[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Heroes For Each Role That Are Powerful (Latest Patch)

Dota 2 best heroes
People often ask me: how to be good at Dota 2? The answer is simple, pick these heroes:

The new patches bring new excitement to every game. Some heroes who were pretty much unplayable before, get buffed and become relevant again. Others are getting nerfed and coming back to the pack. The little changes add up, and some heroes become overpowered and too strong. 

The new patches also bring a change to the playstyle. Some patches suit the slow, strategic gameplay with lots of farming and no fighting at all. Others encourage constant fighting, and creeps become almost irrelevant and aren’t worth as much. Some patches focus on “fast pushing”, getting objectives, and crushing your opponent before they have the ability to fight back. 

In the current patch, the heroes who are able to farm ultra-fast and always are ready and capable to fight are considered the best. The ability to farm the jungle camps in an instant, without wasting too much mana or losing health is a must-have for every decent core hero. Heroes with a long cooldown on their spells are not in high demand. The pace is ultra-fast and you must be ready to contribute at all times.


15. Wisp

Dubu playing Wisp

Wisp has always been a controversial hero. Eather you are really good with the hero, and your whole team plays well around you - so you look awesome! Or your team ignores you, and you end up having the same impact as a ranged creep.

Wisp is the ultimate carry-amplifier in the game. Gyrocopter, Sven, and Tiny - are usually his partners. He sticks close to the carry player and allows him to be able to farm and join fights at the same time.

Io full details: Io - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


14. Grimstroke

Topson Grimstroke mid

Grimtroke is a relatively new hero. Ever since he’s appeared in the game, people have used him as hard support or as a mid-laner. The hero provides huge damage and control. A great spell-caster to have on any team.

Grimstroke needs more levels than he needs farm, which is why he’s more suitable for the supporting role. However, the hero can farm pretty fast, so some people have had success playing him in the mid-role. 

Grimstroke full details: Grimstroke - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


13. Viper

Viper mid gameplay

Viper has always been one of the worst cores to match up against - in the laning stage. That remains the case, yet again. Viper is the best core laner in the game. 

He scales pretty well after the laning stage as well. He is a hard-to-kill tank, who deals huge amounts of damage if gets the opportunity to do so.

Viper full details: Viper - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


12. Medusa

Medusa carry gameplay

Medusa has always been of the best carry heroes in the game. He is pretty weak in the laning stage, but his ability to farm really fast makes up for it. He can kill huge stacks of neutral creeps with no problem at all.

A farmed Medusa is impossible to kill and deals huge amounts of damage. The one way to play against him is to invade the space he wants to farm and stop him from doing so.

Medusa full details: Medusa - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


11. Alchemist 

Alchemist gameplay

Alchemist has always been the fastest farming hero in the game. However, he’s always lacked the ability to be a presence in his lane at the start. This often resulted in him being pushed out of the lane by stronger heroes and being forced to go jungle earlier than he would want to.

The recent changes have changed that. His ability to flash-farm remains. And he is more than capable in the early stages of the laning phase. Alchemist is one of the hottest carry heroes of the patch.

Alchemist full details: Alchemist - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


10. Enchantress

Enchantress support gameplay

Enchantress has been used in many roles over the years. However, his inability to flash-farm is a real problem when you play him in a core role. Because of that, in this patch, he’s mostly used as a supporter.

A skilled Enchantress player can win every lane. If you have a great micro and decent control over the enchanted units, the enemies won’t stand a chance. Enchantress is the best hero for the early stage in the game, however, his impact falls off as the game goes on.

  Enchantress full details: Enchantress - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


9. Skywrath Mage

Skymage gameplay

Skymage is a hardcore spell caster, nuker, and damage dealer. His best role is as soft support( position 4 ) or in the mid-lane. 

Skymage deals the most magic damage in the game. With a decent start, you will be able to kill anyone in the game. Skymage uses items pretty well, so he gets even scarier and his abilities deal more damage as the game goes on.

  Skywrath Mage full details: Skywrath Mage - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


8. Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden support gameplay

Crystal Maiden has always been one of the most picked supporting heroes in the game. Amazing nuker, amplifying the ability to kill in the laning stage, makes playing him so much fun.

A great partner to lane up with, a decent disabler and nuker. With an ultimate skill that can win team fights on his own. Crystal Maiden remains one of the best support heroes in the game.

Crystal Maiden full details: Crystal Maiden - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


7. Bane 

Save playing bane support

Bane has always been one of the best support heroes in the game. His presence in the early stages is huge. He rarely ever loses a lane. 

The hero is best suited for a sacrificial hard support position. He doesn’t need any items to be influencing the game immensely. Disabling and killing the strongest enemy hero is his specialty.  He is a real nightmare for the enemy cores.

Bane full details: Bane - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


6. Snapfire

Snapfire mid gameplay

Snapfire can slot in any role.. I wouldn’t use him as a carry, but sure, he is capable of doing that as well. 

The hero has great starting attributes which makes him an amazing laner. His overall impact improves with the levels he gains. He can crush a game and win any team fight by himself, no matter what items he got. His right clicks can also deal huge amounts of damage if you buy the right items, which makes him suitable for the mid role too.

  Snapfire full details: Snapfire - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


5. Necrophos

Necrophos mid gameplay

Necrophos seems to be the flavor of the month. He can be played in every core role, dominating every lane he steps his foot in. 

His ability to maintain a presence on every lane and farm jungle makes him a good core hero for the patch. He’s an unkillable tank who deals damage by just standing there. Leaves the opponents in a dilemma. Do we try to kill him - and fail, or do we let him kill us all?

  Necrophos full details: Necrophos - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


4. Marci

Marci is the most annoying hero to play against in this patch. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a core hero or a support one,seeing Marci come on your lane at the beginning of the game is a scary thought for everyone. In the later stages of the game, the threat of him gets even bigger. The map gets smaller and nowhere is safe.

You can play Marci in any role. The carry role is a bit of a question mark because as a Marci you would rather spend your time hunting kills instead of hitting creeps. But sure, the hero can do that too. A scary supporting hero. More than capable in the role as an offlaner and devastatingly scary as a mid-laner.

Marci full details: Marci - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


 3 .Dawnbreaker 

Dawnbreaker mid gameplay

Dawnbreaker is one of the best heroes of the patch. He’s a great laner and has the ability to farm jungle camps super fast. His ultimate spell is global and allows him to join any fight. 

You can play Dawnbreaker on any role. It doesn’t matter if you are playing support or core -mid, safe lane, or off lane. It doesn’t matter if you are having a great game or a bad one. Playing that hero means you will always have a great impact and find ways to be useful.

Dawnbreaker full details: Dawnbreaker - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


2. Puck

Abe Puck mid gameplay

Puck has always been one of the most fun heroes to play with. If you are a fan of the hero, you are in luck. This patch makes him invincible and scary! The supporting heroes who offer hex or another instant disables are rarely played which makes a good puck player virtually unkillable.

Puck is one of the best mid-laners in the game. His ability to farm the mid-lane as well as the nearby jungle camps is a great recipe for having a good start in every game. He can also easily join and dominate every fight. 

  Puck full details: Puck - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


1. Keeper Of The Light

Keeper Of The Light mid gameplay

Keeper Of The Light is the mid-hero of the patch. His ability to farm in the early game is unmatched. He is also one of the fastest heroes in the game, which is really important for every spell caster.

In the past, Keeper Of The Light has primarily been used in a supporting role. With the recent changes, it has become an ultra-fast farming mid-laner. You can never stop him from farming, and he uses his head-start to show everywhere on the map and be the strongest hero in every fight.

Keeper Of The Light full details: Keeper of the Light - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


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