[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Movement Speed Items

Dota 2 Best Movement Speed Items
If they can't catch up to you, they can't hurt you.

How often did the DC Superhero ‘Flash’ get hit by an opponent? Yep, rarely.

This explains why movement speed is highly important, it can change the tide of battles on the map and it can keep the opponent focussed on a counter for you, while you’re busy pushing his lanes. Remember. Your enemies can’t hit you if they can’t keep up with you, neither can they outrun you if you’re faster than them. 

So to help you stay quick on your feet and tire your opponents out, here’s our list of items that help you move around the map conveniently & to help you spread mayhem and horror faster! 

Do note, some of these items' existence in this list may surprise you, however, their movement-enhancing traits are incredibly good and not a lot of people know that. And that's your advantage here. So go ahead, read on and eat up all that new and wonderful information on the 'best movement speed' items in Dota 2, for you.

15. Wind Lace

Start off with this (game-beginning) to gain speed & save money.

    Movement speed is critical when it comes to survivability. It helps you stay mobile, it helps you get away faster, or push the action more aggressively. If your gameplay revolves around a quick chase or getaway at the beginning of a game, start off with a wind lace.

What Makes Wind Lace Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • It’s cheap.
  • Great early game item.
  • It helps you give chase for an early kill or for you to get away from a bad fight.
  • Good enough for the starting 4-5 minutes of a game.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +20 Movement Speed
  • Gold Cost - 250 Coins

14. Boots of Speed

An early-game common speed item that can be deadly with the right strategy.

    Your basic No.3 or No.4 item. Boots of Speed are a basic necessity after a certain point into the game and without it, you’re just going to be at a handicap in every fight. So unless you’re confident about fighting with a hand behind your back, make sure you always have these basic boots for any fight, post the 4-5th minute. 

What makes Boots of Speed Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Getting these boots before most opponents will grant greater freedom of attack during early fights.
  • Can upgrade to a variety of boots that grant a host of benefits.
  • Sometimes keeping just the basic boots can be beneficial too.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants 15% Movement Speed
  • Gold Cost - 500 Coins

13. Mask of Madness

You'll lose control when you're angry, literally. Use only when necessary.

    This is just a lifesteal item, it has no movement benefit, right? Wrong. On being activated, the Mask of Madness (MoM) gets you added movement speed as well. But since the MoM now has massive cons against pros, always be certain to know exactly when to use it.
    Also, remember, now, activating MoM to help with a getaway could just guarantee the incapability to get away since MoM now silences heroes on activation.

What makes Mask of Madness Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • It provides passive life-steal.
  • Instigates an aura of aggressiveness, most fairly-inexperienced opponents avoid facing this item on active mode.
  • It’s great for 1v1 fights where the attacker doesn’t need most of his abilities to win. Right-clicking to glory is all that matters here.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +10 Damage
  • Grants +10 Attack Speed
  • Grants +110 Attack Speed (Active mode)
  • Grants +30 Movement Speed
  • Reduces your armor by 6.
  • Mana Cost 25
  • Reset timer is 16 seconds
  • Gold Cost - 1775 Coins

12. Drum of Endurance

Just like any tribal drum, this baby is what you need before you initiate as well. 

    As the name suggests, this item will push you and your team to greater feats if used correctly. From the moment it’s activated, these drums will pump massive attack and movement speed into you and allies around (With mild passive benefits as well). So if you’re early support and your team’s looking for those quick ganks on the other side of the river, bring this along in your inventory as well.

What Makes Drum of Endurance Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Great early game support item.
  • Grants speed bonus for the entire team.
  • The active mode has a huge team-fight benefit.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +4 Intelligence
  • Grants +4 Strength
  • Grants +4 Agility
  • Grants +20 Movement Speed
  • Gives +35 Attack Speed
  • Grants +13 Movement Speed for 6 seconds to nearby allies
  • The Radius of Effect is 1200
  • Speed increase by 20 when passive - for allied heroes
  • Passive Radius is 1200
  • Gold Cost - 1900 Coins

12. Guardian Greaves

A pair of boots to remind you just how important picking the right one is.

    A mid-fight boost can always turn the tables around. From 300 HP to 200 Mana, a lot can be done. You could outlast a few right-click attacks, you can dodge long enough to use your own unique abilities or you could just scare the opponents after showing them that your side is in fact, better equipped for the fight. Nothing like some good item picking to make your opponent double-check their own moves.

What Makes Guardian Greaves Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • It can be activated to restore health and mana.
  • Excellent item for team-fight survivability.
  • Provides essential passive assistance ‘Guardian Aura’.
  • Great boot choice for support heroes.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +17% Movement Speed
  • Grants +250 Mana
  • Grants +5 All Attributes
  • Grants +6 Armor
  • Restores 300 health & 200 mana (active
  • Radius 1200 (active)
  • Basic Dispel
  • No Mana Cost
  • Reset time 40
  • Grants 2.5 health regen to allied units
  • Allied units under 20% health receive +16 health regen & +10 armor
  • Radius (inactive) 1200
  • Gold Cost - 4950 Coins

10. Tranquil Boots

It isn't a 'phase', these boots are actually good.

    Even though these boots are a great way to stay in the fight during the early game and not constantly get back to base, they’re not a top choice, most prefer Phase Boots over these. However, many overlook the bonus 26% movement speed you get from these boots. With stats so good, the next best boots are the Boots of Travel all while keeping you in fights for longer, and with a movement bonus so great, they’re a fine mid-game decision as well.

What Makes Tranquil Boots Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Heals after every 13 seconds from the time you take a hit.
  • Keeps you on the front lines for longer
  • A great item for heroes that don’t just much mana

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants 26+ Movement Speed
  • Grants +16 HP Regeneration
  • Gold Cost - 1000 Coins

9. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Evade, fly, run away with this underrated 'dispel' item.

    Not only does your trusty old wind-stick work as a great dispel item that makes you invulnerable or traps an enemy for 2.5 seconds, but it also grants to wielder bonus movement points, thus making it a little more easy to avoid fights or to engage key enemies that quickly need to be disabled.

What makes Eul’s Scepter of Divinity Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Acts as a form of stun, but one where movement or action is disrupted.
  • Grants invulnerability & helps with survivability.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants 10 Intelligence
  • Grants +5 Mana Regeneration
  • Grants +20 Movement Speed
  • Grants 2.5 Seconds of Immovability 
  • Enemy Units Take 50 Damage on Landing
  • Basic Dispel Item
  • Range - 575
  • Mana Cost 175
  • Reset Timer - 23 Seconds 
  • Gold Cost - 2750 Coins

8. Solar Crest 

An item that's filled with team-play & hope, and solo initiations.

    This baby is something that’s quite underlooked. The fact that it can be used more often in team fights to handicap an opponent is in itself quite a huge boon. It’s active can be cast upon both friendly or enemy heroes, thus granting benefits or negatives while still providing the host with a ton of good traits, including movement speed.

What makes Solar Crest  Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Great item for team fights.
  • It provides bonuses that can be shared with any allied hero.
  • It has a plethora of benefits for the wielder.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +8 Armor (Active mode)
  • Grants +10 All Attributes
  • Grants +20 Movement Speed
  • Grant +1.5 Mana Regeneration
  • Grants +10% Movement Speed (Active mode)
  • Grants +80 Attack Speed (Active Mode)
  • Reset Timer 7 Seconds
  • No Mana Cost
  • Gold Cost - 3900 Coins

7. Yasha

The mid-game item that yells out 'ok I'm serious now'.

    An item that can be purchased mid-game, this is something most agility heroes opt for. Simply because of the benefits it provides and the items that it can later be built into. Apart from the ever-famous Manta Style, Yasha can also be used to make ‘Sange & Yasha’ Or ‘Yasha & Kaya. Two unique items that can tip the battle in your favor during the late-game stage.

What Makes Yasha Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • The early-mid game item for a better solo advantage
  • Incredible bonus stats for an ingredient item
  • Can be upgraded into ‘Sange & Yasha’, ‘Yasha & Kaya’ or even the infamous Manta Style Item

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +16 Agility
  • Grants +12 Speed
  • Grants +20 Movement Speed
  • Gold Cost - 2050 Coins

6. Manta Style 

This doppelganger-maker is best used to avoid or overpower 'confrontations'.

       Your late-game mantra item to create pressure for a tower push or even in team fights. Apart from performing basic dispel, this item creates illusions that help push different lanes or even increase the numbers in a team fight. The bonus movement provided by this item may not be way too much, but it’s something that can definitely help out during a mid-to-late game phase where pushing is vital.

What makes Manta Style Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants Immediate Dispel - Basic level.
  • Creates 2 Illusions.
  • Great for late-game team fights.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +10 Strength
  • Grants +26 Agility
  • Grants +10 Intelligence
  • Grants + 12 Attack Speed
  • Grants +20 Movement Speed
  • Mana Cost 125
  • Reset Timer 45 Seconds
  • Gold Cost - 4700 Coins

5. Shiva’s Guard

Some good 'protection' goes a long way. Shiva knew that.

    One of the most ancient yet still effective team-fight items to be found in Dota 2. This beautiful piece of armory can also be used to push ahead and take the fight to your opponent. With the passive ability to reduce enemy attack speed and the active ability to fire-up a super-cool (literally) magic attack, this item is a must-have if your team prefers an aggressive or super-defensive stance.

What Makes Shiva’s Guard Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Superior Item for late-game team-fights.
  • Possess ‘Area of Effect’ Magical Damage
  • Opponents in most cases will avoid a fight when the Shiva’s Guard’s magic ultimate is activated.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +30 Intelligence
  • Grants +15 Armor
  • Grants 200 Magical ‘Slow-Explosive’ Damage
  • Reduces Movement by 40% for 4 seconds.
  • The Radius of Effect is 900
  • Passive - reduces enemy attack speed by 45
  • Passive Radius is 1200
  • Mana Cost is 100
  • Reset Timer is 30
  • Gold Cost - 4750 Coins

4. Eye of Skadi

Ever have a dream where you move way slower than the rest of the world? Blame this item.

    One of the most powerful attack-artifacts in the game, this item is also mentioned in this list mainly because of the handicap it concurs onto enemy heroes. With every hit, an enemy unit suffers a drastic drop in movement and attack speed. There aren’t many ways to counter this item, apart from getting close to the wielder before they even know - there’s no way out. 

What Makes Eye of Skadi Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Great Item for Right-click/ attack or long-range heroes.
  • Slows down the enemy for 3 seconds after being hit, making it easier to anticipate in 1v1’s across the map.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +25 All Attributes
  • Grants +225 Health
  • Grants +250 Mana
  • Passive attack for mage slows target speed and attack by 45% speed and 45 units attack speed.
  • Mele units are slowed by 20% movement and 20 unit attack speed

3. Silver Edge

Get the edge with this upgraded invisibility item. Literally.

    If you’re all into being sneaky and enjoy that evil inner-giggle when you’re invisible around an unsuspecting enemy, this item is for you. Apart from gaining bonus speed while you’re invisible, attacking during this phase will also grant you 175 bonus damage. This item goes best with heroes that either need to stay alive for longer, or those that like to pick the enemy off one at a time.

What Makes Silver Edge Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants Invisibility.
  • Has Bonus Damage.
  • Grants Faster Movement Speed While Invisible.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +40 Damage
  • Grants +30 Attack Speed
  • Grants +15 All Attributes
  • Grants 25% faster movement when invisible
  • Can move through units when Invisible
  • Mana Cost 72
  • Reset Timer is 22 Seconds
  • Gold Cost - 5550 Coins

2. Abyssal Blade

Being 'stunning' is made easier with this beauty.

    While no real movement speed is added from this item, there is one major movement benefit that has been recently added to its active ability. It’s the ability to blink and jump to a target. Very similar to the blink of Phantom Assassin, this, however, can only be used on an enemy or neutral unit, with its main benefit being, a stun on the unit being blinked. Making it quite the ‘movement-item’ for an aggressive hero.

What Makes Abyssal Blade Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • It is now a great initiation device.
  • Blinks to enemy location and stuns.
  • It has passive bash (stun) abilities
  • It has a 50% chance to block 70 damage from incoming melee attacks and 35 for ranged.
  • Stun damage is now physical and not magical, will pierce through Spell Immunity.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +25 Damage
  • Grants +250 health
  • Grants +10 HP Regeneration
  • Grants +10 Strength
  • Stuns for 2 seconds (active)
  • Range 600
  • Stuns for 1 second (passive)
  • Mana Cost 75
  • Reset Timer 36 seconds
  • Gold Cost - 6650 Coins

1. Boots of Travel (Level 2)

If only traveling in real could be as easy as these boots make it in-game.

        These boots are often used to give your opponents an unexpected surprise. They’ve just noticed you teleported to the bottom late, no way you’ll be on the top lane in just under 10 seconds right? Well, unexpected surprise, thus. These boots grant you the pushing power of Nature's Prophet. With the ability to teleport the front-line in a blink of an eye (or anywhere else), the massive speed boost these boots grant is just a really great bonus and is probably the best movement speed item that can be purchased.

What Makes Boots of Travel (Level 2)l Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Teleports you to any allied unit OR structure.
  • It is Great for Team Fights or Ancient Push.
  • It helps you stay Agile throughout the map while also helping our team. 

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +35% Movement Speed
  • Mana Cost 75
  • Reset Timer is 45
  • Gold Cost - 4500 Coins

Bonus Mention - Trident

If you ever get your hands on this beauty, put a ring on it, don't let go.

    Sure, not all your teammates will be dandy with the fact that you’re still farming in the jungle at 45+ minutes. But once you have this epic LEGENDARY item, they’ll flock around your leadership and rely on you to win most of their team fights. If you pick this item up and you know some other hero would do better with it, share it for opponents team-wipe.

What Makes the Trident Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • It provides a massive boost to many hero traits.
  • One of the most powerful Neutral Tier items.
  • If you see someone with this item, you’re going to need a sheep-stick, a Rod of Atos, Heaven’s Halberd or something to disable the enemy hero.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +33 Strength
  • Grants +33 Agility
  • Grants +33 Agility
  • Grants +33 Attack Speed
  • Grants +33 Movement Speed
  • Grants 33% Status Resistance | Self HP Regen and Lifesteal Amp | Manacost & Manaloss Reduction & Spell Amplification
  • Obtained from Tier 5 item ‘Neutral’ drops

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