical carry is fragile
  • You need more armor to survive
  • You don’t have the Hp to survive fights with the enemy carry

Blade Mail’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Blade_Mail


7. Butterfly

(Look how pretty it is)

Overview: The Butterfly carves its way onto the list with its beautiful art and completely loaded stats, Butterfly brings its grace and beauty to Spectre giving her plenty of stats to increase her DPS and survivability. 

Why this Item:

  • Butterfly gives you a bonus of 35% evasion
  • Grants 30 agility
  • This item gives you 30 attack speed to increase your DPS

Get this item if:

  • The enemy has a physical hard carry
  • You need attack speed
  • You need another item to give you a lot of agility

Butterfly’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Butterfly


6. Heart of Tarrasque

(Legendary in its own right)

Overview: This red orb is the Heart of Tarrasque, this item gives life to Spectre’s late-game giving her the ability to survive to dish out her damage and I highly recommend picking it up.

Why this Item:

  • Heart of Tarrasque offers great survivability allowing Spectre to live long enough to punish in team fights
  • Due to your reflect damage you’re going to get punished and need the HP regen to 
  • A bonus of 45 strength which means more HP

Get this item if:

  • You aren’t surviving team fights
  • You are barely surviving team fights

Heart of Tarrasque Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Heart_of_Tarrasque


5. Diffusal Blade

( Ever wonder what that centre piece does? )

Overview: What’s a great way to prevent your opponents from landing their abilities? Well if they don’t have the mana they can’t cast it. Illusions also proc the mana burn from Diffusal Blade so combining this plus manta is a great way to exhaust their resources.

Why this Item:

  • Grants intelligence to increase MP regen
  • Diffusal also increases Spectre’s agility which is her main stat
  • Synergizes well with Manta-Style and Haunt

Get this item if:

  • You are against a lot of intelligence heroes
  • You are building Manta
  • You need the additional Crowd control in the laning phase

Diffusal Blade’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Diffusal_Blade


4. Abyssal Blade

(Okay, nevermind this looks evil)

Overview: This blade not only cuts through the souls of all it cuts but it stuns slippery Weavers. When Spectre wields this mighty blade you’ll see a clear difference in her damage and survivability and I’d expect nothing less for the 6250 gold 

Why this Item:

  • This item grants you a bonus of 250 HP and 10 HP regen
  • Gain a bonus of 10 Strength
  • Item has an active point and click stun

Get this item if:

  • You built Vanguard
  • The enemy has split pushing heroes who duel well
  • Your team does not have a lot of CC

Abyssal Blade’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Abyssal_Blade


3. Eye of Skadi

( I wonder who's eye they took)

Overview: Can you feel it? Can you feel its cold stare? The eye of Skadi is awesome in design and the benefits it gives for the 5300 gold. When the game hits the later stages you can’t go wrong with this pickup.

Why this Item:

  • Grants a solid 22 attributes around the board 
  • Attacks with this item are now slow, making it easier to pursue enemies 
  • Attacks with this item reduce healing via life steal and HP regen by 40%

Get this item if:

  • The enemy has a lot of Tanky heroes
  • It’s closer to the end game
  • Heroes like Life Stealer who regen HP quickly are on the enemy team

Eye of Skadi’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Eye_of_Skadi


2. Manta Style

(Imagine coming home with this instead of groceries)

Overview: Ah yes, Manta-style creating illusions dodging abilities, and replicating Spectre’s Radiance aura. I recommend practicing managing the illusions so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Why this Item:

  • Grants large increase to all stats
  • Can summon two illusions to assist in damage and farm
  • Illusions get Desolate ability from Spectre

Get this item if:

  • You’re good at micro-managing 
  • You want to farm multiple locations at once
  • An enemy is often split pushing alone

Manta Style’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Manta_Style


1. Radiance

(Forget the hot stove, don't touch this thing)

Overview: When you just want to set the world on fire, you buy Radiance. When you want your enemies to regret approaching you, you buy Radiance. For 5050 gold you to can set the world ablaze.

Why this Item:

  • Aura damage stacks with illusions
  • Grants 15% evasion 
  • Causes enemies to have a 10% chance to miss 

Get this item if:

  • The enemy has heroes like Juggernaut or Phantom Assassin
  • There are a lot of Team fights
  • You are building Manta-style

Radiance’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Radiance

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