[Top 25] Dota 2 Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Over the years, skins have become a vital part of Dota. There are various skins for the same hero, and they all vary in color and effects. You may be a skin enthusiast, wanting to pick the best skins for your favorite heroes, worry not, we have you covered! 

In this article, we bring you the Best 25 Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome. These skins are one of the best you can find, with the best sound and ambient effects. Beware, they might break your bank!

25. Manifold Paradox

This magnificent Phantom Assassin skin was released as a part of the Nemesis Assassin event with the release of Oracle. There is a huge change in her voice, her attack animation, and the overall experience as she is wielding two blades instead of her usual one. There are three styles to her blades, the blades catch fire as you upgrade the skin with more wins and kills on PA. It is a must-have set if you love playing the fiery assassin. 



24. Benevolent Companion

Io is a great addition to your team if you lack heals and escape potential. Poor Io doesn’t have any skins except the Benevolent Companion, which is undoubtedly one of the best Arcanas in the game. The overall design was inspired by Valve’s very own Portal series. The cube design along with the portal animation during Relocate makes it a sight to witness. Unfortunately, this item is not available for sale on Steam Market.


23. Davion of Dragon Hold

This persona was inspired by Dota’s very own Dragon’s Blood anime. Just like other persona’s this strays away from the typical animation styles and strives for something different. Dragon Knight resembles his anime form and this also includes different ambient effects along with icons and even the ultimate dragon looks badass. Unfortunately, this item is not available for sale on Steam Market.


22. Great Sage’s Reckoning 

The mischievous Monkey King has been a great addition to the game, alongside his equally menacing and mischievous-looking arcana. This arcana was one of the first ones to implement color changes depending on the styles of the arcana which in turn were unlockable by winning games and getting a certain amount of kills. This Arcana toys around with different elements of nature depending upon the level of MK’s ultimate in the game.


21. Legacy of the Fallen Legion

Prior to this skin, there weren’t many Legion Commander skins that were considered to be any exciting at all. This skin was released as a level 225 reward of the 2016 International Battle Pass, hence making this skin a limited edition and not available on Steam Market. This skin has custom ability and icon effects along with impressive ambient effects on use.


20. Dragonclaw Hook

Dragonclaw Hook is one of the most sought-after skins in the game. Pudge looks more menacing than ever with this great hook. The design of the hook is quite simple and may puzzle a lot of readers. There is quite the historical and sentimental value that people have with this skin as it has been in the game for over a decade. 



19. Blades of Voth Domosh

Yet another Legion Commander skin on the list! This Arcana was one of the very first to be added to the game. This includes the custom ability icons, minimap icons, sounds, and ambient effects which make this a worthy purchase if you’re a fan of dual-wielding LC. 



18. Bladeform Legacy

Juggernaut has had some sick sets in the past but none comes close to this Arcana. There are two styles to it, making him go from icy blue to raging red depending on which style you select. The custom voice effects are great to have which are a great perk alongside the custom ability icons and ambient effects which look great with different skin items.                



17. Alpine Stalker

This set has been the face of many controversies as it was removed from the game due to thematic concerns as it strayed away from the lore. But the lucky ones who bought this set probably sold it at an insane price due to its rarity. Unfortunately, the Cowboy Ursa set isn’t on the Steam Market for now, but you can buy the individual parts separately for cheaper! This set will set you back by $1,100 if bought separately.



16. Tsukomo the Moon Cloud

Tsukomo the Mooncloud has various reasons for it being the best Mirana mount. The first reason is the two different styles, you can turn the mount from a cute bunny to a ferocious tiger! There are also multiple idle and ambient effects and animations which put this mount so high on our list! 



15. Golden Basher Blades

The sworn enemy of all magic, Anti-Mage has all he needs to put up a strong fight against the arcane arts. If normal Basher Blades weren’t enough, Golden Basher Blades give him the extra swag and make him look extra cool as he is slaying all the magical heroes. There are various ambient effects on these blades which blend well with the other items. 



14. Mace of Aeons

Faceless Void has various impressive and shiny items, all of his immortal items can be combined to make a shiny set! That being said, Void still has the Arcana pending. The only item which puts the icing on the cake is the Mace of Aeons, which has hypnotized all Void fans and enticed them into buying it. This legendary Mace will set you back by $195 on the Steam Market. 



13. Demon Eater

Prior to this skin, Shadow Fiend had no good items. This arcana is basically the retouched model of SF from Dota 1, which is guaranteed to bring back nostalgia if you’re a Dota veteran. There are a plethora of great ambient effects and even modified sound and voice effects which makes this a worth buying item.


12. Axe Unleashed

Mogul Khan, the Axe is a threatening war mongerer who knows no bounds. This set is a great twist on his mightiest weapon, the Ax! This arcana quite literally strips him off of his weapon and leaves him with his equally mighty arms, which are strong enough to cull opponents and chop down all his competition. Unfortunately, this item is not available on the Steam Market.


11. The Toy Butcher

The addition of Personas in the game was rather a funny thing. Pudge is transformed into this tiny, adorable yet menacing toy form. His squeaky toy sounds make him harder to be taken seriously yet he is as threatening as ever with his set of abilities. 

10. Tales of the Ardalan Interdictor

Sniper may have various sets but none of them can be compared to this intergalactic Ardalan set. This set was added in the October 2020 update, and it was a breath of fresh air from the lore stuck Sniper sets which frankly were monotonous and akin to each other. This set is tradable and marketable as well. This set goes for $210 on the Steam Market.


9. Planetfall

Earthshaker is a menacing hero and nothing is worse than getting 5 man Echo Slammed by an expert ES player. The best part about this skin is that there are two styles, making you choose between blue and red. Both have different ambient effects and custom skill icons and effects which make them susceptible to complements regardless of which side of the team you’re on. This skin is unfortunately a limited edition skin and is not available on Steam Market.

8. Mark of the Blood Moon

Lycanthrope is a great carry hero and is often under-represented in the cosmetic department. This skin is the gamechanger, there are various mind-blowing effects in this set that make it worth having even if you don’t master him. There are various subtle effects such as the ambient green light on the Necronomicon, changes to the wolves, and a re-skin for his ultimate.


7. Rapiers of the Burning God

Ember Spirit is one of the textbook heroes who build the Divine Rapier. Having an in-game skin of it just flexing hard on your opponents and warning them of what you may build if the game goes late. The majestic Rapiers have great ambient effects and are a treat to one's eyes if combined with other great Ember skins.


6.  Tempest Helm of the Thundergod

Allmighty Zeus is threatening as ever with this Arcana! There are various custom effects, ability, and minimap icon changes along with changes in voice and sound effects which make this a worthy purchase. There are various other items that manage to blend well with this Arcana, making him look extra drippy.



5. Cult of the Demonic Trickster

Monkey King is a versatile addition to the team, making him one of the strongest heroes currently present in the game. There are various skins for him, including the arcana but none are better than this one. The whole set may look like another arcana as it has a modified ultimate effect, making the battle intense and the game harder for your mortal opponents.


4. Eminence of Ritsul

The dashing Queen of Pain looks sensational as ever in this Arcana. The whip combined with her red color scheme gives her an intimidating makeover and puts her in a position of power and dominance that you can’t escape! There is also a second style to this set, which changes her into icy blue, which is as hot as the red style. Unfortunately, this item is not available on the Steam Market.


3. Twisted Maelstorm

Enigma is one of those high ticket heroes which can make or break the game with his ultimate. There aren’t many skins for this hero due to his weird model, yet Twisted Maelstorm finds its way to being one of the best sets ever made. Everything from the way the particle effects move is just perfect and a breath of fresh air from the typical Enigma sets.



2. Compass of the Rising Gale

Windranger is one of the few heroes who was completely deserving of an Arcana. This nimble, bubbly yet dangerous hero has various tricks up her sleeve which are further enhanced by the various particle, skin, and sound effects which make her extremely cool. The Arcana is intricately designed and has various earthly elements which can be combined with her other custom set items or immortals to make her look rather menacing and badass! Unfortunately, this item is not available on the Steam Market.


1. Dark Artistry 

Invoker is one of the most played heroes in the game, hence his skins are also crafted with the utmost love and dedication as an ode to his magic. Invoker doesn’t have an Arcana per se but he has the Dark Artistry set which renders the need for an Arcana, useless! This set has it all, the shiny icons, the shiny spell effects, and even ambient effects as you trot around the map playing the master of the Arcane arts. This set was released 6 years ago and yet it still is one of the most expensive and cherished sets in the game, says a lot about a hero who is rather complicated to play.


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