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Dota is one of the few games which have exciting updates and mechanics added ever so frequently. Announcers are the automated notifications that players get so they are alerted of events happening across the map. When first blood is drawn or when Roshan is slain or even when you wreck the entire enemy team, the announcers announce it. There is of course the default announcer pack, which does the job, but if you want to add spice to the game then there are various announcers that are both entertaining and informative.

We rank the Best 10 Announcers in the game which can add the much-needed flair to your rather monotonous pub games. Even if you do not own these announcers, you can still equip them in-game if your allies or enemies have them! 

10. Death Prophet Announcer 

Nothing beats the classic Death Prophet announcer pack. If you are a veteran player, then you may have this pack lying in your inventory somewhere. The DP announcer pack was one of the first announcer packs which was based on a hero from the game. Essentially, it paved the way for other hero announcer packs. It is nothing from the ordinary but has the eerie Death Prophet voice which can fill you with dread and boost up your adrenaline when you hear “Welcome to Dota” in her voice. Ever since its addition to the game in 2012, it still is one of the fan favorites due to the nostalgic value it holds.


9. Meepo Announcer Pack

What is better than one announcer? Multiple announcers! Meepo announcer pack is one of those announcer packs that rank high in quality due to the balance of comedic quips and well-written announcer lines. The “Alright! Everybody’s dead!....Let’s get to lootin!” line when every hero on the map is dead, never fails to crack one up or the “Dear Diary, today I watched a bunch of dumbos wanders around doing nothin'…” manages to elicit the same response from the player. There are also these special lines when certain rivals or friendly heroes are picked. We can never get enough of the hilarious yet complex hero and his equally hilarious voice lines. 


8. Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack

Over the years, Dota has had announcer packs based on heroes, other games, and other entities related to the game. Adding a creator’s voice pack was a pathbreaking move as it gave a positive message back to the community that Valve values the strong community that the game has amassed over the years. Pyrion Flax is a YouTube Dota content creator and panelist who is known for making humorous poorly animated videos based on the game. The Pyrion Flax announcer, just like his videos, is extremely sarcastic in his announcements and has various lines that will make your stomach hurt with all the laughing. 

7. Crystal Maiden Announcer Pack

There are so many of these scary-sounding announcers which may bore you to death or scare the living daylights out of you with their eerie voices. Crystal Maiden announcer breathes fresh air into the game with her adorable voice which encourages you to do better in the game. Crystal Maiden’s sweet voice puts some color in your gameplay, and it is the least that she could do! Just like other hero announcers, Crystal Maiden also has certain hero-specific voice lines which add extra spice to the game when those heroes are picked. Watch out for the announcer line when Lina is picked.

6. The Stanley Parable Announcer Pack

The Stanley Parable is one of the most famous games on Steam. The extremely funny game makes one question their existence and choices, yet manages to stay highly entertaining. Adding the announcer of Stanley Parable to Dota was a great deal to all the fans of both games. The announcer retains the same sarcastic tone and manages to make even the players of the losing team chuckle in a crucial moment. Whenever Dota collaborates with a different game, the result turns out to be amazing, as The Stanley Parable announcer is evidence of that. 


5. Bastion Announcer Pack

Bastion, the famed RPG game took the world by storm when it was released back in 2011. The rich legacy of the game and its sheer popularity as well, made Valve add an announcer pack for it. The narration of the game, as well as the narration of the announcer pack, was beautifully voiced by the talented Logan Cunningham who does justice to both of these versions. The announcer pack is highly monotonous and may sound like the announcer is bored of your wacky gameplay, but the quips keep on coming and spice up the game when you get a few kills or when the game is about to begin. “Welcome to Doter” is such an unapologetically comedic line that highlights how little the narrator cares about the game, yet is highly enthusiastic when there is action in the game.


4. Rick and Morty Announcer Pack

No one expected this epic crossover! The highly famed adult animated series Rick and Morty are now a part of Dota. The announcer pack includes hilarious comedic quips by the duo, as they are entertaining as ever, just like they are in the show. The “Remember if you Die in Dota, you die for real!” line just as the game is about to start is a hilarious way to prepare someone for this announcer pack. You will hear unexpected references to the show that only some hardcore fans may understand. But, you don’t need to be a diehard fan to have this announcer pack as it is available on the Steam Market! 


3. GLaDOS Announcer 

It is not the first time that Valve has referenced one of their games in Dota. There are various hero lines or items which are inspired by other Dota games. That is one thing, but having an entire Portal pack with a HUD and a GLaDOS announcer is something else. The fan service is off the roof! This is a treat if you are a Portal fan, the monotonous yet thoroughly funny GLaDOS will be a delight for you. With the rise of AI, the GLaDOS is highly relevant now with its monotonous quips and announcements. If you’re a diehard Valve fan, then this is a must-have item in your inventory. 

2. Kunkka and Tidehunter Announcer 

The fiercest of warriors, both feigning blood and revenge are now coupled together to cast your Dota game. You read it right, there is a Kunkka and Tidehunter announcer pack where they announce everything from multi-kills, Roshan kill, and even the winner of the game. That doesn’t go without them taking jabs at each other and adding that much-needed spice that everyone loves. There are comedic quips that they have when you pick certain sea-related heroes like Slardar or Naga Siren. Despite being absolutely against what the other stands for, they surprisingly have excellent chemistry and are often unknowingly funny.

1. Gabe Newell Announcer (Mega Kills only)

What can be better than having the creator of both Valve and Dota bless your games with his incredible voice? Gabe Newell’s Announcer pack takes the game by rage as you can have him celebrate your multi-kills. Can you imagine Gabe in his monotonous voice announcing everything from the first blood to even talking about his favorite hero? This announcer pack breathed life back into the game as players returned to be congratulated by GabeN whenever they achieved kills. No matter what game you compare it to, Dota by far, has the best fan service. 

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