[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Neutral Items That Are Powerful

Ever since the addition of neutral items, Dota has changed rapidly and vastly as the game has more mechanics and hence more chaos. The recent update has made neutral items choosable from a list of random five, hence it is very much on the player to pick their poison. Each neutral item has its upside and downside, with each item being distinct from the next. Neutral Items have made the game much more interesting and fun to play or watch. You can quite easily outperform your foes with the right item. 

To help you understand the importance of the neutral items, we have compiled a list of the best 15 Neutral Items which are very powerful and can change the trajectory of the game if you are blessed with the chance of having them.

15. Tumbler’s Toy

This item is considered to be a comical item but it is a great tool in the early game to escape enemies and hop on/off cliffs. Upon usage, you propel 300 units forward in the direction you face. You also get +200 Mana, which is great on spell-casting heroes or heroes that lack a decent Mana pool. This tier 1 item is great and can be useful against heroes like Mars or Clockwerk, allowing you to escape.

Why is Tumbler’s Toy great?

  • It is excellent at helping you escape sticky situations with the propel
  • Increased mana pool which can help you cast additional spells 

Tumbler’s Toy Stats

  • +200 Mana


14. Gossamer Cape

The new update saw a multitude of neutral items being added to the game, but Gossamer Cape takes the cake for being one of the essentials for the early game. It suits well for heroes with low movement speed or low armor. Gossamer Cape blesses you with +20 movement speed while also causing you to automatically dodge your next attack. This comes with a short cooldown of 4 seconds. The evasion dodge can mean the difference between life and death in certain scenarios.

Why is Gossamer Cape great?

  • 100% evasion with a brief cooldown
  • Immense movement speed buff for the early game

Gossamer Cape Stats

  • +20 Movement Speed


13. Trusty Shovel

In the early game, you may run out of consumables and regen quite quickly. This can make you vulnerable and allow enemies to make their malicious advances and get more aggressive. Trusty Shovel comes into rescue as it allows you to channel for 1 second to dig either a Bounty Rune, Enchanted Mango, Flask, or a Kobold. It is an ideal early-game neutral item as the consumables can help you survive and heal you up a decent amount. The gold from the Kobold or Bounty never goes to waste either. 

Why is Trusty Shovel great?

  • Provides decent HP and mana regen if you dig up Flask or Enchanted Mango.
  • Can also provide gold with Bounty Rune and Kobold
  • Passive also provides 75 health which can be essential in certain situations.

Trusty Shovel Stats

  • +75 Health


12. Seeds of Serenity 

The early game is highly risky and can make or break the game if not played well. Seeds of Serenity provide you with +10 health regeneration you and all allies in the targeted AoE. Along with active regeneration, it also provides +3 passive regeneration and 150 health which can make you tanky. The right strategical usage of the seeds can turn around a shaky teamfight. 

Why are Seeds of Serenity great?

  • Decent health regeneration to you and your allies in an AoE
  • The health bonus is also exceptional in the early game as it can save you in certain situations 

Seeds of Serenity Stats

  • +150 Health
  • +3 Health Regeneration 


11. Philosopher’s Stone

If you’re a support hero or a hero who is lacking in the gold department then this tier 2 item will surely fill the gap. After 17 mins of the game, the tier 2 item tokens start dropping when you kill the neutral kills,  and all support heroes pray this item drops as you get an increased 75 gold per minute at the cost of 30 attack damage along with 200 increased Mana pool, making it viable primarily on supports!

Why is Philosopher’s Stone great?

  • It provides you with passive gold which is excellent if you are s support hero
  • Also provides you with an increased mana pool which is another cherry on the top for a support hero

Philosopher’s Stone Stats

  • +200 Mana
  • -30 Attack Damage
  • +75 GPM


10. Penta-Edged Sword

As a carry hero, you may reach that annoying point in the game where you are not dealing enough damage as enemies may have items that make them tanky or stack up their armor. Penta-Edged Sword is one of the few neutral items which are designed for the carry heroes. Each attack of the ominous sword has a 25% chance to reduce the enemy hero movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 60 for 3 seconds. This combined with the increased attack damage and attack speed can help you cripple and further neutralize your foes within no time.

Why is Penta-Edged Sword great?

  • Provides you with increased damage as well as attack speed which is essential for a carry hero
  • The enemy movement and attack speed slow are extremely underrated but are always helpful in catching slippery and agile heroes as a carry

Penta-Edged Sword Stats

  • +45 Attack Damage
  • +100 Attack Range


9. Psychic Headband

If you’re a spellcasting hero lacking in the cast range department then this Tier 3 item is perfect for you. This item drops after the first 30 mins of the game, granting you 15% increased Intelligence along with 100 Cast Range which is the actual selling point of this item. The activity of this item pushes your foes 400 units away from you, akin to Hurricane Pike.

Why is Psychic Headband great?

  • High Cast Range
  • Increased Intelligence

Psychic Headband Stats

  • +100 Cast Range


8. Titan Sliver

Every carry player’s ideal Tier 3 item is undoubtedly Titan Sliver. Why you may ask? This item grants 20% flat base damage along with 12% status resistance and 16% magic resistance which makes it a great item for hard carries which are always in the front line. This allows them to soak up damage and outlast their enemies in fights. 

Why is Titan Sliver great?

  • Increased magic and status resistance which helps you have more impact in a teamfight
  • Increased Base damage helps you have more impact in a teamfight

Titan Sliver Stats

  • +16% Magic Resistance
  • +12% Status Resistance 
  • +20% Attack Damage


7. Book of the Dead

Not all tier 5 Neutral Items allow you to wreak havoc as much as this feared and hated item. There may be certain games where you may have trouble closing out the game. The breathtaking Book of the Dead is a fun addition to the tier 5 list as it brings back our beloved Necronomicon. Summons 4 level 3 Necronomicon Units that last 75 seconds. These units can help you rat out buildings and take tormentors quite easily. The Book of the Dead brings back fun memories of players ratting with the much-famed Necronomicon. 

Why is Book of the Dead great?

  • The Necronomicon units can be used to deal damage to buildings or kill heroes swiftly
  • It provides increased strength and intelligence which proves to be ideal in the late game.

Book of the Dead Stats

  • +30 Strength 
  • +30 Intelligence 


6. Ascetic’s Cap

Whenever a debuff is applied to the owner, it grants 40% Status resistance for 5 seconds. This tier 4 item is massively helpful as it saves you from getting locked down and beaten up by enemies. The status resistance can allow you to escape the fight scot-free or even retaliate with sufficient spells and backup.

Why is Ascetic’s Cap Great?

  • 40% status resistance can help you get out of sticky situations 
  • Immense increased health pool
  • Ascetic’s Cap also provides increased health regeneration which can help you sustain in a fight

Ascetic’s Cap Stats

  • +250 Health
  • +20 Health Regeneration 


5. Timeless Relic

Timeless Relic provides you with a +20% Debuff duration while increasing your spell amplification by 15%. This item is highly beneficial to magical damage-dealing heroes as it amplifies their magic damage potential. If you have a damage-dealing plateau then this item may just help you bust that plateau and also bust open enemies! 

Why is Timeless Relic Great?

  • Immense spell debuff duration, meaning you can have your allies stunned for a longer duration
  • Massive spell amplification, which is ideal for heroes with magic damage-dealing spells

Timeless Relic Stats

  • +20% Debuff Duration Amplification 
  • +15% Spell Damage Amplification 


4. Spell Prism

Spell Prism is a great tier 4 item which is great on heroes that rely on their abilities to get kills. Heroes such as Tidehunter, Enigma, and Magnus can benefit greatly from this item. It provides you with a 12% Cooldown reduction along with increased attributes and mana regeneration.

Why is Spell Prism Great?

  • Reduces spell cooldown, making it a useful item for spellcaster heroes 
  • The increased mana regeneration is highly useful in dishing out extra damage with spells or items
  • Increased attribute gain which beefs you up and makes you a durable hero for the late game

Spell Prism Stats

  • +6 all attributes
  • +4 Mana regeneration 


3. Apex

As a carry in the late-game, you may lack damage to close out the game or withstand a rough fight. Apex is an excellent tier 5 item which grants +70 primary attributes. This proves to be a much-needed item on carry heroes is it technically grants them 11.6 armor, 70 attack speed, and whopping 70 attack damage! Heroes such as Morphling, Meepo, and Drow Ranger to name a few can take full advantage of this item if it drops in the ultra-late game. 

Why is Apex a great item?

  • Increased attributes and stats which help you deal high damage as well as provide you with increased perks per attribute

Apex Stats

  • +70 primary attribute bonus
  • +25 attribute bonus for universal heroes


2. Ex Machina

The addition of this item made the late game more chaotic than usual. Ex Machina provides 20 Armor and on activation, it refreshes cooldowns on all items, excluding Refresher’s Orb of course. This item is a Tier 5 item and is dropped after 60 mins of the game. This item is great on heroes with multiple active items, including heroes like Tinker, Morphling, and others which allows them to close out the game without any more difficulty. 

Why is Ex Machina great?

  • Refreshes cooldowns on all items
  • The item itself has a short cooldown of 25 seconds
  • It also provides you with 20 armor which can help you stay resilient in a long teamfight in the later stages of the game

Ex Machina Stats

  • +20 Armor


1. Pirate Hat

In the late game, you may lack the gold to purchase items or have enough gold stashed up for a buyback. This item might just solve the problem. Pirate Hat grants you 150 Attack Speed and 15 Movement Speed, with the active granting you a Bounty Rune after 1 second of channeling. As this item is a tier 5 item, it grants a minimum of 144 Gold, which increases if the game goes late. Experienced players channel the item in their fountain so they can stack the Bounty Runes together and grab them later in case your teammates require buyback gold!

Why is Pirate Hat a great item?

  • Increased Attack Speed, great on carry heroes
  • Spawning free gold!

Pirate Hat Stats

  • + 15 Movement Speed
  • +150 Attack Speed

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