[Top 10] Best Dota 2 Streamers To Watch in 2024

Streaming has become very popular in recent years. It has given lots of gamers and pro players new personalities and ways to make waves in social media. While surely there are better things to do than just watching nerds play video games, it doesn’t change the fact that watching your favorite streamer is sometimes just as or even more fun than playing the game on your own.

DotA 2 is no different. The game is filled with all these pros and personalities that really make and connect the gaming community. From hilarious content to educational videos, DotA 2 streamers are one of the most entertaining creators out there. With that said, here are the 10 streamers to watch in 2024.


10. rostislav_999

image via metro.co.uk

Russia is known for DotA 2 and its passionate players, and rostilav_999 is no different. While he may come across as goofy, wild, and unhinged, the Russian streamer is one of the best ones out there. Winning the BetBoom Streamers Battle 2 comes with no easy feat. This went out of hand to the point where he had to play smurf accounts and got banned in the process. 

This streamer’s meteoric rise to fame came with no question, as he relentlessly put in the hours and energy to entertain his viewers. Going as far as to cosplay as Ember Spirit with real fire, which as you would guess, burned his hands. Nevertheless, the hilarious streamer does what he does mainly because he enjoys hanging out and chatting away with his viewers. Certainly, one to watch!

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/rostislav_999


9. Grubby

image via m.7ooo

Grubby is a Dutch DotA 2 streamer who was once a former Warcraft III World Champion. DotA 2’s fanbase is known to come from a multitude of a variety of games and Grubby certainly migrated to the right one. This streamer is the definition of grind, with his start as a Herald-level player, Grubby managed to reach Divine rank with 4,630 MMR. This came with his unwavering dedication and top-level coaching from fellow DotA 2 personalities and coaches.

Coming from a background of pro play at the highest level, it’s no wonder that Grubby is a gifted gamer. With 618k followers on Twitch, Grubby streams DotA 2 and Warcraft III religiously, making sure to show off his prowess in games to his viewers. However, it should be noted that he also streams a variety of games such as League of Legends, They Are Billions and ZeroSpace.

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/grubby


8. just_ns 

image via cybersport.metaratings

Before even going into streaming, just_ns was once a professional DotA 2 player. He was one of the pioneer support players in his time and was able to play for the prestigious Virtus.ro. He was able to win some tournaments here and there, but after some roster shuffles and team jumps, he eventually retired and took roles such as streaming and casting.

By January 2024, just_ns was able to amass an average viewership of 7,481 while presenting 168,925 hours watched through DotA 2.  With his experience in the DotA 2 pro scene, just_ns occasionally gives feedback, criticism, and opinions regarding current DotA 2 events and pro players. On an unrelated note, he appears to be fond of moldy cheese. 

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/just_ns


7. SingSing

image via killscreen

SingSing is definitely one of those players who you would’ve been able to catch if you started playing DotA 2 in its earliest days. He started streaming in DotA 2’s beta days and was able to achieve significant winnings during his time as a pro player. Eventually, like most famous pro players, he would retire after a tough loss and focus on streaming. 

SingSing’s DotA 2 streaming career has really taken a step up over the years. He has been able to cook up some ridiculous builds with some very entertaining and hilarious commentary that was able to earn him 644k followers on Twitch. With 209,993 hours watched, it’s no shocker that the ex-Starcraft II and ex-HoN player is one of the most famous personalities in the DotA 2 community.

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/singsing


6. dyrachyo

image via DotA2 Reddit

While many DotA 2 streamers are retired veterans, some are still active players. One of them is dyrachyo, the carry for Gaimin Gladiators, one of the most fearsome teams right now with accolades to show for. Considered as one of the greatest carry players in the scene, dyrachyo’s excellent gameplay mechanics and wild personality can be witnessed by pro players, ranked pub players, and viewers. 

Through his pro and streaming career, dyrachyo shows you can never play too much DotA 2. Kidding aside, the young prodigy also seems to have a liking for anime, specifically Tokyo Revengers, sporting tattoos from the anime. At the young age of 22, dyrachyo has managed to win multiple major and title wins while also generating a massive fanbase online. 

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/dyrachyo


5. Nix

image via cyberscore

Aleksandr “Nix” Levin was a pro player-turned-streamer for DotA 2. His content generally revolves around his own gameplay and others’ through replays. With his experience in the DotA 2 pro scene, he is able to examine games and players, and also share this knowledge to his fellow viewers. 

While he has also been shown to stream a variety of games such as Valorant and the Last of Us Part II, his main game and growth to fame came from DotA 2. Amassing 223,926 hours watched with an average of 10,969 viewers during the first week of the year, Nix shows no signs of slowing down. 

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/nix


4. masondota2

image via afkgaming

Another pro-player-turned-streamer, masondota2 was firstly known as mason during his pro career. He is thought of to be somewhat of an aggressive person, not letting his allies get the best of him in a chat brawl. Coupled with his mechanics in farming and fighting, masondota2 reels viewers and makes them stay with his loud personality. The streamer was able to have 235,840 hours watched with a peak viewership of 13,022. 

On another note, one of the most hilarious moments in DotA 2 came at the hands of Valve, with masondota2 at the receiving end. After opening a Frostivus gift, Valve gifted Mason a highly toxic lump of coal as a joke which handed him his ban for his account. I’m sure you can imagine his reaction afterward.

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/masondota2


3. LenaGol0vach

image via cyber.sports.ru

Now for those who enjoy the casual cool, calm, and collected gameplay, LenaGol0vach is the streamer for you. This Russian streamer plays consistent and mechanical DotA 2 for his viewers at mostly the position 1 role. His farming prowess is one of the best among his fellow streamers and this gives him the upper hand in most of his games.

While he streams DotA 2, he still takes the time to play CSGO 2 with his viewers by his side. Amassing an average of 9,206 viewers in the start of the year coupled with such crystal clear and soothing gameplay, LenaGol0vach is one of the favorites of those looking to just enjoy some casual DotA 2.

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/lenagol0vach


2. Qojqva

image via afkgaming

As the carry player-turned streamer for Team Liquid, Qojqva has been one of the most casual and exciting players to watch. His streams involve insane gameplay and watching pro games with his friends. Being a pro player, he regularly comments on drafts, decisions, and team fights involved in pro games. This gives his viewers a very relaxed analysis of pro games coupled with Qojqva’s approachable personality. 

He has the highest KDA (51) of any pro match and has a career-high 27 kills. With 264,726 hours watched and an average of 5,278 viewers, Qojqva’s switch to streaming quickly turned out for the better. 

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/qojqva


1. Gorgc 

image via joindota

Gorgc is a pro player who got known through streaming. His content includes gameplay analysis, pro game viewing, and insane gameplay mechanics. With a very pleasing and entertaining personality, Gorgc quickly rose above the ranks of his fellow streamers. His extremely insane mechanics coupled with his ability to make viewers feel like they’re a part of it is one of the many reasons why he is famous. Only a select few streamers constantly interact with their chat and Gorgc is one of them.

Fun fact, his ID is actually a combination of the words “gorgeous” and “cow”, which is a name he used when a female Tauren warrior in World of Warcraft. 

Channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/gorgc

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