Dota 2 How To Trade Item

How To Trade Item

Trading is a fun activity in the game that allows you to swap items with your friends or a stranger, by items it can be a cosmetic or an inventory item.

Some items are not tradeable and it is written on them on the bottom side of an item’s description, items which are not tradeable can be purchased from the dota 2 store or the steam market.

You can send a trade request to your friend for a certain item, or you can trade in real time. You can do this by right clicking on that person’s steam profile and sending a trade request then selecting the item from their inventory and yours also so they can get something in return as well.

How it works:

  • Right click on your friend’s steam profile and click on trade.
  • In the newly opened window select the item from their inventory you want, also give them an item that is equal in price/value.

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