Dota 2 How To Use Taunt

Dota 2 has many skins and sets for its heroes to wear and show off, however there is another thing that you can equip certain heroes to frustrate your enemies. Not all heroes have taunts but those who do have new animations and voice lines that accompany the taunt.

Imagine you just made an incredible game changing play or you have finally gotten the revenge on the enemy mid using taunt at the right time would feel extra satisfying. Keep in mind taunting at every thing will get you communication abuse by other players so use it only at the needed times.

How it Works:

  • You have a chance of getting taunt by purchasing certain chests from the dota 2 store.
  • After you have gotten the taunt you want, you can go to dota 2 hotkey section and map the key you want for the taunt, use this key in the game to use taunt.

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