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May haunt you.

Immortals, cosmetic items that make your hero look like a legendary pokemon or a digimon. These are one of the most prestigious items a player can have for their heroes, ranging from items such as gauntlets and helmets to full blown sets and outfits with a variety of effects such as new animations for attacking and ability usage. With all of the perks these items have, they are also expensive too.

10) Night Stalker ( Shadow of the Dark Age)

Night Stalker is a strength hero and is one of the most terrifying heroes in the game. He is a creature of the night hunting his prey with such virosity that they run in fear of being captured.

As Night stalker tries to find his prey, he scours through the woods with his claws. This immortal item gives him a pair of claws that can look demonic or divine, depending on your taste. His Immortal claws have two variants, one with the blue claws and one with the golden ones.

Dota 2: Store - Night Stalker - Shadow Of The Dark Age + GOLDEN [Immortal]

You can buy these claws in the shape of an immortal chest from which you have a chance of getting them.


9) Bounty Hunter ( Hunter’s Hoard of the Crimson Witness)

Bounty hunter is an agility hero that excels at roaming the map finding targets for his team and scouting what lies in the woods, Bounty hunter as his name suggest gets a higher rate for killing enemy heroes on which he has used his ultimate, the track that allows bounty and his teammates to gain additional gold for killing their enemies along with the view of the hero on the map. This immortal sack of gold that hangs at the back of the bounty paints the picture of the collected gold from all the bounty hunts he went on.

Hunter's Hoard of the Crimson Witness: Bounty Hunter

You can purchase this item from the dota market:


8) Mirana ( Axia of Metira )

Mirana is an agility hero that excels both in roaming and carrying the team, with flexibility this hero can be played at any position. Finding kills for her team mirana is a great companion to have in tough times.

Her stead helps her move through all kinds of dangers with long leaps, either to catch or run. It isrun it is a trustworthy creature that helps its princess of the moon.

Mirana’s immortal item gives her a new stead named Axia, that looks like a mythical lioness , with a variety of new animations and ability effects, Mirana really looks like a princess with axia.

Dota 2: Store - Mirana - Axia Of Metira [Immortal]

You can buy This immortal item from the market, beware it is expensive:


7) Treant Protector ( Stuntwood Sanctuary )

Treant is a strength hero that excels in supporting his team through the power of nature and life itself. A walking and talking tree this hero is a delight with great dialogues and abilities that are fun to use.

Since Treant is all about helping his team and initiating the battle, he gets three little happy helpers with this immortal item, they are just for the show but give treant the company he needs while he is in the woods alone. These happy helpers provide new animations for abilities and death.

Dota 2: Store - Treant Protector - Stuntwood Sanctuary [Immortal]

You can purchase this immortal item from the steam market:


6) Bristleback ( Blastforge Exhaler )

Bristleback is a strength hero that excels in tanking the attacks and abilities for his team, standing like a brick wall that only gets stronger as the game progresses, bristle is one of the hardest heroes to kill and one of the easiest to play.

Brislteback spit his goo at the enemies to slow them and decrease their armor to almost negative, with an ultimate that gives him movement speed and hp regen in accordance to the number of spells he uses, his goo has a cooldown of less than 3 seconds.

His immortal item gives him a helmet that is continuously throwing his goo everywhere, note that goo only applies when bristle use the spell, the goo from the helmet is only an ambient effect.

Dota 2: Store - Bristleback - Blastforge Exhaler [Immortal]

You can buy this helmet from the steam market:


5) Sniper ( Golden Full-Bore Bonanza)

Sniper is an agility hero that excels in killing heroes from afar like a sniper, with low hp and no defensive spell sniper is easier to kill, however reaching him is the problem as you may die before you touch him.

This immortal item gives sniper a cape slot with two shooting range targets his his shoulder pads, that spins and mock people trying to reach sniper, it is a beautiful piece of armory with a shiny golden colour that mocks your enemies that are unable to kill you, it also provides ambient effects for sniper.

Dota 2: Store - Sniper - Golden Full-Bore Bonanza [Immortal]

You can buy this immortal item from the steam market:


4) Riki ( Edict of the shadows )

Riki is an agility hero that excels as a carry and a nightmare for weak intelligence heroes, with abilities like an assassin and an ability that literally turns riki invisible. This hero is a major problem for its enemy after it gets its invisibility.

With the assassin trait in mind, dota 2 gave riki an immortal helmet that looks like a helmet of a legendary ninja assassin from the past. This helmet provides riki with new animations for his abilities and ambient effects.

Dota 2: Store - Riki - Edict Of Shadows [Immortal]

You can buy this helmet from the steam market:


3) Ancient Apparition ( Shatterblast Core)

Ancient apparition is an intelligence hero that excels in providing support for his team through a variety of spells that can also solo kill enemies in a few seconds. Ancient Apparition is a valuable asset in late game as its ultimate stops any kind of regeneration abilities.

This hero is just ice that came together, however his immortal item makes it look like this pack of ice has a core that gives power to the whole system. He looks demonic and powerful.

Dota 2: Store - Ancient Apparition - Shatterblast Core [Immortal]

You can buy this immortal item from the steam market:


2) Wraith King ( Unbroken Fealty )

Wraith king is as the name suggests the king of wraiths with the power to reincarnate himself after he dies, he is not the one you want to mess with, does not matter in early or late game WK is a dangerous hero.

With his minions that he can spawn after killing enemies with critical strikes, these minions work together and are independent of the WK.

His immortal item gives him a Legendary sword that looks like all the wraith captured in one slab of stone, with greenish hue this sword looks and sounds ominous.

Dota 2: Store - Wraith King - Unbroken Fealty [Immortal]

You can buy this sword from the steam market:


1) Pudge ( DragonClaw Hook )

Pudge is a strength hero that excels in killing enemies and roaming the map, with pulling them with his hook and stopping them from running by using his ultimate. Pudge can be a game changer or game ruiner depending upon the player as he can completely fall off if he does not get any kill early on.

His Immortal item is a special one as it is one of the first and oldest immortal items in the game that has remained the most expensive one also. This distinguishable hook can be seen from a long distance away with a distinct white colour that looks like a bone/claw of a dragon as the name suggests.

Dota 2 Pudge [Dragonclaw Hook]

You can purchase this hook from the steam market, this hook is one of the most expensive item in the game:


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