[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Neutral Items That Are Powerful!

The addition of neutral items to Dota was a breath of fresh air which was previously seen in the form of the addition of the backpack and slot for the TP scroll. These items are essential to perform better both in the early and the late game. With the tier 1 items starting from minute 7, you can easily outperform your enemies if you find the right item.

To help you understand the importance of the neutral items, we have compiled a list of the best 15 Neutral Items which are very powerful and can change the trajectory of the game if you are blessed with the chance of having them!

15. Tumbler’s Toy

This item is considered to be a comical item but it is a great tool in the early game to escape enemies and hop on/off cliffs. You also get +200 Mana, which is great on spell casting heroes or heroes that lack mana pool. This tier 1 item is great and can be useful against heroes like Mars, allowing you to escape.

Why is Tumbler’s Toy great?

  • Great for escaping enemies


14. Philosopher’s Stone

If you’re a support hero or a hero who is lacking in the gold department then this tier 2 item will surely fill the gap. After 17 mins of the game, the tier 2 items start dropping when you kill the neutral kills,  and all support heroes pray this item drops as you get an increased 80 gold per minute at the cost of 30 attack damage along with 200 increased Mana pool, making it viable primarily on supports!

Why is Philosopher’s Stone great?

  • Passive Gold
  • Increased Mana pool


13. Nether Shawl

If you're facing heroes with menacing magical damage abilities or your hero just lacks magic immunity, then Nether Shawl is an incredible item. You are blessed with 20% increased magic immunity along with 6% increased spell damage at the cost of mere 2 armor, making it great on core heroes.

Why is Nether Shawl Great?

  • Increased magic resistance right from the early game
  • Increased spell damage


12. Essence Ring 

Essence Ring is a tier 2 item that provides you with 6 intelligence and 2 Mana Regeneration, with the active increasing your current health and maximum HP by 400, for a total of 15 seconds. This item is great for support heroes that lack HP or tank heroes which want to amplify their HP pool to last longer in fights.

Why is Essence Ring Great?

  • Increased HP and HP pool
  • Makes you tanky


11. Psychic Headband

If you’re a spellcasting hero lacking in the cast range department then this Tier 3 item is the perfect for you. This item drops after the first 30 mins of the game, granting you 15% increased Intelligence along with 100 Cast Range which is the actual selling point of this item. The active of this item pushes your foes 400 units away from you, akin to Hurricane Pike.

Why is Psychic Headband great?

  • High Cast Range
  • Increased Intelligence


10. Titan Sliver

Every carry player’s ideal Tier 3 item is undoubtedly Titan Sliver. Why you may ask? This item grants 20% flat base damage along with 12% status resistance and 16% magic resistance which makes it a great item for hard carries which are always in the front line. This allows them soak up damage and outlast their enemies in fights. 

Why is Titan Sliver great?

  • Increased magic and status resistance
  • Increased Base damage


9. Spider Legs

Spider Legs is an exceptional Tier 3 item, which has a possibility to drop after the first 13 mins of the game. The item allows you to 18% increased movement speed along with free pathing which can be an excellent tool for escaping enemies. It also increases your turn rate by 50%, making the slow, and heroes that lack mobility benefit from it. 

Why are Spider Legs great?

  • Can be a great tool for escaping
  • Increased movement speed
  • Free pathing 


8. Spell Prism

Spell Prism is a great tier 4 item which is great on heroes that rely on their abilities to get kills. Heroes such as Tidehunter, Enigma, and Magnus can benefit greatly from this item. It provides you with a 12% Cooldown reduction along with increased attributes and mana regeneration.

Why is Spell Prism Great?

  • Reduces spell cooldown
  • Increased attribute gain


7. Flicker 

This tier 4 item is a lifesaver in the late game! Flicker allows you to blink within a random direction of 200 to 600 unless you have received damage in the last 3 seconds. You also get 35 increased movement speed which proves to be a great bonus. Heroes that lack mobility can use this item for gap closing or escaping.

Why is Flicker great?

  • Flicker allows you to escape
  • Grants movement speed


6. Telescope

The Telescope is a great team item if your team consists of heroes who require increased cast range in order to be effective. It provides increased cast and attack range to allies within a 1200 radius allowing them to be more effective in teamfights and predicting enemy location. This tier 4 item is usually seen on support heroes and you can have a chance to find it after the first 36 mins of the game.

Why is Telescope good?

  • Low CD on Scan
  • Increased attack and cast range


5. Giant’s Ring

On its release, Giant’s Ring was labeled as a meme item due to how comical its idea sounds. Some say it belongs only in custom games, but the sheer potential of this item is highly neglected. Not only do you’re double your normal size, but you can also go full god mode and path over any terrain. You also deal 100% of your current strength as damage to enemies close by, making this a great item for strength heroes like Centaur, Undying, and Primal Beast.

Why is Giant’s Ring great?

  • Increased Strength and Movement Speed
  • High AoE damage and terrain invulnerability


4. Seer Stone

This item is great if you have a sneaky Techies or Tinker on the enemy team. Seer’s Stone provides you with increased day and night time vision, a total of 2150/1150 range. But that’s not it! The stone also grants 350 Cast Range, 10 Mana Regeneration and the active also reveals a target area of 800 radii for 6 seconds, a global range. This item is perfect for Spell Casting heroes and heroes who require increased cast range.

Why is Seer Stone Great?

  • Can reveal an area on the map with a global range
  • Good to find if enemies are Roshing
  • Increased Cast Range and Mana gain


3. Pirate Hat

If your team is lacking gold in the late game, this item might just solve the problem! Pirate Hat grants you 150 Attack Speed and 15 Movement Speed, with the active granting you a Bounty Rune after 1 second of channeling. As this item is a tier 5 item, it grants a minimum of 144 Gold, which increases if the game goes late. Experienced players channel the item in their fountain so they can stack the Bounty Runes together and grab them later in case the teammates are in need of buyback gold!

Why is Pirate Hat a great item?

  • Increased Attack Speed, great on carry heroes
  • Spawning free gold!


2. Apex

Apex is an excellent tier 5 item which grants +70 primary attributes. This proves to be a much-needed item on carry heroes is it technically grants them 11.6 armor, 70 attack speed, and whopping 70 attack damage! Heroes such as Morphling, Meepo, and Drow Ranger to name a few can take full advantage of this item if it drops in the ultra late game. 

Why is Apex a great item?

  • Increased attributes and stats


1. Ex Machina

The addition of this item made the late game more chaotic than usual. Ex Machina provides 20 Armor and on activation, it refreshes cooldowns on all items, excluding Refresher’s Orb of course. This item is a Tier 5 item and is dropped after 60 mins of the game. This item is great on heroes with multiple active items, including heroes like Tinker, Morphling, and others which allows them to close out the game without any more difficulty. 

Why is Ex Machina great?

  • Refreshes cooldowns on all items
  • Low cooldown (25 seconds)
  • High armor


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