[Top 15] Dota 2 Most Picked Heroes

Mastering the Meta: Get to Know Dota 2's Most Picked Heroes

These heroes hold all the cards in what resembles a high-stakes game of chess with spells and weapons. So, pay special attention to these game-changers the next time you find yourself in the middle of a Dota 2 encounter. They are the main components that provide a thrilling Dota 2 experience.

15. Crystal Maiden

A frosty mage harnesses the power of ice to control the battlefield, freezing enemies in place, amplifying her allies' abilities, and summoning a powerful blizzard to unleash havoc upon her foes.

What makes Crystal Maiden Most Picked:

  • Crystal Maiden is a versatile support hero with strong utility and crowd control abilities. Her Crystal Nova ability slows and damages enemies, providing excellent zoning and early game harassment. This makes her a popular pick for securing favorable lanes and setting up kills.
  • Crystal Maiden's ultimate ability, Freezing Field, deals massive area-of-effect damage and slows enemies within its range. This ability can quickly turn teamfights in her team's favor and provides immense control in key engagements.
  • Crystal Maiden's playstyle attracts players who enjoy supporting their team through utility, crowd control, and providing essential resources. Her ability to enable her team's spellcasting, control teamfights, and contribute to vision and objective control makes her a reliable and popular support pick.


14 . Silencer

An enigmatic intelligence hero, seeks to silence his enemies with his arcane powers, punishing their every action with crippling intelligence steal and unleashing a devastating global silence.

What makes Silencer Most Picked:

  • Silencer is a disruptive intelligence hero who punishes enemy spellcasting. His ability, Glaives of Wisdom, steals intelligence from enemy heroes, reducing their damage and weakening their spells. This unique mechanic makes him a strong counter to spell-reliant lineups and heroes.
  • Silencer excels at punishing enemy aggression and initiation. His ability to silence and reduce the damage of enemy heroes can discourage them from engaging or force them into disadvantageous positions. This creates opportunities for his team to counter-initiate and win fights.
  • Silencer's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy countering and shutting down enemy spellcasting. The satisfaction of silencing key heroes and controlling teamfights, combined with the intelligence-stealing mechanic, makes Silencer an attractive pick for players who enjoy disruption and control.


13. Phantom Assassin

A deadly assassin shrouded in mystery, strikes with swift and deadly precision, delivering critical strikes that can instantly eliminate foes, while her blur ability grants her elusive protection.

What makes Phantom Assassin Most Picked:

  • Phantom Assassin is a hard-hitting carry hero with incredible burst damage potential. Her ultimate ability, Coup de Grace, grants her a chance to deal massive critical strikes, allowing her to quickly eliminate enemy heroes. This burst damage potential makes her a feared presence on the battlefield.
  • Phantom Assassin is elusive and difficult to pin down. Her Blur ability grants her evasion against enemy attacks, and her Blink Strike allows her to quickly close the gap or escape from dangerous situations. This evasiveness makes her a frustrating hero to deal with.
  • Phantom Assassin's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy a high-risk, high-reward carry role. The potential for devastating crits and the thrill of bursting down enemies with precise timing and positioning make her a popular choice for players who seek big plays and impactful moments.


12. Techies

A mischievous trio of explosive specialists turn the battlefield into a minefield, setting traps and detonating them with glee to catch enemies off guard and create chaos.

What makes Techies Most Picked:

  • Techies is a hero focused on area denial and trap-setting. Their abilities, such as Land Mines and Sticky Bomb, allow them to lay explosives across the map, making it treacherous for enemies to traverse certain areas. This playstyle appeals to players who enjoy strategic and tactical approaches.
  • They excel at defending and high-ground defense. Techies' ability to mine key entry points and chokeholds can deter enemy pushes and stall sieges, buying time for their team to mount a comeback or create opportunities elsewhere on the map.
  • Techies' playstyle appeals to players who enjoy a more methodical and patient approach to the game. The strategic placement of mines, creating zones of control, and forcing enemies to make mistakes or play defensively is what makes Techies an appealing pick for some players.


11. Rubick

The grand magus and master of spell-stealing, manipulates the very fabric of magic, copying and casting his opponents' spells, turning their own abilities against them.

What makes Rubick Most Picked:

  • Rubick is known for his ability to steal and use enemy spells. His ultimate, Spell Steal, allows him to temporarily gain the last spell cast by an enemy hero. This unique mechanic adds versatility and unpredictability to his gameplay, making him a favorite among players who enjoy strategic and adaptive playstyles.
  • Rubick provides excellent utility for his team. By stealing and using enemy spells, he can turn the tide of battles or create favorable engagements. His ability to adapt and use various spells makes him a versatile support hero, capable of filling different roles as needed.
  • Rubick's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy outsmarting their opponents and adapting on the fly. The skill and game knowledge required to make the most of stolen spells and contribute to fights effectively make him a popular pick among strategic-minded players.


10. Witch Doctor

A mystical healer with a dark side, conjures potent voodoo magic to heal allies, unleash debilitating curses, and summon a deadly death ward that rains down destruction upon his foes.

What makes Witch Doctor Most Picked:

  • Witch Doctor is a versatile support hero with strong crowd control abilities. His Paralyzing Cask and Death Ward can disrupt enemy heroes and deal significant damage in teamfights, making him a valuable asset to his team.
  • Witch Doctor's ultimate, Death Ward, is a potent channeling ability that deals massive damage to nearby enemies. When combined with crowd control abilities from his team, it can be devastating and quickly turn the tide of teamfights.
  • Witch Doctor's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy providing crowd control, healing, and damage in teamfights. His ability to sustain his team, disrupt enemies, and deal significant damage with his ultimate makes him a favored support pick.


9. Axe

The unstoppble berserker charges headlong into battle, cutting down enemies with his massive axe, while his berserker's call forces opponents to face him in combat or suffer the consequences.

What makes Axe Most Picked:

  • Axe is a tanky initiator and crowd control hero. His Berserker's Call ability forces enemy heroes to attack him, giving his team an advantage in teamfights and allowing them to focus on key targets. This initiation power makes him a popular pick for offlane or support positions.
  • Axe is a fantastic tank. With his high base strength and armor, combined with his passive ability, Berserker's Call, he can soak up a tremendous amount of damage and draw attention away from his more fragile teammates.
  • Axe's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy initiating fights, soaking up damage, and being a disruptive force on the battlefield. His ability to control teamfights, create chaos, and tank for his team makes him a strong and popular pick.


8. Lion

A malevolent mage with a sinister arsenal of spells, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies, draining their life force, hexing them into helpless creatures, and unleashing devastating finger of death.

What makes Lion Most Picked:

  • Lion is a versatile support hero. His disabling abilities, such as Hex and Impale, provide strong crowd control in teamfights, allowing him to initiate or counter-initiate effectively. This makes him a valuable pick in almost any lineup.
  • Lion offers great utility. His Mana Drain ability can quickly restore his mana and provide crowd control against enemy heroes. Additionally, his Hex ability can be used to neutralize dangerous enemy targets, preventing them from using their spells or escaping.
  • Lion's playstyle attracts players who enjoy making impactful plays through disabling and bursting down enemies. His ability to control fights, secure kills, and provide utility to the team makes him a popular support choice.


7. Sniper

A sharpshooter extraordinaire, utilizes his incredible range and precision to eliminate enemies from afar, making use of his assassinate ability to deliver a lethal shot to unsuspecting foes

What makes Sniper Most Picked:

  • Sniper is a long-range damage dealer. With his ultimate ability, Assassinate, he can snipe enemies from a safe distance, finishing off low-health targets or providing valuable burst damage in teamfights. This long-range threat makes him a staple in many lineups.
  • Sniper has a strong laning presence and harass potential. His Shrapnel ability allows him to control the lane by slowing and damaging enemies. It provides vision and zoning, giving him an advantage in the laning phase and making it difficult for opponents to approach.
  • Sniper's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy a safe, long-range approach to fights. His ability to control areas, melt down key targets, and deal consistent damage from a distance attracts those who prefer a more passive and calculated playstyle.


6. Slark

The skilled archer with unparalleled agility, expertly wields her bow to snipe enemies from afar, while her shackle shot and powershot abilities ensure no foe can escape her grasp.

What makes Slark Most Picked:

  • Slark is a slippery and elusive carry hero. His ultimate ability, Shadow Dance, allows him to go invisible and regenerate health, making him difficult to catch and kill. This makes him a great split-pusher and pick-off hero, as he can escape from dangerous situations.
  • His ultimate also provides vision control. Shadow Dance grants unobstructed vision in a large area, allowing Slark to scout for enemies and set up ganks or ambushes. This map awareness and information advantage make him a valuable asset to his team.
  • Slark's playstyle appeals to players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay, focusing on finding and eliminating vulnerable enemies. His ability to snowball and become a menace in the mid to late game makes him a popular pick for those who enjoy aggressive carry heroes.


5. Windranger

A skilled archer with unparalleled agility, expertly wields her bow to snipe enemies from afar, while her shackle shot and powershot abilities ensure no foe can escape her grasp.

What makes Windranger Most Picked:

  • Her Shackleshot ability is a powerful crowd control tool. If used correctly, it can latch onto two enemy heroes, stunning them and potentially turning the tide of teamfights. This skill has a high skill cap and rewards players with precise timing and positioning.
  • She is an elusive hero. Windranger's Windrun ability grants her evasion and increased movement speed, making it difficult for enemies to lock her down. This evasiveness allows her to escape ganks and survive in teamfights, frustrating opponents.
  • Windranger's versatile playstyle and skill-based abilities appeal to players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward heroes. The potential for big plays with Shackleshot and the ability to contribute damage and utility throughout the game make her a popular choice.


4. Juggernaut

The master of the blade, spins into combat with his lethal blade fury, slicing through enemies with precision and grace, while his ultimate, Omnislash, unleashes a flurry of unstoppable attacks.

What makes Juggernaut Most Picked:

  • Healing Ward, Juggernaut's signature ability, offers sustain for him and his team during pushes and teamfights. The ability to quickly heal up and continue the fight gives him an edge in prolonged engagements and sieges.
  • He has a strong laning presence. With his high base damage and attack speed, Juggernaut can secure last hits and denies effectively. Additionally, his Blade Fury can be used to secure kills or escape ganks in the early game.
  • Juggernaut's playstyle attracts players who enjoy a mix of farming efficiency, teamfight impact, and the potential for highlight-reel plays with his Omnislash. His well-rounded kit and ability to adapt to different stages of the game make him a popular carry choice.


3. Spirit Breaker

A relentless force of nature, charges across the battlefield with his immense strength and ability to bash enemies into submission, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

What makes Spirit Breaker Most Picked:

  • Spirit Breaker is a relentless ganker. With his Charge of Darkness ability, he can charge across the map to surprise and initiate on unsuspecting enemies. His ability to quickly close the gap and disable targets makes him a popular choice for players who enjoy aggressive playstyles.
  • Spirit Breaker is a durable hero. His high base strength and innate damage resistance from his passive ability, Bulldoze, make him hard to kill. This makes him an ideal frontliner and initiator, soaking up damage while creating space for his team.
  • His global presence is a significant asset. With his charge ability, Spirit Breaker can quickly respond to fights and ganks happening across the map. This allows him to apply pressure and keep enemies on their toes, making him an effective playmaker.


2. Legion Commander

A fierce and determined warrior, leads her troops into battle, seeking glorious duels to prove her worth and earn powerful bonuses from fallen adversaries.

What makes Legion Commander Most Picked:

  • Legion Commander's Duel ability forces enemies to focus their attention on her. This distraction can create opportunities for her team to engage or disengage more favorably. Additionally, her Press the Attack ability provides her team with much-needed dispels and a burst of attack speed, further enhancing her impact in team fights.
  • Legion Commander can build a variety of items based on the game's circumstances. She can opt for damage items like Desolator or utility choices such as Blade Mail or Black King Bar. This adaptability allows her to tailor her item build to counter the enemy's lineup or to complement her team's strategy.
  • With her high damage output and the ability to quickly clear waves, Legion Commander can apply pressure in multiple lanes. This split-push threat forces the enemy team to respond, creating space and opportunities for her team to take objectives and control the map.


1. Pudge

The hulking butcher with an insatiable hunger for flesh, wields his iconic hook to reel in unsuspecting victims and dismember them with his rotting presence.

What makes Pudge Most Picked:

Pudge's Meat Hook is a game-changer. Skilled Pudge players can land hooks that initiate fights by pulling enemy heroes towards them. This catch can quickly turn the tide of battle and provide opportunities for his team to secure crucial kills.

  • Pudge's Meat Hook is a game-changer. Skilled Pudge players can land hooks that initiate fights by pulling enemy heroes towards them. This catch can quickly turn the tide of battle and provide opportunities for his team to secure crucial kills.
  • Pudge's roaming potential in the early game can set the pace for his team by securing kills and creating space for his allies. As the game progresses, his durability and initiation capabilities remain relevant, allowing him to maintain his impact in team fights and pickoffs.
  • Pudge excels at punishing enemies who are out of position. His Meat Hook can catch heroes off guard, isolating them from their team and making them easy targets for elimination. This ability to punish positional mistakes gives Pudge a strong advantage in engagements.


In conclusion, We hope this list of the top 15 most picked heroes in Dota 2 has inspired you to explore new strategies and expand your hero pool. Remember, each hero offers a unique playstyle and brings something valuable to the team. Embrace the excitement of drafting, sharpen your skills, and communicate effectively with your teammates. As you continue your Dota 2 journey, remember to stay positive, learn from both victories and defeats, and never stop improving. The world of Dota 2 is vast and ever-evolving, so keep exploring, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Good luck, have fun, and may your battles be legendary!


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