[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Attack Speed Items

Dota 2 Best Attack Speed Items
It's not just about how hard you hit them, it's about how quickly you do it.

Clicking 10 times in 5 seconds won’t work as great as getting 10 hits in 2 seconds.

    If you understand what that means, you understand that clicking won’t increase your attack speed, attack speed increases attack speed, which is why we’ve listed down some of the best attack speed items that can help you get an advantage in the heat of battle.

10 - Gloves of Haste

Awesome magical gloves that let you attack faster. (Early game)

    Most new players live under the impression where these low-tier items do not make much of an impact. That thought quickly melts away once your opponent is doing better than you in the lane, and all you’re helping with is boosting his self-confidence as you miss almost every last hit due to slower attack speed. So if you’re starting off with the dream of right-clicking your way to victory, focus your start on items that increase your attack speed, like these gloves.

What makes Gloves of Haste Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • They’re really cheap! And the go-to item to get to immediately mini-boost your attack speed early game.
  • It can be used to craft extremely important early game ‘attack speed’ items.
  • It can be used to craft ‘Hand of Midas’ - this item provides more attack speed (+40) and bonus XP when used to kill a non-hero target. (1.85x) 
  • Your basic item to focus on if you’re rushing for early ‘Power Treads.’
  • It can be used to craft the ‘Armlet of Mordiggian’ which provides an insane boost to strength, damage, armor and attack speed, but at the cost of 54hp/second. (I’ve never really liked the Armlet because of it’s overtime ‘ouch’ factor, but if you can make it work, yay for you.)

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +20 Attack Speed
  • Total cost is 400 gold

9 - The Hand of Midas

All (creeps & neutrals) that you touch (After some time) turns into gold and extra XP!

    An often underestimated investment, the Hand of Midas is an item that most people only look at as an item for extra gold. However, it also provides +35 attack speed, and let’s not forget that juicy bonus XP!

What makes the Hand of Midas Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • It’ll help you get last-hits more effectively in the lane, or in the jungle.
  • Every confirmed last-hit will deliver WAY much more gold & XP.
  • If you decide to farm in the jungle, you’ll probably enter in as a cub and come out a lion in under 10 minutes.
  • It can be used throughout the game, keeping your coffers full and your items more advanced.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +40 Attack Speed
  • Kills a non-hero target for 160 gold
  • Gives you 1.85x bonus XP
  • Reset timer is 90 seconds
  • Total Cost is 2250 gold

8 - Armlet of Mordiggian

A great increase in attack speed, but at a cost. Can you handle that?

     One of the most difficult items to master, the Armlet of Mordiggian has been the center of ‘Dota 2’s Meme’ world for a long time. An expert Armlet ‘omelet’ user will practically be unkillable early game in 1-on-1 encounters (sometimes more). Even more so, the pale purple light that highlights a hero on being activated, has real-life fear traits that will affect those players who know just how powerful this item really is. The second they’ll see you glowin’, they’ll be rollin’ far away from you.

What makes the Armlet of Mordiggian Awesome  (As of patch 7.23)

  • Adds a cool ‘purple-ish’ highlight to your hero on being activated.
  • Your opponents will see this ‘highlight’ and will automatically assume you’re unkillable and will also most likely avoid engaging you unless you prove otherwise. 
  • Can be switched on & off to keep adding +25 strength (more hit points) for pro-like survival skills in a fight.
  • It provides a bunch of extra benefits to your stats.

Item details  (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +9 Damage (+31 when active)
  • Provides +25 Attack Speed
  • Provides +5 Armor (+4 when active)
  • Provides +5 HP Regeneration
  • Provides +25 Strength (When active)
  • Depletes 54 hit points/second (cannot die from the item)
  • Total cost is 2380 gold

7 - Mask of Madness

Pure madness will take over once you activate this & it's nothing compared to 'The Mask'.

   During the good old days, this item used to be a symbol of ‘crazy’, with its bright red highlight on activation. However, now, using this item depicts ‘super crazy’! as it ‘mutes or silences’ all your other skills, all while taking extra damage at the same time. But at the tide-turning cost of 100 Attack Speed. So, hero choice is very important to go well with this item.

What makes the Mask of Madness Awesome  (As of patch 7.23)

  • Has passive life-steal, so if you’re low on health, just jungle for a couple of minutes. (In a warded jungle, of course.)
  • It works exceedingly well on heroes that need to simply focus on right-clicking once activated, like Faceless Void (in his Chrono), Ursa, Slardar, etc.
  • Grants an insane amount of Attack Speed bonus.
  • It is relatively cheaper to buy, and if you really REALLY practiced getting those last hits right, you should have it by 6-7 minutes.
  • Enemy heroes usually run the opposite direction once they see you charging - bright red - with the mask activated. (Won’t work against experienced players, but sure does on newcomers that know of its existence.)

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +10 Damage
  • Provides +10 Attack Speed (+110 when active)
  • Provides +30 Movement Speed (When active)
  • Reduces Armor by 8 (When active)
  • Duration - 6 seconds
  • Total cost is 1775 gold
  • Mana cost is 25
  • Reset timer is 16 seconds

6 - Echo Sabre

A sturdy weapon that lets you strike twice in quick succession.

    A mid-game item that can make you unbeatable in 1-on-1 melee combat depending on which hero you choose. For example, get this item on a Slardar or the Monkey King, and you’ll be invincible against almost all melee heroes.

What makes the Echo Sabre Awesome  (As of patch 7.23)

  • Each ‘double attack’ slows the target unit by 100% for 0.8 seconds.
  • Makes heroes like Slardar, Monkey King, Ursa, Kunkka, etc. a tad bit scary. (As if they already weren’t scary enough.)
  • Ranged heroes were warned back in the years of ‘Warcraft 3’ to be wary of such an item. (No, don’t search for this lore, it’s a joke.)
  • Adds a lot to your stats, making for an all-round stronger hero.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +10 Intelligence
  • Provides +12 Strength
  • Provides +10 Attack Speed
  • Provides +15 Damage
  • Provides +1.25 Mana Regeneration
  • Applies 100% Slow for 0.8 seconds on each double strike.
  • Echo Strike reset timer is 5 seconds
  • It is a passive (timed) item.
  • Total cost is 2575 gold

5 - Silver Edge

Get the edge, with extra damage and an invisible surprise - you.

    A rather mid-to-late game item, the silver edge can really give you Dota ninjas ‘the edge’ in battle. Claimed to be made for those who wanted to give Rikki and Bounty Hunter a taste of their own medicine, this item works great if your hero excels at 1v1 combat. Like Ursa, Slardar, Drow Ranger, Legion Commander, etc.

What makes the Silver Edge Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • INVISIBILITY! Who doesn’t love sneaking up? Especially when the other team has weak support heroes that just won’t bother buying sentry wards.
  • It gives an insane boost to all other attributes, all while giving extra attack speed & bonus damage at the same time.
  • You move faster when you’re invisible.
  • Breaking your invisibility by attacking, grants bonus damage.
  • Best used for ‘surprise attacks’ in the enemy jungle.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +36 Damage
  • Provides +30 Attack Speed
  • Provides +15 All Attributes
  • Grants Invisibility for 14 seconds
  • Grants +25% movement speed when active & you’re invisible
  • Bonus 175 damage on target hero if you attack while you’re invisible
  • Disables passive abilities for 4 seconds if you attack while you’re invisible
  • Total cost is 5550 gold
  • Mana cost is 75
  • Reset Timer is 22 seconds

4 - Butterfly

Not only will you hit faster, but you'll also be harder to hit.

    An item donned by most late-game heroes, the butterfly is a weapon that almost always forces an item-change on your opponents, even if it is an easy mid-game phase; from the moment enemies notice the ‘Talisman of Evasion’ or the ‘Eaglesong’ in your inventory, rest assured, someone’s going to max up on magic or simply go for an MKB (Monkey King Bar).

What makes the Butterfly Awesome  (As of patch 7.23)

  • Massive boost to core attributes for agility based heroes.
  • Evasion helps you last longer in battle without losing much health. (Doesn’t work against magic.)
  • Evasion can be stacked, however, it will diminish other evasion stats.
  • Will throw your opponents into temporary disarray as they decide who’s going to be the one to take you on.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +35 Agility
  • Provides +25 Damage
  • Provides +35% Evasion
  • Provides +30 Attack Speed
  • Is a Passive Item
  • Total cost is 5475 gold

3 - Hyperstone

Owning this artifact (item) does make you attack like you're super hyper. Fast & unforgiving.

    Imagine a simple base ingredient-item so powerful, players don’t mind having it instead of the main item, simply because the bonus it provides is still very massive. This mid-to-late game item, partnered up with special attack items like the desolator, makes any and almost every hero, fierce and powerful.

What makes the Hyperstone Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Massive Attack Speed Boost
  • Relatively Cheaper than its Main Items
  • 2 Hyperstones make a Moon Shard, which can be stacked.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +55 Attack Speed
  • Total cost is 2000 gold

2 - Mjollnir

The weapon of the Gods, sent down to Dota mortals to quickly dispatch enemies and their illusions.

    Similar to the famed weapon of Thor himself, but in the realm of Warcraft - Mjollnir has special ‘lightning’ abilities, that make it a worthy weapon when dealing with scores of enemies all crowded up in close quarters. Like waves of enemy creeps or even Phantom Lancer’s illusions. 

What makes the Mjollnir Awesome (As of patch 7.23)

  • Epic Attack Speed along with good damage.
  • 25% chance (passive) to release a lightning bolt that jumps between 12 targets, once each, within a 900 radius, dealing 170 magical damage to each.
  • Its passive lightning attack pierces through evasion.
  • Active mode places a charged shield on the friendly target for 15 seconds, granting it a 20% chance to release magical damage of 200, to a nearby attacker and 4 additional nearby enemies.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Provides +24 Damage
  • Provides +75 Attack Speed
  • Active - Static Charge - lasts 15 seconds, with a 20% chance to release lighting to cause 200 magical damage a nearby attacker and 4 additional nearby enemies.
  • Active - Static Charge - - Range 800
  • Active - Static Charge (Mana cost is 50, Reset timer is 35)
  • Passive - Chain Lightning - 25% chance to release a lightning bolt dealing 170 damage to 12 heroes in a range of 900.
  • Pierces Evasion (Magic Lightning Only)
  • Total cost is 5600 gold

1 - Moon Shard

The most beautiful (stackable) item to sky-rocket your attack speed.

    The perfect Valentine's gift to an agility based hero & the monster amongst all other Attack Speed Items. The Moon Shard is a terror-inducing item that makes right-click heroes a prophet of truly nightmarish attack speed by stacking it in one’s inventory, but most times, even one is more than enough.

What makes the Moon Shard Awesome  (As of patch 7.23)

  • Terrifyingly High - Attack Speed Bonus
  • It can be consumed for partial Attack Speed Bonus, and you can continue to buy another Moon Shard, for additional Attack Speed Bonus.
  • Makes your hero look like an in-game demonic entity with crazy attack speed.

Item details  (As of patch 7.23)

  • This is a Passive Item
  • Can only be consumed once
  • Provides a Monstrous +140 Attack Speed
  • Grants 400 bonus night vision
  • It can be consumed to permanently grant +60 Attack Speed and 200 bonus night vision.
  • Total cost is 4000 gold

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