[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Offlane Heroes for Kills

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Which hero will you kick butt with today?

Which heroes are especially deadly in the offlane?

The offlane is one of the most difficult lanes in DotA 2, so it’s very important to pick the right hero for the job.

Often laning one-against-three, the offlaner is responsible for getting as much gold and experience as possible without feeding the enemy carry.

Heroes with tanking or mobility spells are most often chosen for this role in order to stay alive as long as possible.

Played correctly, these offlaners can seize a gold and experience advantage over the opponent that allows them to crush the mid game and beyond. Below are the top ten offlane heroes in DotA 2.

10. Slardar

Slardar, the Slithereen Guard

Slardar, the Slithereen Guard

Historically a safe-lane carry, Slardar the Slithereen Guard has reemerged in the scene as a beastly offlaner, mostly thanks to the buffs to his Guardian Sprint and his Aghanim's Scepter upgrade.

When played as a front-liner, Slardar can be a huge boon for his team, tanking damage and kiting the enemy while providing constant vision with his ultimate. Depending on your team’s needs, consider skipping Blink Dagger in favor of tanky items like Scepter and Assault Cuirass.

What Makes Slardar Great for Offlane:

  • All of Slardar’s abilities have an insanely low cooldown, allowing him to trade blows with most heroes at any level. His stun has a lower cooldown than most supports in the game; this can be abused to get early kills when underestimated.
  • Slardar’s low base movement speed is negated by Guardian Sprint, which adds 20% mobility and phase at level 1, meaning he can mix it up in the creep wave and duck out into the trees when he sees trouble.
  • One of the best CC nukes in the game, Slithereen Crush both stuns and slows all of Slardar’s enemies within a decent range, allowing him to last hit, combo multiple enemies, and escape all with one button. It also slows enemy attack speed, which makes up for his relatively low base armor.
  • Once Slardar hits level 6, there are few heroes that can escape his Corrosive Haze ultimate, which adds invaluable vision and damage amp for his entire team. This kind of utility is perfect for an offlaner.

How To Offlane Slardar Like a Pro: 

Ceb's Offlane Slardar

9. Undying

Undying, the Almighty Dirge

The Almighty Dirge, also known as Undying, is a monster in the offlane, a zombie that eats his opponent’s muscles rather than their brains.

The longer his opponents stay locked in battle with him, the more the power gap between them grows. Just make sure not to get nuked down! Play smart, as you would any other hero, and you might be surprised to see how quickly your enemy’s health bar disappears.

What Makes Undying Great for Offlane:

  • This hero, with some of the worst Agility in the game, has great Strength and Int gain. Yes, he is very mana dependent early on. One or two of the following are essential: Soul ring, Basilius, or Arcane Boots. However, he is only so mana-dependent because of how darn good his spells are.
  • Given a few levels, and he will not only have an impressive pool of health but also of mana, especially for a Strength hero. There are not many heroes with this kind of Int gain, and the enemy will wonder how you’re casting all these spells. Just make sure to buy armor.
  • Decay - sometimes, you just really need to dominate a lane. You might be at no risk of dying, but shutting down a carry becomes difficult. Not to worry, level Decay as much as possible and you’ll be diving the tower with ease. Few offlaners can shut down a lane as hard as a stacked out Undying.
  • Tombstone is the nail in the coffin for many a lane, causing surprising amounts of damage to low-health heroes. Under a certain health threshold, Undying’s zombies gain a huge attack speed buff. At low levels, the enemy won’t live long enough to destroy the Tombstone.

How To Offlane Undying Like a Pro: 

Fear's Offlane Undying

8. Mars

Mars, the First Son of Heaven

Mars hasn’t been Captain’s Mode for six months, yet already is getting the recognition he deserves as a top-tier offlaner. With a variety of crowd control plus one of the tankiest passives in the game, Mars can be a terror to deal with in the offlane.

Once appropriately farmed, he is played best as a ganker and initiator. Rush Blink Dagger and the enemy will never feel safe again. Any damage items you build afterward are just icing on the cake.

What Makes Mars Great for Offlane:

  • Mars has above average turn rate and movement speed. For an offlaner, the ability to duck and run when the trash hits the fan is invaluable. This is not to mention that his three basic abilities rely heavily on positioning and facing the right direction.
  • All of Mars’s active abilities have some way of moving or separating the enemy - both God’s Rebuke and Spear of Mars can push back his opponent, and his Spear can stun if used right. There are few offlaners with this sort of ability to control and reposition the opposition.
  • Mars is one of the most versatile heroes in the game when it comes to choosing itemization and hero roles. Yes, Blink Dagger is very good for an offlane Mars, almost essential. However, past that, Mars can decide to go tanky, with Crimson Guard and Pipe, or carry, with Desolator and Radiance. Wait to see what your team needs before deciding.
  • One of the most obvious reasons is Bulwark - 40 to 70% attack damage reduction from the front. With 7.23, he can now even stay facing his enemies while retreating! This ability gives Mars the sustain he needs to go toe-to-toe with most trilanes.

How To Offlane Mars Like a Pro: 

S4's Offlane Mars

7. Clockwerk

Rattletrap, the Clockwerk

One of the absolute kings of the offlane, Clockwerk has the perfect kit to make sure he gets every drop of gold and experience available, even against a powered-up trilane.

Clockwerk is an amazing ganker, and with a little farm, he becomes one of the best in the game. Get the right items and you’ll be shutting down carries left and right.

What Makes Clockwerk Great for Offlane:

  • Power Cogs are one of the most annoying spells in the game, for both friends and enemies alike. These electric barriers stop the movement of all units and shock any enemies with a mana pool. Don’t even come close, or you’ll be sent flying into the treeline without some of your health and mana. This mana drain can be invaluable for Clockwerk against enemies that want to spam their spells. You can also use it to block your own creeps at the start of the game, bringing the wave up to your tower to last-hit in peace.
  • Speaking of wave position,  offlaners have to deal with that, as well as the position of the enemy gankers, at all times. Fortunately, with Rocket Flare, you can see any position on the map, and even last hit, with this global ability. The early mana cost was recently reduced, and at level 20 there is a Talent that gives it True Sight. 
  • With Aghanim’s Scepter, Clockwerk becomes one of the most deadly heroes out there. He can cast all of his skills twice, keeping his enemies frozen with two Power Cogs and Battery Assault. With the bonus movement speed and attack speed, consider Maelstrom to deal insane damage. Just make sure your allies get there by the time it expires.

How To Offlane Clockwerk Like a Pro: 

Topson's Offlane Clockwerk

6. Bristleback

Rigwarl, the Bristleback

Although he is one of my favorite heroes and an undeniably strong laner, Bristleback’s below-average win rate prevents me from placing him higher on this list. Still, played properly, Rigwarl the Bristleback can easily get double or triple kills at early levels simply from building enough Quill stacks.

Becoming the “tank” of his team with one or two items like Vanguard, Bristle can frontline like no one’s business while dishing out enormous damage, both over time and burst.

What Makes Bristleback Great for Offlane:

  • His passive ability, self-titled Bristleback, is hands down one of the most useful tank abilities. Unlike Mars’s tank ability, it reduces all damage taken from a wide angle, not just hits from basic attacks. This allows him to lane against enemies with impunity, as if he predicts incoming damage, he can just turn his bristly backside to the opponent and diminish the damage substantially.
  • His high AoE physical damage, even at early levels, is another boon that helps Bristle excel in the offlane. Quill Spray, while dealing low damage at first, starts to dangerously increase in damage the more an opponent gets hit by it. The stacks disappear after 14 seconds, but if a hero continues to stay around Bristleback, there is no way they can outdo the damage they’re receiving, Add in the fact that this is an area of effect ability, and even a strong trilane can seem weak against him.
  • Bristle scales relatively well into the late game as an offlaner. His ultimate giving him invaluable attack damage and movement speed means that an item like SnY or Assault Cuirass turns him into a right-clicking beast; less of a tank and more of a fearsome carry. Of course, he can’t do basic attacks while facing backward, but his Goo has been buffed as well, making him quite deadly from the front.

How To Offlane Bristleback Like a Pro: 

Resolution's Offlane Bristleback

5. Axe

Mogul Khan, the Axe

Mogul Khan the Axe, who once called the jungle his home, now resides primarily in the offlane, where he terrorizes enemy supports and harasses their carry out of the lane.

Another hero where Blink Dagger is essential, he is one of the best initiators in the game and a ferocious man-fighter. Woe to the enemy team consisting of melee heroes; you absolutely don’t want to fight toe-to-toe with the Axe.

What Makes Axe Great for Offlane:

  • The biggest advantage Axe has over other heroes is the sheer amount of damage he has at his beck and call. Counter Helix, while only dealing 60 damage at level 1, is Pure Damage, meaning it ignores all armor and magic resistance. Its cooldown of .3 seconds means Axe is constantly spamming huge damage, as long as he is within melee range of his opponent and getting procs.
  • As much damage as it does, Counter Helix is a passive ability. That means he needs to be targeted by enemy heroes for there to even be a chance of it proccing. Played right, however, this can work in Axe’s favor. Enemies, especially ones with low HP, need to be very careful when right-clicking Axe, they could proc the spin that hurts any hero around him. The intimidation factor of Axe’s spins can be enough to give him the space needed to farm.
  • As mentioned before, with Blink Dagger, Axe becomes one of the best gankers/initiators in the game. His Berserker’s Call actually pierces BKB, meaning he can effectively cancel out a magic-immune enemy quite easily. There are few heroes in the game that have basic abilities as strong as the Axe’s.

How To Offlane Axe Like a Pro: 

Universe's Offlane Axe

4. Dark Seer

Ish'kafel, the Dark Seer

Ish’kafel the Dark Seer is one of the more terrifying match-ups to play against in the offlane. His bizarre abilities can seem uncounterable and even pro trilanes feed first blood far too many times to the pointy-headed strategist.

Not a frontliner or carry by any means, Dark Seer still requires tanking items such as Crimson Guard and Pipe in order to appropriately get his hands dirty. Consider getting active items such as Lotus Orb and Eul’s to properly outplay your opponents. 

What Makes Dark Seer Great for Offlane:

  • Ion Shell, Dark Seer’s trademark ability, is really what allows him to dominate the lane. His other abilities are merely insurance, to make sure he doesn’t meet an early grave. Ion Shell’s diversity in battle is unmatched. He can put it on his own creep, to push the lane how he chooses. When this empowered creep finally targets an enemy hero, he can put a Shell on himself and pursue them as well. The damage from both is enough to shred any low-level hero in seconds.
  • Having trouble catching the enemy? Or maybe trying to beat a hasty retreat? Dark Seer’s other two basic abilities, Vacuum and Surge, handle those needs perfectly. This hero’s skills are all about positioning, both himself and the enemy. By positioning his enemies where he wants them with Vacuum, and get to wherever he wants with Surge. The perfect combination.
  • He wouldn’t be a good offlaner without an anti-carry ability. Dark Seer’s ultimate, Wall of Replica, creates a shadow clone of any enemy hero that passes through it. Rather useless early game, this spell becomes quite the game changer when the enemy carry has a few damage items. His other spells give him all he needs to make sure he creates the perfect servant out of his opponent.

How To Offlane Dark Seer Like a Pro: 

MinD_ContRoL's Offlane Dark Seer

3. Tidehunter

Leviathan the Tidehunter

On the surface, there’s nothing that makes Leviathan the Tidehunter an especially strong hero. Dive deep into the mechanics of this hero, however, and you’ll find an almost invincible offlaner who can secure kills on weak players embarrassingly easily. While he used to be a single item hero, purchasing Blink Dagger every game, his ridiculous +250 damage talent at level 25 has made builds such as Vladmir’s and Solar Crest equally viable, as they allow him to push and farm to 25 that much more easily.

What Makes Tidehunter Great for Offlane:

  • What really makes Tidehunter such a good offlaner is his ability to, well, live as long as possible. In fact, most of the early kills secured by this hero are due to enemies underestimating Tide’s ability to shake off damage. Kraken Shell offers a flat minus to all basic attack damage he receives in addition to the normal melee block chance. Tidehunter can also actively reduce the enemies’ attack damage with Anchor Smash, combining these abilities makes Tide near impossible to hit with right clicks.
  • With huge resistance to basic attacks, enemies may think to take down Tidehunter with DoT and disables. Unfortunately for them, a bonus of Kraken Shell is that once Tide receives a certain amount of damage, he gets a free strong dispel, removing any and all negative status effects.
  • Last but not least, Tide’s terrifying ultimate cements him on the board as a great offlaner. Once he hits level 6, enemies must be extra cautious whenever Tide is off the map. A greedy team fight can lead to their doom if Tidehunter rears his ugly tentacles at the right time.

How To Tidehunter Like a Pro: 

iceiceice's Offlane Tidehunter

2. Underlord

Vrogros, the Underlord

Vrogros the Underlord can be rather difficult to pull off against well-prepared teams, given his lack of mobility and sole tank ability. However, with proper manipulation of his Pit of Malice, Underlord can buy enough time to get a few levels in Atrophy Aura. From then on, the lane belongs to him, and all Vrogros has to do is move from lane to lane, destroying each tower, and the ancient, with his team behind him.

What Makes Underlord Great for Offlane:

  • Controlled by a worthy player, Underlord can abuse Pit of Malice to no end. There are few, if any, basic abilities with the sheer stopping power of the Pit. Lasting 12 seconds, this ability roots any enemies within the radius for 3.6 seconds, trapping them three times if they stay within for the entire duration. When placed within a chokepoint or near a valuable area such as the creep wave, Underlord can freely last hit and run circles around his opponents.
  • Atrophy Aura, along with his Firestorm, gives Underlord more than enough damage to outlast his opponents. Not only does his passive give him damage, but it works similar to Tideunter’s Anchor Smash, reducing enemies’ basic attack damage.
  • Finally, Underlord’s unique ultimate ability gives him the type of utility that any team needs: free Boots of Travel for anyone standing near him. In a meta depending heavily on tower control and taking objectives, the ability to split push with the right timing is extremely valuable. Consider buying BoT’s to really abuse his global presence.

How To Offlane Underlord Like a Pro: 

Faith_bian's Offlane Underlord

1. Centaur Warrunner

Bradwarden, the Centaur Warrunner

Bradwarden the Centaur Warrunner is an especially deadly hero in DotA 2, and with the kit he has, belongs in the number one spot for deadliest offlaner. An initiator and semi-carry, he is able to go toe-to-toe with any hero. Any carry thinking they can counter him with BKB can get a taste of his Blademail.

Make sure to get Blink Dagger as soon as possible, or your enemy will thank you. Centaur thrives when he’s up and personal with the opponent, so play as aggressively as possible, and drink a caffeinated beverage before the game. Any Bradwarden game is sure to be a fun time.

What Makes Centaur Warrunner Great for Offlane:

  • Four. Point. Six. Strength gain. Yes, you read that right. Topping the leaderboard of “Strongest Hero”, Centaur Warrunner has almost 3000 hit points at level 25 without any items. This can be abused to no end, especially given the near-melee range of all his abilities. Bradwarden is not a hero that needs to worry about being on the frontlines.
  • Centaur Warrunner is one of the several heroes whose entire list of abilities deal damage, and lots of it. He has no tank abilities and no basic movement abilities. But he just deals so much damage, the enemy can’t question his presence in the offlane. They can’t ignore it, either. By targeting an enemy hero, Centaur can draw enemy creeps to aggro him, getting free Return stacks. This allows him to deny and outlast-hit the enemy with ease. When Return isn’t active, he’s having fun CCing the enemy with his Hoof Stomp, and executing them with Double Edge. 
  • Like many offlaners, Centaur has a crucial utility ultimate, and it’s global to boot. When his team needs just a little more speed and damage, he can pop his ultimate to save his allies or crush his enemies, all from the other side of the map. Getting a fast 6 can be quite easy with this hero, making his ultimate all the more punishing at early levels.

How To Offlane Centaur Warrunner Like a Pro: 

RAMZES666's Offlane Centaur Warrunner

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