[Top 15] Dota 2 Strongest Heroes Based On Lore

Dota 2 Strongest Heroes Based On Lore
Remarkable mages, strange aliens, gods... Who is the most powerful character in the Dota 2 universe?

You may have spent countless hours playing DOTA 2 games. You know that if you want to win the match, you should always pick what is in the "meta". In every patch, there are obvious winners and losers if you compare the win rates of heroes. But what if you had to choose heroes based on their Lore strengths? Who is the most powerful hero in the Dota 2 universe?


15. Spectre

Mercurial, the Spectre

  • Mercurial the Spectre is a violent, furious, and chaotic entity. This very nature brought her into a conflict that is happening in the Mortal Plane. To participate in this battle, she had to take on physical form. 
  • She uses the Spectral Dagger to cover the battlefield in shadow, giving her an advantage over her foes. During the battle, she begins to lose herself, her personality shatters and she creates illusions of a real Spectre.
  • The outcome of the battle doesn't matter to her. She goes back to her eternal form and wanders around the Seven Planes until she finds a new conflict. Her lack of interest in the battle puts her at the bottom of the list.


14. Outworld Destroyer

Harbinger, the Outworld Destroyer

  • The Harbinger comes from the World on the Rim of The Abyss. Which is a place located somewhere at the edge of the Void. As the only survivor of the magisterial race, he sentenced himself to an eternal vigil on a vantage point known as the Outworld.
  • He joins the war of the Ancients after he hears the prophecy that evils from the edges of reality will turn into this world. He believes that if he ends this conflict between the Ancients, this evil can be averted.
  • Astral Imprisonment is one of his most powerful abilities. He banishes the victim into a dimension between this world and The Void. The unfortunate one will realize his lack of knowledge and will be confronted with mortality, slowly losing his sanity.
  • Even though he has impressive knowledge and powers, in the lore he acts as merely a prophet. 


13. Dawnbraker

Valora, the Dawnbreaker

  • When Ezalor escaped the from Fundamental Plane, he created the first Sun, which gave birth to the Children of Light. The Children of Light created Valora to carry on their creator's work. Her quest was to help bring light and order into the realm.
  • She was a great warrior who won numerous fights. For the first time in her existence, she was defeated in her ultimate battle against one of the Fundamentals - IO. Her masters were destroyed, and the star that gave Valora life turned into a cold neutron star.
  • After a long time, a young wandering star, Phoenix, gives a spark to Valora. When she awakens and regains consciousness, she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between Dire and Radiant. Valora goes into battle one more time, following the steps of her ancestors.
  • Even though Dawnbraker is a great-granddaughter of the Keeper of the Light and the most powerful weapon of the Children of Light, she has lost most of her powers.


12. Faceless Void

Darkterror, the Faceless Void

  • Darkterror is a stranger in Mortal Plane, nobody knows why he joined the war.
  • He is originally from Claszureme, a realm that is outside of time. Maybe the event that is happening in the Mortal Plane somehow influenced things in his home dimension. 
  • With his abilities, he can pause time, tear holes in it, or foresee the future. If somebody is caught in his Chronosphere, there is no way to return. 
  • Like Spectre, his motives for joining this conflict are unclear. But the ability to manipulate time and travel freely between dimensions put him in the twelfth spot. 


11. Earth, Ember, Storm, Void Spirit

Inai, Kaolin, Xin, Raijin, the Spirit Brothers

  • In the eleventh place, we have the Celestial brothers, Kaolin, Xin, Raijin, and Inai. Each represents one element: earth, fire, air and void.
  • Kaolin, the Earth Spirit, is calm and reasonable. He believes in the "cycle of life," reincarnation, and order.
  • Xin, the Ember Spirit, believes in balance and harmony. He was the master to many great warriors.
  • Raijin, the Storm Spirit, is the youngest one. He is rebellious, egoistic, and quite arrogant. 
  • Inai, the Void Spirit, is the oldest member of the quartet. He is known as one of the Hidden Ones, who resides in the Hidden Temple.
  • Each brother has a different reason for why they joined the war. All are the masters of their elements, but the human form that they had to take on limits their true abilities. 


10. Earthshaker

Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker

  • Once immortal, the Earthshaker was one part of the earth. But now, he had to take on a mortal form. He walks on this very earth, breathes and even bleeds. He gave himself a name, Raigor Stonehoof.
  • His totem is made from a fragment of Sister Earth, a planet that was just like this one. She was destroyed by unknown beings a long time ago, but Raigor still remembers the great pain that he felt that day. Now he had set himself a goal: to avenge Sister Earth and protect her from the same fate.
  • The Earthshaker in his totems carries the power and soul of the Earth, which is why he can control tectonic plates. He can shape, destroy, or recreate the terrain. But he doesn't have any power beyond the Mortal Planes, which is why he is in tenth place.


9. Oracle

Nerif, the Oracle

  • Exiled from his home universe, Nerif joins the battle of the Ancients. Was it an accident, or perhaps fate?
  • Oracles are bred and born in the Ivory Incubarium. They are raised and trained here until they become fully prepared to give accurate prophecies about the future. But Nerif was not like the other Oracles. He was not merely talking about what he saw in the future, he spoke of the future as if he was shaping it with his words.
  • Even though he was seen as a threat, the Graven King thought of him as his greatest weapon. He could, after all, use him to influence the outcomes of his battles. And initially, all was going well, until he invaded the Unsated Satrap's realm. Nerif's words, "It could go either way," were misinterpreted by the king. With his words, Nerif had literally split reality. The warriors were both victorious and defeated; they were alive but also dead. Faced with paradox, all fell into insanity. After these events, Nerif was seized by Cymurri Advisors, banished and launched out of their universe.
  • Although Oracle doesn't have some powerful abilities on the battlefield, he can manipulate the minds of others, see the future and maybe even shape it to his liking.

8. Ancient Apparition

Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition

  • Kaldr is an image that embodies a more powerful being that exists outside of time and place, in infinite darkness and cold - the void of the universe. As the cosmos ages, he will grow stronger in power.
  • The Ancient Apparition could be the number one contender, as he essentially represents the Heat-Death of the universe (this event in the DOTA world is known as the Great Equilibrium). That means, in the long term, he will eventually be the last one standing. Even when the universe is destroyed and everything ceases to exist, he will still be here. But for now, he is just an image of the real Kaldr.


7. Arc Warden

Zet, the Arc Warden

  • Long before the universe was created, there was the Primordial Mind, an ancient consciousness and infinite intelligence. At the moment of the universe's creation, this mind was split into three fragments: Radinthul, Diruulth, and Zet.
  • The Radinthul and Diruulth fought each other for eons. In the never-ending conflict, the third Ancient, known as Zet, formed itself into Arc Warden, intending to solve the conflict. He trapped his brothers in prison-The Mad Moon.
  • But the two Anciens managed to escape from this prison. They landed on this planet where they resumed their conflict, possessing the minds of many beings to recruit them to their side. Zet came to the Mortal Planes to resolve this conflict between Radiant and Dire once and for all. He wants to bring back order, either by unifying his brothers back into one mind or destroying them for good. 
  • According to DOTA lore. Arc Warden represents the third ancient, which alone gives him great power. But as he has only a third of his real powers, he is not stronger than the Fundamentals, who are next on the list.


6. Enigma

Enigma, the Consumer of Worlds

  • Enigma is one of the universal forces. Known as the Consumer of Worlds, nothing is known about this entity. 
  • He escaped from the Fundamental Plane shortly after Ezalor, during The Schism caused by Elder Titan.
  • Enigma portrays one of the fundamental forces of nature: gravity. That is why he can create Blackholes - a vortex of destruction, a singularity with the power to end worlds. Gravity is the weakest of our universe's four fundamental forces. That is why enigma is the weakest of the Fundamentals.


5. Keeper of the Light

Ezalor, the Keeper of the Light

  • Once, there was a time when all the fundamental laws of the universe existed on the Fundamental Plane in harmony. They were created by the Elder Titan to maintain the order of the universe. But by his unfortunate mistake, he caused the Schism. During this event, the four fundamentals gained the ability to think and feel. That is how Ezalor and his other three siblings were born. After he became conscious, he was the first one to escape from the Fundamental Plane.
  • He was the one who brought light into the universe. He created the first sun, from which the Children of Light were born. That is why he is the grandfather to heroes like Dawnbraker or Phoenix, who were created by the Children of Light later. At first, he set himself to bring light and order into the universe, but abandoned this task after his older brother, Chaos Knight, started chasing him. His task was passed on to his children.
  • The Keeper of the Light embodies the weak nuclear force. He is also a representation of light and order.


4. IO

Io, the Wisp

  • Io appears in the world as a Whisp, which shows that this form is only a fragment of true Io. It is omnipresent. Io is nothing less than the sum of all attractive and repulsive forces within the material field, a sentient manifestation of the charge that binds existence together.
  • As one of the Fundamentals, Io symbolizes electromagnetism.

3. Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight

  • The Chaos Knight is the oldest of the Fundamentals. After his brother Ezalor escaped, he went after him. There is irony in his lore; even though he represents darkness and chaos, he wants to unite his siblings so that order can be restored. There is a saying: "Where the Chaos Knight rides, death soon follows."
  • He is the counterpart of the Keeper of the Light. He represents darkness, chaos, and destruction.
  • As the embodiment of the strong nuclear force, he is the strongest among the Fundamentals, which represent four fundamental laws of nature. That is why he is in third place, but we still have two much stronger characters left.


2. Elder Titan

Elder Titan, the Worldsmith

  • The Titans were born shortly after the creation of all existence. They started shaping matter to their will, shaping and creating dimensions. Elder Titan, the Worldsmith is the creator of the DOTA universe, that is why he is often referred to as the "One."  
  • He was a great innovator with impressive skills and knowledge. But by mistake, he shattered his own creation. This error caused The Schism, and after that, his children, The Elementals, were born. After realizing that he had broken "the Unity" or "the Great Symmetry", he fell into his own creation and his soul was shattered.
  • Now he is trying to mend his soul and repair his mistakes so he can bring the Unity back together.
  • As the Creator of this universe, he exists on all Seven Planes at once. Although his soul is split, he still has great powers, as his ultimate ability states: "That which he created, the titan tears asunder." He is probably capable of completely destroying his universe if he so desires.


1. Weaver

Skitskurr, the Weaver

  • Skitskurr is one of many weavers. These bug-like species were here right at the creation of all existence. Their task was to maintain and repair the fabric of reality. Weavers refer to the means of creation as the loom.
  • Skitskurr was a master weaver, tasked with keeping one small patch of creation tightly woven and unfaded. But he became bored with just maintaining reality. He wanted to create. He began to make small changes in reality, and after that he grew overconfident, making bigger and bigger changes as he wished. He pulled against the pattern that the loom had woven. He got caught. The whole reality that he created was snipped from the cosmic tapestry with him.
  • This banishment was a blessing in disguise. Now he is free. He can create a reality to his liking, and the raw materials he needs to weave the reality are all around him. Skitskurr's new fabric of reality is made from the threads of conflict. That is the reason why he needs this battle of the Ancients to continue.
  • As his time-lapse ability says: "If Skitskurr does not deem the current reality of the world to fit his desires, he simply crawls back in time to right what was wronged." So basically, this reality-manipulating bug can't lose. This beats any other ability in the DOTA universe, and that is why Weaver is the strongest hero according to DOTA 2 lore.


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