Dota 2 How To Swap Heroes

Sometimes you pick a hero out of necessity, sometimes the time is not on your side and people are losing money left and right so you pick whatever you see. Sometimes someone else picks the hero you want to play, Whenever these things happen what you can do is swap with the person who either picked the hero you wanted or you just like that hero better than what you have. The Swap option lets you do it fairly easily.

How it Works:

  • When the game starts before buying any items or selecting any abilities, go to the tab that shows hero stats like their kills and deaths.
  • There, right click on the hero you want to swap with and click on swap hero. Keep in mind that this also needs the consent of the other player, meaning they need to click on yes to swap. When they click on the yes option after you have requested the swap, you will get the hero you wanted.

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