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Announcers are essentially the narrators of the game, you probably heard them in dota 2 videos announcing killing sprees for certain heroes that are dominating the game. Announcers make dire situations feel like fun and witty with clever dialogues at their disposal they are a great addition to have during your games. They range from voices you have probably heard in other games and tv shows to the literal heroes of the game, a wide variety of voices to keep the fun going all day long.

These are some of the best Announcers you should hear to while playing:


10) Trine

Trine announcer comes from the trine series of games, it is the voice of the narrator of these games. During certain situations and story moments you can hear this narrator in trine, however in dota 2 with his magical voice this narrator introduces the magical and fairytale vibe of Trine series to dota 2. With a heavy voice and distinct style this is one of the best announcers to get. Fun and easy going vibe help those rage inducing moments to feel a bit less.

Voiced by Terry Wilton.

You can get this announcer by purchasing the trine announcer pack from the store.


9) Pyrion Flax

This Announcer comes from a guy named pyrion flax, he is one of the oldest dota 2 content creators with a very distinct voice. His content mainly consists of guides and such. He hosted the international 2019 and many other dota 2 competitions, he is known in the dota 2 community as the man of the iron stare. His announcer gives funny and scolding remarks in the game making it more enjoyable.

Voiced by Pyrion Flax.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing the Pyrion Flax Announcer pack from the store:

8) Deus Ex Announcer

This Announcer comes from the voice of the main character from the series of Deus Ex games. He has a very heavy voice with very professional sounding pronunciations. Such Authoritative voice making sounds like he would never in his own game is a fun and rare occasion.

Voiced by Elias Toufexis.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing it from the store:

7) Stanley parable

This Announcer comes from a simulation game called The Stanley Parable, it is an interactive drama driven game with a narrator that has a storyteller voice allowing you to connect with him throughout the game. Such storytelling vibe helps you in those intense and heartbreaking moments in the game when you are getting wrecked from left and right but suddenly a ray of hope comes through.

Voiced by Kevan Brighting.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing it from the store:

6) Darkest Dungeon

This Announcer comes from the famous indie game Darkest Dungeon that is tough as bricks like dark souls but it is a turned based roguelike game with incredible story and challenging combat, the greatness of this game is further increased by its incredible narrator, that has this rich dark voice perfect for game like darkest dungeon. Dota 2 certainly has those dark vibes with ever changing games not knowing who is gonna win. This announcer is perfect for such situations, with clever and intense dialogues it is a great one.

Voiced by Wayne June.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing it from the store:

5) Axe Announcer

Dota 2 not only have announcers from other games and tv shows but its own heroes also tried at becoming such announcer from crystal maiden to meepo, lina to axe, these heroes with harsh and stupid dialogues specially axe makes the game fun and enjoyable, whereas with normal announcer you would play it with a straight face, these anouncer make you chuckle a couple of times during the game. Heroes who are announcers not only have their normal dialogues, there are newly recorded ones as well, so you can hear your favourite hero in a new light.

Voiced by Jon St.John.


4) GLaDOS Announcer

This Announcer comes from Portal 2’s Antagonist Glados, the Ai female. Probably one of the best valve game including dota 2, they manage to make that scolding and harsh programming Ai an announcer for dota 2, Glados is a bad girl with dialogues that would constantly make fun of you, your team or the enemy throughout the game, but that is what makes it fun and enticing as the default announcer doesn't have any of those features. Use this announcer if you want to be scolded for your mistakes.

Voiced by Ellen McLain.

You can get this announcer by purchasing it from a lot of listings on steam marker:


3) Fallout 4 Announcer

This Announcer comes from a series of games called Fallout, made by BETHESDA, these games are known for their character relationship and story arcs with complicated quests that are worth your time, the end result of most quests is unexpected. This Announcer has the voice of Codsworth from Fallout 4, he is a robot and your companion throughout the game. With witty and clever dialogues this announcer is a treat to listen to, and if you have played Fallout 4 already it is an emotional one as well.

Voiced by Stephen Russell.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing it from steam market:


2) Bastion

This Announcer comes from a game called Bastion, it is the voice of the Narrator of the game, Bastion has one of the most iconic voices in the gaming industry, with a distinct accent and style you will never forget him. His remarks in dota 2 are stylish and unforgiving, giving you the reality of the game when necessary. It is also one of the most popular announcers to have, almost in every game someone has this announcer. You can equip it from the shared tab in the game.

Voiced by Logan Cunningham.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing it from the store:

1) Rick and Morty Announcer

Rick and Morty, You must have heard about this show either from your friends or your family. People won’t shut up about this series and that is for a good reason because it is freaking amazing and beautiful, with convoluted and complicated stories and episodic style with an overall story progression this tv show is the best one for sci-fi and time travelling fans. Rick and morty wouldn't be a show without their voice actors doing an amazing job, making rick and morty a staple in the tv scene. Dota 2 does not let good shit like this slip away from its grasp. With hands down the best clever and witty dialogues this announcer has it can be considered the best one.

Voiced by Justin Roiland & Maurice LaMarche.

You can get this Announcer by purchasing it from steam market:



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These are the best Dota 2 Announcer that sounds awesome! Let us know which one of these do you use in the comments below!


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