[Top 10] Dota 2 Visage Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Visage in Dota 2, Ranked)

Visage, the dreaded gargoyle, has induced fear amongst his foes and continues his reign as the corruptor of seven hells. Visage is a great addition to your team if you are looking for a threatening carry who can outpace the enemy quite early on in the game against a ton of heroes in this meta. He is known to out-push, out-farm, and overrun squishy enemy heroes quite effortlessly.

Visage has been extremely relevant in the current meta, and since he previously was one of those rarely picked heroes, people are encountering trouble trying to play against him. We bring you the Best 10 Counters to Visage, who largely render him useless in the current meta!

10. Doom

Doom is back in the meta! Doom has sent countless of his enemies to the realm of hell, including the Visage. His abilities ensure nothing but pain and agony to Visage as he has no way of escaping the former’s clutches. Doom can initiate the Visage and Doom him, while his team follows up. He can also solo kill the Visage if the coast is clear. He may struggle in the laning phase but it is the late game where he shines as he can farm comparatively better than Visage.

What makes Doom a great counter to Visage? 

  • Scorched Earth can be used to engage Visage while removing Gravekeeper's Cloak charges.
  • Infernal Blade will deal tremendous amounts of damage over time due to Visage's high health pool.
  • Doom completely nullifies Gravekeeper's Cloak and prevents Visage from casting spells.

Items to buy on Doom

  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility which can be used to escape or set up on Visage
  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating 
  • Shiva’s Guard - Can effortlessly push lanes and provides increased armor which is essential against Visage
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all of Visage’s magic damage spells, making you invulnerable in the fight
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete Visage from the fight



9. Axe

Axe is another hero who can solo kill Visage, with just his Blink Dagger and Blademail. Not all Visage players have ungodly reactions to use stun as soon as the Axe jumps in. Though Axe may have to struggle in the early game against Visage, due to him being melee and the latter being ranged, Axe can farm up fast and decimate Visage in the mid-game. No matter how farmed Visage is, all it takes is one Axe Blink Call to get him down to 0 HP in no time.

Why is Axe a great counter to Visage? 

  • Axe can Berserker's Call into a flock of Familiars, proccing Counter Helix and killing them off.
  • Familiars' very fast attacks will proc Counter Helix, receiving full damage due to their low attack range.

Items to Buy on Axe

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating on Visage    
  • Blademail - Reflects back Visage’s damage upon activation
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - AoE Battle Hunger and reduced CD on spells
  • Force Staff - Another great tool to close gaps or escape the fight
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight



8. Kunkka

The Admiral almighty himself! Kunkka is known to be a great counter to the rarely picked Visage. He is an extremely tanky entity, and the boat buff makes it even worse for Visage to penetrate his armor. All of Kunkka’s spells are extremely lethal, and ensure Visage doesn’t escape his clutches alive! Kunkka can deal some serious physical damage with the help of a few items which make him ungodly in the mid and even late stages of the game. Visage can easily falter off and lose momentum if he falls prey to Kunkka once or twice in the game!

Why is Kunkka such a great hero against Visage?

  • Tidebringer will deal lots of damage to Visage before he builds physical survivability items.
  • Torrent and X Marks the Spot can control VIsage at all stages of the game
  • Ghostship's rum buff will greatly reduce the Visage’s damage output in teamfights, this includes his familiars as well

Items to buy on Kunnka

  • Daedalus - Immense critical damage
  • Assault Cuirass - Immense armor gain, also reduces Visage’s armor at the same time
  • Armlet of Mordiggian - Increased damage and HP, can toggle through Visage’s damage
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Ghostship creates a fleet of ships that crash at the same spot
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity


7. Timbersaw

Other than hating trees for a living, Timbersaw loves hating on heroes primarily melee heroes but in this case, against Visage! The latter can’t deal any damage to Timber due to his massive reactive armor which ensures he is ignored during team fights. Apart from this, he is quite a dominating force against Visage as he is quite active right from the get-go. The laning stage is a witness to his menacing abilities, immense gap closing, and massive Pue damage output. if he is put in a 1v1 matchup against Visage, the strength and damage disparity is just too hot to handle for Visage, making him tap out!

Why is Timbersaw a great counter to Visage?

  • Reactive Armor will quickly stack up from Familiar attacks, making Timbersaw hard to kill.
  • Visage's low mobility makes it easy for Timbersaw to line up his abilities.

Items to Buy on Timbersaw

  • Eul’s Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, can be used to dodge spells or to set up on Visage with Chakram
  • Pipe of Insight -  Provides immense magic damage block on activation, and affects the whole team. 
  • Crimson Guard - Provides immense physical damage block, also affects the whole team
  • Blade Mail - Reflects back Visage’s damage upon activation
  • Lotus Orb - Reflects targetted spells hence can also be used to reflect slow


6. Luna

The Moon rider herself! Luna is a quintessential counter to Visage, and this is the reason why she is often seen being picked against ranged heroes like him. Another reason is her quick farming abilities and massive AoE damage output which can’t be matched by Visage as he lacks in the AoE department. Luna offers tremendous wave clearance, which returns her a great deal of gold. She farms fairly well in the early game compared to Visage and offers decent damage to her nearby allies. This is an example of great synergy, Luna can be picked alongside massive crowd control heroes, which prove to be a great counter to Visage in any stage of the game.

Why is Luna a great counter to Visage? 

  • Moon Glaives is effective at destroying Familiars and will remove one instance of Gravekeeper's Cloak upon each hit to Visage, leaving him susceptible to damage.
  • Eclipse deals magic damage, which is essential Visage as he has high armor/HP.
  • Immense farming potential thanks to the Moon Glaives passive.

Items to buy on Luna

  • Eye of Skadi - Great for reducing Visage’s regen while also providing stats.
  • Satanic - Can quickly heal up on physical attacks upon activation, also provides basic dispel from the latter.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight
  • Butterfly - Increased evasion, agility, and movement speed
  • Manta Style - Dodge Visage’s spells can be used to push lanes
  • Hurricane Pike - Allows Luna to close the gap and deal immense damage to Visage, also provides decent stats 


5. Phoenix

Phoenix can fit the bill quite easily if you’re lacking a support/healer against Visage. Not only is he known to heal, but he can also deal AoE damage to Visage and his familiars. Phoenix’s most important spell has to be the Fire Spirits, which reduces Visage’s movement speed as well as his attack speed, making him useless in teamfights if used on time. The spirits can be prioritized and maxed first, which can be useful in the late game, where Visage may have the upper hand. There is minor mobility with Icarus Dive which can be used to escape if an Aghs Visage decides to gank you!

What makes Phoenix great against Visage?

  • Phoenix's Supernova cannot be damaged by Familiars.
  • In the early and mid-game, Sun Ray won't deal enough damage to be reduced by Gravekeeper's Cloak.
  • Once Sun Ray deals enough damage to protect Visage, a layer of Gravekeeper's Cloak is burnt every 0.2 seconds.

Items to buy on Phoenix

  • Spirit Vessel - Immense DPS and heal reduction to Visage when used
  • Heaven’s Halberd - Can disarm Visage, making him unable to attack for a few seconds
  • Veil of Discord - Amplifies his magical damage
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from Visage, and also applies a basic dispel.


4. Tidehunter

Tidehunter does exceptionally well against squishy heroes, especially against the ones with low armor and health pool like Visage. He deals little to no damage to the former due to Anchor Smash along with his naturally high Base Armor. Visage has no choice but to ignore this mighty melon man during teamfights as he can not deal damage due to the heavy Kraken Shell even with the help of his familiars. Visage has no way to turn the tides against the Tidehunter himself in the late game!

Why is Tidehunter a great counter to Visage? 

  • Visage's Familiars cannot penetrate Kraken Shell and will do almost no damage to Tidehunter even with Medallion of Courage or Solar Crest.
  • Anchor Smash's bonus damage has the potential to kill Familiars.

Items to Buy on Tidehunter

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating     
  • Shiva’s Guard - Can effortlessly push lanes and provides increased armor which is essential against Bat
  • Lotus Orb - Reflects targetted spells hence can also be used to prevent spells
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Makes Gush AoE and allows him to use Anchor Smash on Towers
  • Force Staff - Another great tool to close gaps or escape from Visage



3. Venomancer

Venomancer is undoubtedly the most toxic hero in Dota! He is quite hated by Visage players due to the ungodly amounts of magical damage that he manages to dish out. This damage is extremely lethal right from the get-go, and it being Damage over Time does not help the case as it will peel the Gravekeeper’s Cloak layers. Veno can also slow Visage and make it easy for his team to follow up with spells and decimate him effortlessly. His spells can further be amplified by items, which ensures Visage stands no chance at any stage of the game.

Why is Venomancer a great counter to Visage? 

  • Venomous Gale, Poison Sting, and Poison Nova deal damage over time and will chip away at Gravekeeper's Cloak in addition to slowing an already sluggish hero.
  • Venomancer's normal attacks deal Poison Sting and will chip away at Gravekeeper's Cloak.

Items to Buy on Venomancer

  • Spirit Vessel - Immense DPS and heal reduction to Visage when used
  • Lotus Orb - Can reflect Lasso back to Visage 
  • Force Staff - Another great tool to close gaps or escape from Visage 
  • Eul's Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, can be used to dodge spells or interrupt Visage 
  • Veil of Discord - Amplifies all magic damage
  • Scythe of Vyse - Disables Visage and removes him from the fight



2. Viper

The venomous Viper knows no bounds and is on the same list when it comes to the most hated heroes in the game by Visage players. Most players can benefit largely from picking him against Visage as he deals a ton of magical damage which can also be used to remove the Gravekeeper’s Cloak, making it easy for him to go ballistic on Visage early on from the game. Even the familiars can be at risk with the help of Nethertoxin, as it is an AoE spell. Viper can also effectively counter push against the Visage.

Why is Viper great against Visage? 

  • Since Visage is a slow hero, Viper can easily kite him with Poison Attack and Viper Strike while successfully chipping away at Gravekeeper's Cloak.
  • Nethertoxin removes all layers of Gravekeeper's Cloak, leaving Visage exposed.
  • Corrosive Skin makes Viper highly resistant to Soul Assumption.

Items to Buy on Viper

  • Kaya and Sange - Increased stats and movement speed gain
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Reduces ultimate’s cooldown, allowing him to be more offensive on Visage, also pierces spell immunity.
  • Rod of Atos - Helpful to lock Visage down, can also be upgraded into Glepnir later on.
  • Dragon Lance - Increased stats gain, Hurricane Pike can also be a viable upgrade
  • Blade Mail - Reflects back damage to Visage if used on time


1. Tiny

The gargantuan Tiny knows no bounds! Visage is quite a passive laner and Tiny takes full advantage of that right from the get-go. Tiny can be played in multiple positions against Visage, due to the flexibility of his skill set. All Tiny needs is a Blink Dagger in the early game to mow down Visage, as he can follow it up with the Toss combo or Toss him to his allies who finish the job for him! Though it may be difficult to carry this combo successfully in the late game due to the presence of Familiars or Aghanim’s Scepter, a pesky and annoying Tiny can attempt to isolate Visage from the fights with his Toss.

Why is Tiny a great counter to Visage?

  • Tiny's Avalanche removes a significant number of layers from Gravekeeper's Cloak. When combined with Toss burns through all of Gravekeeper's Cloak while doing triple times Toss damage to Visage in midair.
  • Tiny's already high damage coupled with Tree Grab's attack modifier will make short work of Visage's Familiars.

Items to buy on Tiny

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating     
  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility which can be used to escape or set up on Visage
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Tree Grab has no charges, and can be used forever
  • Echo Sabre - Great stat gain along with immense damage and attack speed


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