[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Trading Sites That Are Legit

Skins have now become an integral part of Dota. Newbies and professionals, all love skins and have dripped out sets on various heroes. Skins make the game more attractive and desirable to play. With skins being available for pretty much every hero, people are willing to dish out all the moolah for their favorite hero’s new Arcana or Shiny Immortal. Players sometimes are lost or confused when it comes to buying new skins, as the Steam Market prices are unreliable and often soar high.

It can be risky and intimidating to find the right place to trade or buy new skins, due to scammers or lengthy trade processes. To help you get your favorite skins quickly, with no hassle, we have compiled this list of the Best 5 Trading Sites That Are Legit. These sites are trusted by millions of users all around the world and have high customer satisfaction. 

5. CS.Deals

Yes, the site is called Cs.Deals but they also cater to Dota items as their Dota inventory is equally vast. CS.Deals have recently made their splash as one of the rising trading sites in 2023. Everything right from their minimalist yet straightforward interface to the trading experience and navigation is a breath of fresh air from the cluttered and confusing trading sites. CS.Deals has gained a lot of popularity and is trusted by thousands of daily users all across the globe. 

Along with having skin trading and buying options, there is also cross-platform trading available, meaning you can sell your Dota skins for CSGO skins or vice versa. With a vast range of items to choose from, one is guaranteed to get confused! But once the confusion ends, you have your dream skins in your steam inventory, equip them and slay the enemy ancient! 

What kind of trading can you do?

  • Cross-platform trading
  • Skins trading 
  • Sell items for PayPal or Bitcoin

How does CS.Deals work?

  • Use Steam to sign in at CS.Deals website
  • Confirm your trade link on Steam
  • Navigate through the bot inventory to find your desired skin
  • Add the skins you’re willing to trade for the other skin
  • Click on trade and accept your new shiny Arcanas!
  • Confirm the trade request on Steam!


4. Tradeit.GG

Tradeit.gg is a reliable name when it comes to trading skins without much hassle or high fees. They have world-class features that make your trades extremely smooth and safe. Their inventory is highly extensive, ensuring that they have all the items that you may need, even the rare or expensive ones! You are guaranteed to find your dream skin on this trading site.

Along with trading skins, you can also invest in certain skins and gain returns if the price of the skin goes up, without actually owning the skin! Tradeit.gg averages 60 trades per minute, which is 1 trade per second. The trading site has been working hard and rapidly expanding to dethrone the number one spot on this list. The option to invest the skins makes Tradeit one of the most unique trading platforms and has played a huge part in the rise of its popularity. 

What kind of trading can you do?

  • Buying and Selling of Skins at reasonable prices
  • Options to invest skins and gain annual returns 
  • Cross-platform trading (Dota skins for CSGO/TF2  etc skins or vice versa)

How does TradeIt.gg work?

  • Login to Tradeit from your Steam account, along with setting up your Steam trade URL
  • Steer through the vast and seemingly never-ending skin inventory and find the ones that you are looking 
  •  Pick the skins you would like to trade for the selected skins
  • Click on the trade button and let the trade process
  • Review and accept the trade from your Steam account!


3. Dota2Lounge

Dota2Lounge is undoubtedly the oldest and the most trusted trading site for Dota skins. They have been a household name for over a decade, with millions of users all around the world. The site was famous for having P2P transactions (players could make trading posts and directly trade with other players), but now in the age of automation, the bots do all the work for you! When in doubt, opt for Dota2Lounge for the safest trade experience. 

Dota2Lounge has always been a smooth and hassle-free way of trading skins safely. They have everything from selling and buying options for skins. They have set the standards as to how a successful trading site looks like, they are essentially the blueprint for other websites to follow. Dota2Lounge also has unique features like booking skins in advance (if you have a Steam trade restriction), a feature that is yet to be seen in any major trading sites. 

What kind of trading can you do?

  • Skin Trading/Selling/Buying
  • Swapping of skins 
  • Cross-platform trading 

How does Dota2Lounge work?

  • Login into the Dota2Lounge via your Steam account
  • Select the skins from your inventory and select the skins that you desire, they have to be of equal prices.
  • Then click on the trade option, and you will be sent the trade offer for the skins in a short while.
  • The trade offer is sent by a bot, with a verification code that is also displayed on the website, ensuring safe trade.
  • Accept the trade and enjoy your new skins! 


2. Swap.GG

Many sites come and go, but Swap.gg has been relevant for quite a while. The trading site was created with the sole purpose, to provide smooth and quick service to its users. The site’s interface is quite easy to navigate through, making it easy for new users to quickly join and trade their old worn-out skins for new shiny skins! 

Swap.gg also provides users with various tutorials as well as some perks to make the trading experience quick yet profitable for them. Despite you over-paying for certain skins, the remaining balance automatically gets added to their Swap.gg balance, making it easy for you to get new skins and that extra value. 

What kind of trading can you do?

  • Swapping (trade) of skins
  • Depositing real money to buy skins
  • Selling skins and withdrawing them to your account is also possible at Swap.gg
  • Cross-platform trading (Dota skins for CSGO/TF2  etc skins or vice versa)

How does Swap.gg work?

  • Login into Swap.gg via Steam
  • Setup your trade link
  • Find your dream skin from their gargantuan skin inventory
  • Add the skins you would like to trade for the desired skins
  • Wait for the trade to process and accept it via Steam


1. DMarket

Not all trading sites can be as simple and easy to use as DMarket. They are one of the few trading sites which have frequent tutorials and tips which you can use to trade, ensuring a smooth and safe experience for new users on their website. This is the reason why DMarket has seen a sudden surge over the years when it comes to its user base. 

Along with Dota items, you can trade CSGO and TF2 skins as well, making DMarket a diverse place for swapping skins or even selling them for some cash! Yes, you can swap your skins out for PayPal, making it easy for you to make some extra money selling skins that you don’t like anymore. With extremely low fees combined with a growing user base, DMarket is first on this list due to its credibility and reliability.

What kind of trading can you do?

  • Swapping items across multiple games (Dota, TF2, CSGO, etc.)
  • Swapping items for PayPal (Cashout)
  • You can also deposit money to directly purchase skins on the website

How does DMarket work?

  • Use your Steam account to log in to DMarket
  • Select Dota 2 as the game you want to trade your skins in
  • Select the skins from your inventory that you want to trade for the skins from the bot’s inventory
  • Fill in your Steam trade link, in order for the bot to send you a trade offer
  • Accept the trade on Steam and have fun with your new skins!


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