DOTA 2: How To Skip Intro

Dota 2 skip intro

DOTA 2 doesn’t waste time. Right when you launch the game, you see an intense Intro clip with tons of action and cool graphics. But when you’ve put hundreds - or even thousands - of hours into the game, the intro can get annoying. You just wanna skip to the real action.

So here’s how you can skip the intro in DOTA 2.

Step 1: Open Steam Library

Launch steam and click the Library tab. You can find it near the top of the window, sitting beside the Store and Community tabs.

In the Library tab, you should see a list of all your Steam games on your left.

Step 2: Open Game Properties

Find and click DOTA 2 in the left column of games. Here, you can proceed in two ways.

You can click the little Gear Icon at the far right of the DOTA 2 menu that opens once you click the game’s name. You can find it next to three other buttons and above “Friends who play”.

The other way is to simply right-click DOTA 2 in the list of games. This should open a small context menu with Properties written at the bottom.

Click that, and you should see a new window open up.

Step 3: Set Launch Command

The Game Properties menu has a bunch of sections. We’re interested in the one named  General.

The General section has a heading labeled “Launch Options”. Here, you can type commands to alter the game’s settings. Sort of like a Command Prompt for the game.

In Launch Options, type the command “-novid” exactly like this.

That’s it. You can close the Properties window now.

If you’re still confused, maybe consider this video tutorial.

The next time you launch DOTA 2, you’ll jump right into the main menu. 

No need for any intro, you’re all the action the game needs.

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