Dota 2 How To Aggro Creeps

Like denying, aggroing enemy creeps is also one of the crucial strategies that you have to learn to be a good player. What it does is that it resets the equilibrium of the lane as you take the aggro from the creeps they try to hit you rather than your creeps this pushes the lane towards you moving the creeps to a safer location near your tower where you can farm easily.

Like pulling does the same thing, however aggro is a high level skill that you learn by playing a lot of games, when to aggro and when not to is the key to winning the lane and early game.

How it Works:

  • As you are farming try to press A and use left click on the enemy hero, this will change the aggro of their creeps towards you moving the lane near your tower, after this you can kill/deny the creeps easily.

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