[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Supports That Are Powerful (Latest Patch)

Dota 2 support heroes
Weird looking and easy to kill. The life of the support heroes.

Playing a support hero in Dota 2 is a tricky and ungrateful business. You have to let your cores have all the kills, all the farm, and all the glory. You are also expected to share your tangos, buy salves for them to use, and buy-and-place all the wards. 

The new patch changes have been kind to the support heroes. Salve healing is only 50% when it’s being shared, which means the core players have to buy their own regeneration now. This leaves more resources for the support players to be able to actually play their own hero and have a higher presence on the lane.

However, the role hasn’t changed that much. You still have to play with limited resources and do the best you can do with little-to-no items. This being said, the best heroes to play in a support role are those who don’t need expensive items to be useful. So, you need to have a great lane presence, be a threat on the map at all times, and do a great job in team fights. That’s what makes a support hero - great at his job. 


10. Lich

Lich has been here forever. Despite his mediocre movement speed and attack damage, his nukes are the reason people keep picking the hero. The nerf to the salve has greatly impacted the Lich, who needs mangos or clarities to have a sustaining presence on the lane in the early game. 

Lich can be a good complement to a huge amount of heroes. The frost shield can work perfectly with most melee cores. The nova is a great nuke, and he also has the ability to disable an opponent over time. His bouncing ultimate can do huge amounts of damage in a team fight if you get lucky.

Lich full details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Lich


9. Grimstroke 

Grimstroke is the perfect partner if you want to play an offensive laning stage. While he doesn't provide much help with normal auto attacks, his spells combine perfectly with most of the melee cores in the game. The hero doesn’t decline in mid-game and late-game. The opposite. If you are good at positioning and casting spells, you can do great damage to the enemy team!

  Grimstroke full details: Grimstroke - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


8. Chen

Like the Enchantress, Chen takes some skill to master. You need to learn to play with neutral creeps. How useful and powerful are they, and in which situations. 

Chen is mostly used in push strategies. If you have other heroes who can create chaos and kill towers, having a Chen in your team can be the perfect thing. Chen isn’t much of a hero killer.. You move with your team and obtain objectives. 

  Chen full details: Chen - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


7. Enchantress

N0tail playing enchantress

Enchantress is the most annoying hero to lane against. That is proven many times. The reason it ended up this low on the list is simple: not everyone can play it. Playing Enchantress requires having good micro and understanding of the abilities of every neutral creep in the game. 

Enchantress's main strengths are in his laning stage and the ability to enchant a neutral creep and fight with it. If you master that ability, you can crush every single lane you step in. Your power declines in the mid and late game. In team fights, Enchantress plays the role of a decoy or a healer. Not much else.

Enchantress full details: Enchantress - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


6. Skywrath Mage

Sky Mage is fun to play. Period. Being one of the fastest heroes in the game, and one of the scariest magic damage dealers is quite the combination. His starting movement speed more than makes up for the lack of armor in the laning stage. Enemy heroes can’t hit you if they can’t reach you!

Having a Sky Mage come to his lane is the stuff of nightmares for every core player. Sky Mage deals immense magic damage from the start of the game. The super-low cooldown on his spells means they have to spend a lot of money buying regeneration items, or die and feed in the process. Sky Mage in the mid and late game is scary. If you have good positioning you can win fights and games by yourself.

  Skywrath Mage full details: Skywrath Mage - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


5. Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden has always been one of the best-supporting heroes in the game. The ability to harras and kill enemy heroes while providing mana to the whole team has always been highly valued. 

What Crystal Maiden lacks in movement speed and tank ability is more than made up with the damage the hero provides. A low cooldown nuke that slows attack and move speed. The ability to freeze a hero to disable and damage him. And a game-winning ultimate which can win you any team fight. That is what makes Crystal Maiden one of the best supporting heroes of all time.

  Crystal Maiden full details: Crystal Maiden - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)​


4. Bane 

Jerax on position 5 Bane

Bane has been the premiere support hero pretty much in every patch. Some heroes get buffed or nerfed so they appear in the meta, then they are gone again. Not the Bane. Bane has always been here and is here to stay in this patch, yet again. 

His ability to win any lane is unparallel. Every core player loves having him close next to him. His impact in all stages of the game is unquestionable. Whether it’s saving allies using sleep, or disabling and killing the strongest enemy hero with his ultimate ability. Bane is a trick of all trades. Don’t require any resources, just smart positioning, and an overall understanding of the game.

Bane full details: Bane - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


3. Snapfire

Snapfire is quickly rising to one of the best support heroes in this patch. Being strength-based, range hero, he is pretty unique. He also provides stun, a nuke, or deals great physical damage if needed. His ultimate skill is one of the best and most impactful in the game. If you have read my introduction to this article, having a great presence in the laning stage, great spells, and team fight presence is the trifecta of creating the perfect support hero. Snapfire has it all.

It doesn't matter what core you are going on a lane with. If you are playing Snapfire, you have a chance to win it. It doesn’t matter what items you have, when you reach level 6, you instantly become the hero with the most impact in team fights. 

Snapfire full details: Snapfire - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


2. Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker is simply too overpowered. Dawnbreaker isn’t really a hero that is considered a good “support hero” in the traditional sense. Melee heroes have rarely been played in a supporting role. However, Dawnbreaker's ability to close the distance fast and deal immense amounts of damage is unparalleled at the early levels. 

He really comes to life in the mid-game. His ultimate skill is global, deals damage, and stuns enemy heroes, while healing allies at the same time. That means he can come to a fight anywhere. In both defensive and offensive capacity. And the best thing is, that you don’t need any items at all to have the most impact in the fight. Just press your spells at the right time.

Dawnbreaker full details: Dawnbreaker - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


1. Marci

The stage of the game Marci really comes to his own is the mid-game. When Marci is missing off the map, the enemy cores are afraid to show and farm on any lane because they can be jumped and killed from anywhere. Also, if you find yourself having a great start with Marci, you can solo kill even the most farmed enemy hero - ALONE! Marci is definitely the hero of the patch. If you don’t play him yet, learn how to!

Marci full details: Marci - Dota 2 Wiki (fandom.com)


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