[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Heroes Against Puck

Puck counters
Puck! The Faerie Dragon!

Flamboyance and skill go hand to hand when it comes to Puck. While being a relatively weak laner, Puck can outperform his foes due to the amazing skillset and catch potential. Being a menace in the laning phase also translates into insane late-game potential.

You may be tired of seeing this hero make your allies rage quit. Worry no more! We have the best counters listed below who can melt Puck and ensure he does not get a single spell off! 


10. Necrophos

The toxic mage can sustain himself against the most lethal of foes, this includes Puck as well. Necrophos can withstand heavy damage because he can heal himself and his allies, Ghost Shroud also takes away the physical damage from the attacks along with amplifying health regen, which is excellent if you have the Magic Wand or Holy Locket! 

The lockdown from Reaper’s Scythe allows your team to follow up and confirm the kill, which is underestimated in the later stages of the game!

Why is Necrophos Great against Puck? 

  • Reaper’s Scythe locks Puck down and eliminates him from the game for a long duration
  • Constant harassment and magic damage are healed with Death Pulse, offering lane sustainability and damage.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Force Staff
  • Holy Locket

Necrophos Highlights


9. Riki

This silent assassin is quite slippery! He is known to be quick and agile, he is not to be seen at all times! Riki has something that Puck players hate a lot, Silence! This ensures Puck plays safe and does not go for any risky plays, making him lack behind in terms of the farm. Riki does not farm quickly due to lack of AoE damage and is generally said to be more kill reliant, which is a blessing in disguise if he keeps on ganking the Puck!

Why is Riki Great against Puck? 

  • Smoke Screen prevents Puck from jaunting in or using his abilities throughout team fights.
  • Lethal physical damage combined with the silence leaves no room for Puck to escape.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard
  • Abyssal Blade
  • Black King Bar
  • Diffusal Blade

Riki Highlights


8. Templar Assassin 

The guardian of the temple’s secrets is a lethal force to be reckoned with! Templar Assassin deals some heavy damage while taking barely any in return if she has the Refraction shield on! Laning versus a Puck is quite the task for TA as she has a very short attack range, making it easy for Puck to spam spells and deny her the farm. Most experienced TA players occasionally disappear into the jungle to stack and farm as soon as they have the levels and farm. 

Why is TA Great against Puck? 

  • None of Puck's abilities have any damage-over-time components, meaning that Refraction is a valuable form of defense against Puck's lane harassment.
  • Psi Blades deals pure damage and spills over instantly. 
  • Puck cannot reliably dodge the damage with Phase Shift.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Force Staff
  • Eul’s Scepter

Templar Assassin Highlights


7. Jakiro 

The twin-headed dragon has ravaged wars with the balance of his cold-blooded vengeance and scorching wrath! Mostly played in the safe lane or in the off-lane, there is not much interaction with Puck in the early game, but the mid and late game can be easily controlled by Jakiro as he deals immense magic damage with decent lockdowns. Puck is said to be squishy which means all you need as a Jakiro is a Veil of Discord and Rod of Atos to get the job done!

Why is Jakiro Great against Puck? 

  • Jakiro has 3 damage over time spells, 2 of which are from debuffs on Puck ( Dual Breath and Liquid Fire) and 1 affecting an entire area ( Macropyre), making it easy for him to disable the blink dagger.
  • Ice Path is also strong against Puck, as he can cast it towards Puck during Phase Shift, who then gets instantly stunned once Phase Shift ends.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Veil of Discord
  • Rod of Atos
  • Force Staff

Jakiro Highlights


6. Lion

Lion quite literally makes Puck’s life hell, as all his skills ensure nothing but pain and disable for him!. Known for being a master at disabling heroes, Puck stands no chance against this treacherous witch mage. A long-range stun is followed by a spell that turns you into a frog while you see your mana getting drained, and to top it all, you get burst down with the finger!

Why is Lion Great against Puck? 

  • Multiple disables prevent Puck from initiating versus Lion.
  • High magical burst damage potential that scales with stacks.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Blink Dagger
  • Aghanim’s Shard
  • Force Staff
  • Aether Lens

Lion Highlights


5. Silencer

If there is one aspect that counters Puck the most, then it has to be silence. And well, Silencer… you know it’s kind of self-explanatory. Having spells that silence or prevent from using any items makes him very powerful against Puck. The best part is that laning is not fun for Puck against a Silencer, frequent right-click damage, low CD spells shove him out of the lane! Global Silence disables all the power Puck has and renders him useless! 

Why is Silencer Great against Puck? 

  • Puck fully relies on their skill set and is barely a threat when silenced.
  • Arcane Curse disables Blink Dagger for quite some time and is also effective against Puck as it tends to use its spells a lot.
  • Global Silence can take Puck out of fights entirely.
  • Exceptional talent tree that scales well with items and levels.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Hurricane Pike
  • Refresher’s Orb

Silencer Highlights


4. Nightstalker

This nefarious stalker hunts for his enemies throughout the night, as dawn approaches his powers to get weaker but he still holds the power to rip his enemies apart! Puck can’t contest Nightstalker because he is frankly powerless against him, courtesy of the Silence. Nightstalker may be a slow farmer but as soon as he hits level 6, he can rotate towards other lanes to secure kills and gold. Blink Dagger and Nullifier turn Puck into a useless ranged creep.

Why is Nightstalker Great against Puck? 

  • Void is a potent nuke that is devastating to Puck's low health pool.
  • Crippling Fear silence can prevent Puck from casting spells, leaving it vulnerable.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Blink Dagger
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Nullifier
  • Black King Bar

Nightstalker Highlights


3. Faceless Void

Time and time again, we see heroes getting nerfed into oblivion but when was the last time you saw Faceless Void getting nerfed? Laning against the annoying Puck may be tough due to the constant magic harass but if you buy enough regen you’ll be fine! FV can utterly dominate the game if he can land a great Chrono on Puck! Team synergy and follow-up is essential in the early game as he can’t deal heavy damage right off the bat! 

Why is Faceless Void Great against Puck? 

  • If not silenced, Time Walk can easily undo the damage dealt by Illusory Orb, Dream Coil, and Dagon.
  • Hard lockdowns such as Chronosphere can end a Puck's life quickly. A Puck stunned for longer than 3 seconds usually ends up dead.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Refresher’s Orb
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Monkey King Bar
  • Black King Bar

Faceless Void Highlights


2. Arc Warden

Zet, the Arc Warden knows no bounds, his foes know no ways of countering him, as there are often two of him! Known to deal massive damage right off the bat, Arc secures the laning phase versus the Puck. He is also a quick farmer, as he can just duplicate and make his clone push out the lane while he farms the jungle! Late game Arc Warden can disable and obliterate Puck within a few hits!

Why is Arc Warden Great against Puck? 

Arc Warden can turn Puck's Phase Shift ability against him by using Spark Wraith, ensuring it to hit. To make this worse, Arc Warden can do it twice with his Tempest Double.

Flux is also an instant spell (and therefore unavoidable) with a heavy slow and damage over time, which disables Blink Dagger for a certain period of time.

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Bloodthorn
  • Ethereal Blade
  • Daedalus

Arc Warden Highlights


1. Nyx Assassin

Despised with pleasure by Puck players. Nyx Assassin is known to be one of the most annoying heroes in the game, regardless of the patch, he is the most relevant support in the game. Especially against a high INT and damage hero like Puck, Nyx can do wonders with his powerful toolkit. One Spiked Carapace is enough to lock him down, and the best part is that it does not break invisibility from your ultimate! 

Why is Nyx Assassin Great against Puck? 

  • Nyx Assassin can take advantage of every one of Puck's weaknesses. His entire skillset is very effective in countering Puck.
  • Because Illusory Orb is such a slow-moving projectile, Nyx Assassin can simply walk into the orb and activate Spiked Carapace, stunning Puck, and setting up an easy Impale. 
  • An ill-timed Phase Shift can turn into an easy setup for Impale

Items to Buy Against Puck

  • Eul’s Scepter
  • Dagon
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Aghanim’s Scepter

Nyx Assassin Highlights

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