[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Trading Sites That Are Legit

Dota 2 Best Trading Sites
Spin your unneeded skins for glamorous Arcanas!

Your favorite hero finally receives a glamorous and shiny Arcana. You’re in awe of the new skin and are eager to purchase it. The Steam Market, as you may know, has absurdly high prices at times. So the only option left is resorting to third-party trading sites.

You may find it hard to weed out the scammers as if the whole trading process wasn’t stressful in itself. Worry not! We’ve got you covered with the top 5 Legit Dota 2 Trading Sites in this article so you’re finally able to flaunt your new skins on the battlefield!

5. DMarket


There may be a tremendous amount of Dota 2 trading sites, but none can be as simplified in their user interface as DMarket. With frequent trading tips and tutorials, they ensure to offer the best experience to new users, hence they have seen a rise in their userbase in recent times. 

DMarket is famous not only as a Dota trading site but is also a renowned NFT marketplace. Selling and buying skins with real money is also an option on DMarket. Just like every other website on this list, DMarket is a multi-game trading website.

Advantages of DMarket

  • Incredibly low fees
  • Active Customer Service
  • Huge user community
  • Cross-platform trading (CSGO skins for Dota skins and vice versa)

How to use DMarket?

  • Use your Steam account to log in to DMarket
  • Select Dota 2 as the game you want to trade your skins in
  • Select the skins from your inventory that you want to trade for the skins from the bot’s inventory
  • Accept the trade on steam and have fun with your skins!

With such low fees and a rising userbase, DMarket has the opportunity to dethrone its contenders in the coming years.


4. Tradeit.gg

Tradeit is one of those sites where you get the best of all worlds. They combine safe and smooth trading with unique and rather unheard-of features. With their extensive inventory, you’re guaranteed to find your dream skins!

With an average of 60 trades per minute, which is essentially 1 trade per second, Tradit has been rapidly expanding to dethrone the number one spot on this list!

Advantages of using Tradeit

  • Buying and Selling of Skins at reasonable prices
  • Extremely low commission rate
  • Options to invest skins and gain annual returns 
  • Cross-platform trading 

How do you trade on TradeIt.gg?

  • It is mandatory to login to Tradeit from your Steam account, along with setting up your Steam trade URL
  • Steer through the vast and seemingly never-ending skin inventory and find the ones that you are looking 
  •  Pick the skins you would like to trade for the selected skins
  • Click on the trade button and let the trade process
  • Review and accept the trade from your Steam account!

The option to invest the skins makes Tradeit one of the most unique trading platforms and has played a huge part in the rise of their popularity.


3. Swap.gg

Swap.gg was created with only one goal in mind, to provide safe and lighting fast service to its users. It aims to educate the new users with respect to trading and provides them with various tutorials as well as some perks to make the trading experience easy and profitable for them.

Even if you over-pay on certain skins, the difference will be added to your Swap.gg balance, making sure you do not lose out on that extra value! The extensive list of advantages provided by Swap.gg are listed below.

Advantages of Swap.gg

  • Swapping (trade) of skins
  • You can deposit real money to buy skins
  • Selling skins and withdrawing them to your account is also possible at Swap.gg
  • Enormous inventory 
  • Cross-platform trading
  • Top-up Bonus

How to use Swap.gg?

  • Login into Swap.gg via Steam
  • Setup your trade link
  • Find your dream skin from their gargantuan skin inventory
  • Add the skins you would like to trade for the desired skins
  • Wait for the trade to process and accept it via Steam

Swap.gg is relatively new compared to the other sites on this list, but in so little time, they have managed to transform the way skins are traded online!


2. Dota.Money

If you’re looking for skins of all kinds, no matter their rarity or quality, then you’ve struck gold with Dota.Money. With a wide range of skins, spread over different bots, they assure you the best service and smooth trading experience. Dota.Money is trusted by thousands of daily users all across the globe!

Dota.Money has skin trading and buying options as well. With a vast range of items to choose from, one is guaranteed to get confused!

Perks of using Dota.Money

  • Top-up bonuses
  • Fast service 
  • Extremely low commission 
  • Lighting fast customer service
  • Cross-platform trading 

How does Dota.Money Work?

  • Use Steam to sign in at Dota.Money website
  • Confirm your trade link on Steam
  • Navigate through the bot inventory to find your desired skin
  • Add the skins you’re willing to trade for the other skin
  • Click on trade 
  • Confirm the trade request on Steam!

And voila! You have your dream skins in your steam inventory, equip them and slay the enemy ancient! Dota.Money has been the direct competitor to the number one spot on this list for over half a decade! 


1. Dota 2 Lounge

Every Dota player that has dabbled into skins is aware of Dota2Lounge. It is the oldest and the most used site for the trading of Dota skins. Earlier you could carry out P2P (Peer-to-Peer) transactions, but now everything is automated as the bots send you the trading request for the demanded skins. No one comes close to the smooth and hassle-free trading services of Dota2Lounge.

Dota2Lounge has everything from buying and selling options for skins. It has changed the trajectory of safe and secure skin trading as it was the first site to do so. The option to book skins and trade them when the Steam restriction ends is also a great addition that not many sites have implemented.

What kind of trading can you do?

  • Skin Trading/Selling/Buying
  • Skin Swap
  • Cross-platform trading

How does Dota2Lounge work?

  • Login into the Dota2Lounge via your Steam account
  • The left window displays the skins from your inventory and the right indicates the skins from the bot’s inventory
  • Select the skins from your inventory and select the skins that you desire, they have to be of equal prices.
  • Then click on the trade option, you will be sent the trade offer for the skins in a short while.
  • The trade offer is sent by a bot, with a verification code that is also displayed on the website, ensuring safe trade.
  • Accept the trade and enjoy your new skins! 

This concludes the list of the top 5 Legit Dota 2 Trading Sites, with so many options listed out, you must select the one which suits you the best for trading. Fortunately, with the increase in 2FA (2 Factor Authorization), it is easy to not get tricked and scammed these days. Get your desired skins today and rock them on the battlefield!

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