[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Cheap Skins

DotA 2 is filled with lots of great skins that greatly enhance a hero’s visual effects and abilities. This makes the game more fun to play due to the beautiful graphics that come with it. But with beauty, comes its price. Many of the skins in the game cost a premium, which kind-of makes it impossible to enjoy. 

But with that said, many great skins still offer great visuals and beautiful designs that can elevate your playing experience. In this article, let’s talk about the 15 best skins that can make you pretty but not break the bank.


15. Keeper of Oloxicam’s Glass 

See Keeper of Oloxicam’s Glass in action:


Start at 00:20

Dark Seer is one of the most sought-after heroes when looking to play initiators. This reliable off lane hero can be left alone in lane but still shows up in team fights. Keeper of Oloxicam’s Glass features Dark Seer in a very cool-looking wizard’s attire. True to this skin, Dark Seer is like a wizard with his many magical spells that can quickly turn around any fight. Sporting a gigantic hourglass just adds to the charm. 

How to get Keeper of Oloxicam’s Glass: 

  • Keeper of Oloxicam’s Glass can be purchased in the DotA 2 store for $2.14.


14. Enigma Patterns of the Pristine

See Enigma Patterns of the Pristine in action:


Start at 00:28

Patterns of the Pristine was created by Mars on September 28, 2020 and features the celestial Enigma in a very distinct and colorful attire which consists of a feather-like headpiece and vibrant garb that suits his original blue color scheme. The skin is considered rare and boasts a very cheap price considering the amount of detail the skin has. His eidolons also get a similar makeover which makes the skin all the more worth it.

How to get Enigma Patterns of the Pristine:

  • Enigma Patterns of the Pristine can be purchased in the DotA 2 store for $0.57.


13. Altar Ball


See Altar Ball in action:


Start at 00:17

Io is one of the characters who only got two skins, one of them is an Arcana. I know, right? Well despite having only a small number of skins, Io has been an incredible support. His abilities do well in making sure his cores go places. Altar Ball presents Io in a very Aztec-like design that makes the dull ball of light a spectacle. With a very cheap price, the skin goes above and beyond as it changes the skills’ visual effects as well as its icons. 

How to get Altar Ball:

  • Altar Ball can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $2.37.


12. Vengeance of the Brine Lords

See Vengeance of the Brine Lords in action:


Start at 00:24

Kunkka has been one of the most feared captains on the sea. With his trust sword Tidebringer paired with a cool shiv, he brings down anyone who dares take this title away from him. Vengeance of the Brine Lords sports the captain in a very unhuman-like form, completely removing his status as a human. It can be seen that he appears corrupted from the influence of the Deep Ones. 

How to get Vengeance of the Brine Lords: 

  • Vengeance of the Brine Lords can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $0.43.


11. Nacreous Stag

See Nacreous Stag in action:


Start at 00:37

Venomancer has always looked like a venomous snake. His base skin is enough to relay this conclusion. But with Nacreous Stag, Venomancer looks even more menacing and poisonous. The skin gives him a very sharp and insect-like appearance that resembles something that shouldn’t be touched or even approached. With his plague ward also receiving some love as a poisonous beetle, the skin gives off a very nice feel with a cheap price tag.

How to get Nacreous Stag:

  • Nacreous Stag can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $0.13.


10. Dragon’s Ascension

See Dragon’s Ascension in action:

Start at 00:22

Davion has always been our signature Dragon Knight. While still boasting a classic red armor, Dragon’s Ascension adds a little golden spice to the mix. With a helmet that makes him look like he’s about to throw hands, paired with a sword and shield to help him, Dragon Knight looks absolutely stunning in this skin. Bear in mind, this skin goes so hard for just a very cheap price.

How to get Dragon’s Ascension:

  • Dragon’s Ascension can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $0.80.


9. Chasm of the Broken Code

See Chasm of the Broken Code in action:


Start at 00:32

Terrorblade is one of the scariest demons out there. Sporting two cool-looking blades and a pair of sharp wings, Chasm of the Broken Code brings out fear just by its appearance. The helmet features a samurai design that blends so well with his entire identity. His ambient blue flame continues to lighten up his skin and makes a very dark but bright feel. With this change in his base form, his Metamorphosis demon form goes even harder. The metamorphosed version turns him into a complete sinister demon that wants to do nothing but bring you down.

How to get Chasm of the Broken Code:

  • Chasm of the Broken Code can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $2.04.


8. The Gaze of Zebulon

See The Gaze of Zebulon in action:


Start at 00:26

The Gaze of Zebulon sports a very eagle-like design that shows up many sharp edges that really complements Drow Ranger’s whole personality. Being an ice archer, The Gaze of Zebulon shows this off even more with Drow Ranger’s signature blue color scheme. Ths skin gives off ambient colors of gray, gold and cyan, which goes so well with the entire skin. But her helmet just goes incredibly insane. With her glowing eyes, you might just want to not get hit by her Frost Arrows.

How to get The Gaze of Zebulon:

  • The Gaze of Zebulon can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $2.68.


7. Candy Cat

See Candy Cat in action:


Start at 00:37

Now Candy Cat is one of the most entertaining skins to look at just because of how fun it looks. Sporting a Halloween-inspired theme, Candy Cat features a pumpkin as Pudge’s head and a new hook visual effect. But if you look closely, you’d see an actual cat just chilling in his small basket filled with treats. Given Pudge’s butchering theme, the whole Candy Cat look just gives him a new and fun concept. Certainly one of the skins that just gives you a laugh and at a very good price.

How to get Candy Cat:

  • Candy Cat can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $1.41.


6. Lineage Province of the Hunt Eternal

See Lineage Province of the Hunt Eternal in action:


Start at 00:33

Now this skin is just insane. Lineage Province of the Hunt Eternal gives Clinkz a very well-deserved makeover that really makes him even more menacing. While he does look cool in his base skin, this one just gives off a very cool-looking warrior vibe. The eagle theme in this skin just goes so well with his identity as a precise and swift archer. Just look at his headpiece, it just looks so good and it won’t even hurt to buy.

How to get Lineage Province of the Hunt Eternal:

  • Lineage Province of the Hunt Eternal can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $0.40.


5. Eye of the Fate Weaver

See Eye of the Fate Weaver in action:


Start at 00:31

Oracle has been popularized due to starring in the Nemesis Contract event in the past. His all-knowing theme literally blends so well with Eye of the Fate Weaver. This iconic back piece and cape makes him a very tall hero with a high status. Give him his hood and he’ll certainly look mysterious and deadly. His all-powerful orb rotates around its nucleus and his entire skin gives off a very menacing blue aura that really makes you not want to get near this dude.

How to get Eye of the Fate Weaver:

  • Eye of the Fate Weaver can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $0.48.


4. Gambits of Nishai

See Gambits of Nishai in action:


Start at 00:22

Nishai is a region in the DotA 2 universe where several earthquakes occur normally. This is where Earthshaker is from and Gambits of Nishai pays homage to this. Even his magical Eclipse Monolith totem originates from Nishai as the blacksmiths of his home crafted this for him. A fitting home for a fitting hero, Gambits of Nishai sports a very knight-like Earthshaker that shows off his red hot anger. The skin makes Earthshaker just eager to charge and mess you up with levels of earthquakes you haven’t seen before. To top it all off, his totem is a chessboard horse, just happy to be part of the gambit.

How to get Gambits of Nishai:

  • Gambits of Nishai can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $2.02.


3. Adage of the Smoldering Sage

See Adage of the Smoldering Sage in action:


Start at 00:27

Now considering Xin is a very wise and somewhat old swordsman, the skin just makes him look more like the part. With his signature twin fire blades, the Ember Spirit looks so classy in the Adage of the Smoldering Sage. His ancient armor just goes so well with his ancient look that features a long, white beard. His fiery aura goes so well with the subtle dragon-crafted designs on his armor and his swords. What can I say, it just fits him so well.

How to get Adage of the Smoldering Sage:

  • Adage of the Smoldering Sage can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $1.22.


2. Unfettered Malevolence

See Unfettered Malevolence in action:


Start at 00:29

When you see Night Stalker, might as well close your eyes. Night Stalker is the embodiment of the night. Unfettered Malevolence doesn’t even help, it just adds to your fear. I mean, just look at this. His wings are wrapped around by chains that don’t even try to hold him. His brace comes with a huge blue eyeball that just adds to this look. And this headpiece? It just goes so hard. The skin even has the option to be infused in order to create a flaming effect around his chains. Make sure you don’t wander off into the night if you don’t wanna run into this guy.

How to get Unfettered Malevolence:

  • Unfettered Malevolence can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $2.83.


1. Requiem for the Red Wolf Clan 

See Requiem for the Red Wolf Clan in action:


Start at 00:36

Now for the top spot, we have Lycan’s Requiem for the Red Wolf Clan. Just woah. What more can I say? The skin boasts a swordsman-like armor with a couple of katanas just dangling on his belt. Oh, and his belt? Has a wolf. His head? Is a wolf. His wolves? Are wolves. His armor looks so good with the armor-pierced arrows just hanging around. He even has a skull from one of his many prey just chilling on his shoulder piece. To add to that, his wolves get a similar upgrade and his Shapeshift form just makes him into a big, bad wolf.

How to get Requiem for the Red Wolf Clan:

  • Requiem for the Red Wolf Clan can be purchased at the DotA 2 store for $0.53.


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