[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Mid Heroes That Are Feared! (2022 Edition)

Mid heroes can essentially make or break the game, there has to be enough thought put in before picking a mid-hero in Dota. The hero has to sustain himself in the laning phase and ensure he does not get dominated by his counterpart. A weak hero can essentially set off the domino effect and begin the downward spiral of his team if he is unable to maintain tempo and break even in the laning phase.

There are various mid-heroes in the game, but not all of them are equally good in the current meta. Some heroes overpower the other by a mile, hence we bring you the Best 10 Mid Heroes which are extremely relevant in the current meta.

10. Pangolier

The charming Pangolier is a relatively new hero to the game but players quickly recognized it as one of the most lethal heroes in recent times. There are a lot of factors for this, one of them includes the Rolling Thunder ultimate and the extremely high physical AoE damage dealt by him in team fights. Pangolier is a great hero to play if you want to have a great time crushing your opponents.

There are various reasons why he is seen frequently in pro games, his flexible build options ensure that he can be played in any lane as well as build a variety of items that can prove to be dangerous in all matchups. 

Why is Pangolier a great mid hero?

  • His spells deal lethal physical damage 
  • Rolling Thunder makes him immune to magic and also allows him to initiate or escape from a team fight
  • Extremely tanky with Shield Crash

Items to buy on Pangolier

  • Eul's Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, and can be used to dodge spells or damage or interrupt enemies
  • Skull Basher - Can bash foes and prevent them from TP’ing, can later be upgraded into Abyssal Blade
  • Glepnir - Can root enemies and deal damage to them over time
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Decreased CD on spells 
  • Monkey King Bar - Increased physical damage, also provides true strike 
  • Diffusal Blade - Slows down enemies and burns their mana on attack


9. Death Prophet

Death Prophet looms over her prey, foreshadowing their existence and planning her every move towards chaos! Seeing Death Prophet in pub games is quite a common sight in the recent meta, as she is a textbook counterpick to heroes that possess escaping potential or heroes who are considered to be generally slippery.

Her spammable spells make her a nuisance in the laning phase, which is even worsened if she has Spirit Siphon, making her drain enemy health. Exorcism is an essential spell in the late game which allows her to not only fight well but also take down towers and heal at the end of the duration. The game can essentially be over for her foes if they are silenced by Death Prophet.

Why is Death Prophet a great mid-hero?

  • Excellent fighting and pushing with Exorcism.
  • Long duration silence, which can help disable slippery heroes
  • High magical nuke damage

Items to buy on Death Prophet

  • Eul’s Scepter - Can be used to lock enemies  down and set up for silence 
  • Black King Bar - Magic Immunity from all spells
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - High damage which can be used to push towers or deal immense damage during teamfights
  • Kaya and Sange - High stat and mana gain
  • Shiva’s Guard - Increased armor and AoE damage, also reduces enemy armor in a radius.


8. Visage

Visage continues his reign as the corruptor of seven hells, he has induced fear amongst his foes. Visage is a great addition to your team if you are looking for a threatening mid-hero who can outpace the enemy quite early on in the game. A late-game Visage is no joke and can single-handedly win you the game even against lethal heroes.

Visage can push extremely well with the help of familiars which can be used to lock down enemies as well as deal damage to them in teamfights. He is extremely tanky and can opt for different item builds. Visage has extremely high attack speed, which with the help of his familiars and Aghanim’s Scepter can shred through enemies quite quickly. 

Why is Visage a great mid hero?

  • High armor right off the bat
  • Low cooldown on spells
  • Familiars can be used to split push and start teamfights
  • Extremely lethal in the late game

Items to buy on Visage

  • Scythe of Vyse - Hexes enemy and removes them from the fight
  • Orchid of Maleovalence - Silences the targetted enemy and makes them take a percentage of the total damage dealt after the duration 
  • Shadow Blade - Turns Visage invisible, can be used to escape or set up a team fight
  • Assault Cuirass - Provides increased armor to allies and yourself in an AoE, and decreased armor to enemies
  • Solar Crest - If cast on allies it provides them and Visage both 7 bonus armor, but if it is cast on enemies then it reduced 7 armor for both


7. Tiny

Tiny, the stone giant, knows no bounds! Tiny takes full advantage of passive lakers right from the get-go. Tiny can be played in multiple positions but he excels extremely well in the mid lane as he can dish out some ungodly damage before even getting his ultimate.

All Tiny needs is a Blink Dagger in the early game to mow down his foes and surprise them with his mobility, as he can follow it up with the Toss combo or Toss him to his allies who finish the job for him. The late game can be a little iffy for him but if he manages to be consistent and gank constantly then even the late game is a smooth sail for him. 

Why is Tiny a great mid laner?

  • High lockdown potential
  • Can one shot support heroes with his physical damage or his toss combo
  • Extremely hyper-active in the early stages of the game
  • Does not require much practice to master
  • Tree Grab can obliterate enemies in no time

Items to buy on Tiny

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating     
  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility which can be used to escape or set up on enemies
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Tree Grab has no charges and can be used forever
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Grants Tree Volley which deals lethal damage in an AoE
  • Echo Sabre - Great stat gain along with immense damage and attack speed
  • Assault Cuirass - Immense armor gain, also reduces enemy armor at the same time


6. Zeus

The allfather Zeus proves to be one of the best counters to squishy heroes which can crumble easily in the early game, this is highly attributed to his extreme DPS spells and wave clearance abilities like Chain Lighting and Thundergod’s Wrath, which prove to be exceptional against him.

He is a must-play hero as he is very annoying right from the laning phase, constantly shoving his mid counterpart off the lane. He can dish out some serious damage with spells and constantly harass him from a distance. A well-timed Aghanim’s Nimbus into the ultimate can lead to a fistful of kills, and can also be used to assassinate a hero remotely from the map with the right items and levels.

Why is Zeus a great mid laner? 

  • Arc Lightning and Lightning Bolt can easily burst Terrorblade and his illusions.
  • Static Field (requires Aghanim's Shard) automatically hits everything in a big radius, taking a huge chunk of health out of Terrorblade's illusions, regardless of how much health they have.

Items to buy on Zeus

  • Octraine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete enemy foes from fight with 2x Nimbus and Thundergod’s Wrath from the fight
  • Arcane Blink - Great for gap closing or initiating, low mana cost on spells and items on usage     
  • Bloodstone - Increased mana and HP usage
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Provides Nimbus which is essential for teamfights in the late game



5. Void Spirit

Void Spirit has cemented his name as one of the most spammed mid-heroes in the patch. His swift and lethal moves have made him a threat. Void Spirit is known to be a complex hero as his skill set may be confusing but once mastered, he can turn the tide to his advantage! Void can block most damage coming his way.

Void's incredible AoE spells make it easy for him to farm and clear creep waves. His highly elusive spells make him harder to catch and kill. His actions have transcended dimensions as he is known to be a great laner and an efficient fighter.

Why is Void Spirit a great Pos mid hero?

  • Slippery and mobile hero.
  • His power spike is in the early game.
  • Can farm efficiently with decent AoE damage.
  • Good at solo killing squishy enemy supports effortlessly

Items to buy on Void Spirit

  • Eul's Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, can be used to dodge enemy spells or to set up on them with LSA
  • Octraine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats
  • Kaya and Sange - Increased mana regen and overall stat gain
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight
  • Orchid of Maleovalence - Silences the targetted enemy and makes them take a percentage of the total damage dealt after the duration 


4. Batrider

Batrider is quite the favorite of most mid-laners in the current meta due to the ungodly damage he is able t dish out, as he is picked to provide great early game domination and control potential. His laning phase is quite impeccable due to the sheer amount of magical damage output that he provides.

If you aren’t careful enough, then you may be susceptible to heavy damage courtesy of the napalm stacks! Along with dominating the laning phase, Batrider is successful in dominating the late game if not contained!

Why is Batrider a great counter to Mars?

  • High DPS
  • Immense magical damage which can’t be negated easily in the early game
  • Crowd control with Lasso
  • Can be an annoying yet strong laner

Items to buy on Batrider

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating     
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight
  • Boots of Travel - Immense mobility and global TP potential
  • Force Staff - Another great tool to close gaps or escape the fight
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Can Lasso two enemies instead of one
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete Mars from the fight


3. Templar Assassin

Templar Assasin, the guardian of the temple’s secrets is a lethal force to be reckoned with! She deals some heavy damage to her mid-counterparts while taking barely any in return if she has the Refraction shield on. A pure 1v1 matchup against most heroes could go either way but a skilled TA always manages to emerge on the top with her constant harassment from Psi Blades, making it easy to shove off Void Spirit and deny him any farm.

Most experienced TA players occasionally disappear into the jungle to stack and farm as soon as they have the levels and farm, as they know that most mid heroes rely more on kills and they are not good at ganking until they acquire their ultimate as well as items.

Why is Templar Assassin a great mid-hero? 

  • High physical damage with just a few items
  • Sustain and survivability with Refractive armor
  • Can be lethal right off the bat and still be relevant in the late game

Items to Buy on TA

  • Black King Bar - Completely immune from enemy spells
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Can be used to teleport to anywhere on the map, essentially to split push, and pressure the enemy team
  • Blink Dagger - Great for initiating and gap closing on enemies
  • Desolator - High physical damage and armor corruption, works in tandem with Meld’s armor reduction
  • Daedalus - High critical damage, can eviscerate enemies
  • Bloodthorn - Can silence foes and turn them into rubbles in no time


2. Storm Spirit

This almighty electrifying hero is a top pick in this meta. This is due to his highly active play style and fast farming speed against the likes of high tempo and farming heroes, he can catch up to them quite easily He is widely regarded as one of the best mid-laners in the game.

Storm is mostly played as a fast tempo mid hero, meaning he usually rotates to gank other lanes and quickly goes back to farming or taking towers. His high mana pool enables him to jump onto Ember and catch him off-guard. Late game Storm is a disaster for the enemy team especially if he gets 

What makes Storm Spirit a great mid-hero?

  • Storm Spirit is not only a potent Orchid Malevolence carrier, his Electric Vortex provides an additional disable and Overload provides a great slow. When paired with Static Remnant, they can cut through Flame Guard fast.
  • Ball Lightning not only provides great initiation upon Ember Spirit from any position anytime but also helps dodge Sleight of Fist.

Items to buy on Storm Spirit

  • Bloodstone - Provides increased mana regen and can be used to quickly gain HP depending upon the total charges
  • Orchid of Maleovalence - Silences the targetted enemy and makes them take a percentage of the total damage dealt after the duration 
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Makes Vortex an AoE ability, pulling all the enemies in an AoE closer together
  • Scythe of Vyse - Hexes enemies and removes them from the fight
  • Kaya and Sange - Increased mana regen and overall stat gain
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight


1. Puck

Puck, the dazzling faerie dragon is a mixture of skill and flamboyance. Although, relatively a weak laner and squishy, Puck can turn the tides around against slippery heroes if he manages to secure his early game by farming sufficiently and ganking other lanes. But, Puck may lack significantly in the early game.

Puck can triumph with his Aghanim’s Scepter which helps him stop the enemies in their tracks with Dream Coil, even if they have the Black King Bar on! The right items at the right time allow him to sustain himself and deal lethal magical damage without worrying about the damage dished out by his foes.

Why is Puck a great mid-hero? 

  • Illusory Orb and Waning Rift provide great mobility, allowing Puck to initiate on enemy heroes or to escape.
  • Dream Coil's immense control is devastating during teamfights, and can also be used to control heroes or synergize with allied heroes.
  • Dream Coil's very long duration combined with follow-up from allies will ensure immense damage done to the foes

Items to Buy on Puck

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating
  • Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter - Can lock in a spell immune target and silence them for a longer duration with the Shard
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from enemies and also applies a basic dispel
  • Witch Blade - Increased physical damage 
  • Desolator - Armor corruption to both towers and enemies on physical attacks


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