[Top 15] Dota 2 Most Expensive Skins That Look Awesome

Skins have become an integral part of Dota over years. Hate them, love them but you simply can not ignore them! There are multitudes of skins for pretty much all the heroes in the game. These skins vary from cheap to high in terms of price but the quality and effect of the skin are noticeably better when it’s an expensive skin.

We have compiled a list of the best 15 Expensive Skins that look awesome and completely steal the show! These skins are guaranteed to make even your enemies compliment you and impress your friends the next time you skirmish with them.

15. Mace of Aeons

Faceless Void has various impressive and shiny items, all of his immortal items can be combined to make a shiny set! That being said, Void still has the Arcana pending. The only item which puts the icing on the cake is the Mace of Aeons, which has hypnotized all Void fans and enticed them into buying it. This legendary Mace will set you back by $195 on the Steam Market. 

Why is Mace of Aeons so great?

  • Custom Chronosphere visual and sound effect
  • Custom particle effects

Buy it on Steam Market! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Mace%20of%20Aeons

See this set in action! 


14. Tales of the Ardalan Interdictor

Sniper may have various sets but none of them can be compared to this intergalactic Ardalan set. This set was added in the October 2020 update, and it was a breath of fresh air from the lore stuck Sniper sets which frankly were monotonous and akin to each other. This set is tradable and marketable as well. This set goes for $210 on the Steam Market.

What makes this Sniper set great?

  • Alternate ability icons
  • Custom ability sound effects
  • Alternate Sniper voice
  • Basically an arcana! 

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Tales%20of%20the%20Ardalan%20Interdictor

See this set in action! 


13. Monarch Bow

Drow has a wide range of bows but not all of them are as cool (quite literally) as the Monarch Bow! This Monarch bow was sold as a real-life effigy by the WETA workshop, and the digital version was a free gift to the owners! It is no longer available to buy but the Digital Bow sells for $297 on the Steam Market.

Why is Monarch Bow so expensive?

  • Limited edition
  • Custom Ambient effects
  • Custom Animation

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Genuine%20Monarch%20Bow

See this item in action! 

12. Golden Shards of Exile

Outworld Devourer is one of the giants of the mid-lane. His threatening skillset makes him a competent force of nature, though he lacks severely in the cosmetic department. There are a few choices but Golden Shards of Exile is definitely the correct one. The Golden Shards currently go for $325 on the Steam Market. 

What makes Golden Shards of Exile so great?

  • Custom ability icon
  • Custom visual and sound effects
  • Particle Effects

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Inscribed%20Golden%20Shards%20of%20Exile

See this item in action! 

11. Crimson Mournful Reverie 

Vengeful Spirit is versatile support and carry hero. Her skins rarely stray away from her blue color scheme, except for the Crimson Reverie which broke all norms and is the cooler version of the regular Mournful Reverie. This skin was released as the part of 2018 International Battle Pass. It will set you back by $399 on the Steam Market.

What makes Crimson Mournful Reverie so great?

  • Custom Sound Effects
  • Custom Visual Effects
  • Particle Effects

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Inscribed%20Crimson%20Mournful%20Reverie
See this skin in action! 

10. Tsukomo the Moon Cloud

Tsukomo the Mooncloud has various reasons for it being the best Mirana mount. The first reason is the two different styles, you can turn the mount from a cute bunny to a ferocious tiger! There are also multiple idle and ambient effects and animations which put this mount at the number one spot on our list! This mount will set you back by $465. 

What makes Tsukomo the Mooncloud so great?

  • Two different styles 
  • Custom Animation 
  • Ambient Effects

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Genuine%20Tsukumo%20the%20Moon%20Cloud

See this skin in action! 

9. Crimson Edge of the Lost Order

The sword-wielding Samurai has various shiny and effective swords but none of them come close to the Crimson Edge sword! This sword has it all, the blin, the fear, and most importantly, the ability to impress your allies and foes. You are privy to getting compliments if you own this rare skin! Currently, this Crimson Edge of the Lost Order goes for $510 on the Steam Market!

Why is Crimson Edge of the Lost Order so great?

  • Custom ability icons
  • Custom ultimate and Omnislash effect
  • Custom Abyssal Blade effect

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Inscribed%20Crimson%20Edge%20of%20the%20Lost%20Order

See this skin in action! 


8. Axe of Phractos

Axe lacks in the Axe department! The Axe of Phractos was obtained by purchasing the Axe figurine from the WETA Workshop. It sold out pretty quickly and is no longer available. But there are over 500 listings of this majestic Axe on the Steam Market, with the cheapest going for $564.44! 

What makes Axe of Phractos great?

  • Extremely rare
  • Custom Counter Helix effects
  • Ambient Effects

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Genuine%20Axe%20of%20Phractos

See this skin in action! 


7. Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness

Prior to the Immortal and Arcana, Spectre lacked severely in the cosmetic department. The Crimson version of the Transversant Soul has caught the attention of all Spectre players, as it not only has great ambient effects but also the eyebrow-raising price tag of $686.

Why is this skin so expensive?

  • Limited edition
  • Crimson version of the normal Immortal
  • Ambient effects

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Transversant%20Soul%20of%20the%20Crimson%20Witness

See this skin in action! 


6. Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor

Rubick the Orthomancer has many tricks up his sleeve, including making his own cape golden! Jokes aside, this majestic golden variation of the normal cape has made all the real Rubick fans invest in this item. You want to look cool and regal while stealing enemy spells, don’t you?

Why is this skin so expensive?

  • Limited Edition 
  • Ambient golden effects

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Golden%20Ornithomancer%20Mantle%20of%20the%20Benefactor

See this skin in action! 


5. Alpine Stalker

This set has been the face of many controversies as it was removed from the game due to thematic concerns as it strayed away from the lore. But the lucky ones who bought this set probably sold it at an insane price due to its rarity. Unfortunately, the Cowboy Ursa set isn’t on the Steam Market for now, but you can buy the individual parts separately for cheaper! This set will set you back by $1,100 if bought separately.

Why is Alpine Stalker set so great?

  • Limited edition
  • Brave enough to stray away from traditional lore sets
  • Cool cowboy!

See this skin in action! 


4. Golden Baby Roshan

It’s all about that bling when it comes to the couriers. And none better than the Baby Roshan in this category, combine it with all the bling, you get the Golden Baby Roshan! The creators of this magnificent abomination went all out with the extreme particle effects and minute details like the shiny red eyes! Golden Baby Roshan last sold for $1500 on the Steam Market.

What makes Golden Baby Roshan great?

  • Extremely shiny ambient effects
  • Rare and limited quantities

Buy it here! https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Unusual%20Golden%20Baby%20Roshan

See this skin in action! 


3. Platinum Baby Roshan

Another Baby Roshan on this list who doesn’t fear going all out! This courier consists of the extremely rare Prsitine Platinum Prismatic gem, which alone costs a great deal of money. This courier was rewarded to the players who managed to reach the Sugar Rush Hall of Fame in 2013 Diretide. This extremely majestic courier was sold for $1684 on the Steam Market. 

What makes Platinum Baby Roshan great?

  • Shiny Platinum theme
  • Extremely ambient effects
  • Custom animation

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any listing of Platinum Baby Roshan on Steam Market. 

See this skin in action! 


2. Desert Sands Baby Roshan

Desert Sands Baby Roshan was obtainable by completing the Siltbreaker campaign. This captivating and adorable dragon has won the hearts of all who see it in-game. This courier has immense particle and orbital effects. The way he waddles around and delivers your items is adored by fans all over the world. This Courier will set you back by $1786! 

What makes Desert Sands Baby Roshan great?

  • Unique color and concept
  • Orbital and particle effects

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any listing of Dark Moon Baby Roshan on Steam Market. 

See the cute Roshan in action!


1. Dark Moon Baby Roshan

If you were thinking that Roshan isn’t terrifying, wait till you see this Baby Roshan! Its terrifying yet adorable gait is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Dark Moon Baby Roshan was available during the Dark Moon event! Don’t let his looks deceive you guys, he knows exactly what he is doing! His dark purple particle effects are quite appealing to the eye, and it only gets better when he flops his little wings around! He does look like he is about to throw your items away! 

The highest price of this adorable menace was $1800 on the Steam Market! 

What makes Dark Moon Baby Roshan great?

  • Great particle effects
  • Unique design and color

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any listing of Dark Moon Baby Roshan on Steam Market. 

See the cute Roshan in action!


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