[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Tank Items

Dota 2 Best Tank Items
Don't die for your team, let the opponent die for his. Get stronger.

Staying alive is done in two ways. You run away, or you become invincible during team-fights.

    In order to achieve the latter, which is more important in a battle, you need the right set of items. Here we’ll list down items that’ll make your hero, sturdier and stronger to stand the perils of almost every fight you could come across. Unless of course, they come up with a hero that messes up the balance and completely ignores hitpoints to kill a hero.

10. Gauntlets of Strength

Great way to increase early-game hitpoints.

    Want to start strong? Be strong. Increase your early game survivability and add some HP to your hero with these brutal early-game gloves. One look at it and you’ll probably say to yourself, ‘’ meh, it doesn’t really bring much to the table.’’ But we implore you to give it a shot. 2 of these bad boys will get you strength as much as the `Belt of Strength`, but at a cheaper price, and much earlier in your match. Pair these up with a tango and iron branches for a really tough early-lane presence.

What makes Gauntlets of Strength Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Can buy 2 for added strength early game.
  • Cheap price.
  • It can be upgraded to a soul ring post 4-5 minutes for HP regen + mana boost.
  • The second your opponent sees it, they’ll know you’ll be tougher to take down.

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +3 Strength
  • Costs 145 Gold

9. Power Treads

Power Treads (Tread boots) for basic early-game adaptability and survivability.

    Keep tapping the activate button and the color change will take you back to shoes you probably had in your childhood. If not, it’s never too late to get them now :D.
    Moving on, always treat this as a core item for any hero whose stats you’ll be juggling with. As these little multi-purpose beauties can give 3 distinct bonuses depending on which ability is needed, all it needs is a simple activation. From getting that extra HP outta nowhere, to a surprise magic attack from a sudden mana boost or even an increase in agility. These boots help you get a better grip during the early phase of the game. Master how to use it and your opponents will tread with caution.

What makes Power Treads Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Bonus for 3 different traits - Strength - Mana - Agility.
  • Makes your character extremely adaptable and durable in team fights.
  • The only boots that change color, so far.
  • Gives extra movement and attack speed apart from the bonus trait points when activated.

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +10 Strength (when activated - color red)
  • Provides +10 Intelligence (when activated - colour blue)
  • Provides +10 Agility (when activated - color green)
  • Provides 15% Movement Speed
  • Provides +25 Attack Speed 
  • Total Cost is 1350 Gold

8. Crimson Guard

Stay stronger during team-fights with this.

    An ‘early to mid-range’ item that heavy-duty tanks sometimes prefer to invest in. Not only does this item provide added HP regeneration & armor, but it also provides an AoE bonus for any teammate within the radius, thus making allied heroes much more difficult to kill. The benefits of this armor are lost towards the late-game and should be replaced by something better, like Shiva’s Guard or an Assault Cuirass.

What makes Crimson Guard Awesome (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • A ton of attribute bonuses.
  • Big on armor & HP regeneration.
  • It has an active & passive mode, both of which block enemy attacks up to 70.
  • It is relatively cheaper since it has to be purchased in parts.

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Provides +250 Health
  • Provides +10.5 HP Regeneration
  • Provides +6 Armor
  • Provides +3 All Attributes
  • Can be activated to give heroes an added form of protection for 12 seconds
  • within a radius of 1200
  • Chance to block 100% damage up to 60 when activated and 50% block damage up to 70 when it isn’t activated
  • Only one crimson guard can be used at a time for the heroes for up to 46 seconds. (Bonus won’t stack, but time can be overlapped.)
  • Bonuses won’t be stacked.
  • The reset timer is also 46 seconds.
  • Total Gold Cost - 3800

7. Shiva’s Guard

A great item for personal armor and slowing down the enemy.

    On being activated, this item will literally send chills down the spines of your opponents. One simple tap and the ‘chill & cool’ ice tsunami will expand around you and probably push back attackers. Such is the power of Shiva’s Guard. It is an important item that provides more than just protection, it also provides a magic attack.
    Choosing between this and the Cuirass was a tough choice, however, on studying a bit more, Shiva’s Guard does a better job to push enemies back. Simply because people are more likely to fear what they see.

What makes Shiva’s Guard Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Apart from providing high-level armor, it also deals with a good amount of magic damage.
  • Enemies that attack have their attack speed reduced.
  • Makes any hero seem hefty, bulky and strong.

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +30 Intelligence
  • Provides +15 Armor
  • Active Reset Time is 30 seconds
  • Total Mana Cost is Around 100
  • Total Cost of the unit is 4750

6. Linken’s Sphere

Great for when you're not in the mood to be targeted first.

    Getting this beautiful blue crystal ball into your inventory will ensure that enemy troops will no longer target you first in a team fight, even if they do, they’ll be wasting a skill on nothing apart from deactivating your protection and when they do, they’ll still have a tough time getting through to your armor and regen points, giving everyone else plenty of time.    

What makes Linken’s Sphere Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Blocks multiple spells completely. (One at a time though.)
  • Immediately makes you more tanky and durable.
  • Gives great bonuses for all attributes.
  • Spell block is a passive skill after every interval. (That’s one less thing to worry about in a fight.)

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +14 of Every Attribute
  • Provides +7 HP Regeneration
  • Provides +5 Mana Regeneration
  • Spellblock has a cooldown of 12 seconds
  • Spellblock can be transferred to an allied unit.
  • Total Cost is 5050 Gold

5. Black King Bar

The greatest protection from all kinds of magic.

    One of the most powerful magic-defense items in-game. The Black King Bar is a go-to item for any hero that’s particularly weak against magic. On activation, this item forces people to rely on their brute attack damage and damage per second to inflict maximum damage. This is a very important late-game item and should very rarely be omitted, especially if you’re a tank. This increases survivability by at least 5 seconds more.

What makes Black King Bar Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Complete immunity against magic spells.
  • Enemy magic heroes will dislike you a lot.
  • Provides extra stats apart from magic protection.

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +10 Strength
  • Provides +24 Damage
  • Duration Reduces After Every Use from 10 seconds to 9/8/7/6/5
  • Reset Timer is 70 Seconds
  • Total Cost is 4050 Gold

4. Aeon Disk

Best used on soft-heroes. This will give you a second chance.

     This little beauty was added to Dota not too long ago, and for very obvious reasons has eluded the sights of many players. This super-powerful, cheap yet mainly late-game item is vital for any tank or a carry when it comes to survivability. Enemy heroes being unable to deliver any damage at all for 2.5 seconds is a BIG deal when it comes to survivability. Also, here’s a bonus, it’s a passive item, so give it a try!

What makes Aeon Disk Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Passively protects the hero if health falls below 70% for 2.5 seconds (take 0 damage for 2.5 seconds)
  • Greatly increases late-game survival time
  • Is a rather cheap item considered how useful it is for late-game fights
  • Not a lot of people use it so far, so if you’re reading this, go try the Disk right after!

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +300 Health
  • Provides +300 Mana
  • Reset Timer is 115 Seconds
  • Provides +75 Status Resistance when passively activated
  • Total Cost is 3100 Gold

3. Heart of Tarrasque

More hitpoints and more hitpoint regen.

     Did you know, Tarrasque was a magical beast from Dungeons & Dragons? We didn’t either. We literally just found out while researching. But hey! He had a big, strong heart that he wanted to share with the world of Dota and that’s what matters now for all you tankers out there who desire more hit points. This late-game item is very important for anyone that’s loco enough to take the brunt of most of the damage in a team fight. Because if you die faster than your support, you’re not a tank, you’re a Beatle.

What makes Heart of Tarrasque Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Massive HP regeneration allows you to kite opponents and stay in battle for much longer.
  • CAN BE STACKED! For added HP and HP regeneration/second.
  • It’s a passive item.
  • You’re likely to be alive at the end of most battles. (conditions apply of course.)

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Grants +45 Strength
  • Grants + 400 Health
  • Grants +50% Health Regen Amplification
  • Grants +10 HP Regeneration
  • Grants Passive Health Restoration every 7 Seconds
  • Restores 5% of max health per second.
  • Regen rest timer is 5 seconds from Roshan or Melee heroes
  • Regen rest timer is 7 seconds from Ranged heroes


2. Satanic

The more HP you steal, the longer you'll stay alive. Simple logic.

    Staying alive is very important, even if you’re not a tank. Main attack heroes need to be alive too, as they’re the ones dealing most of the killing blows. But in most cases, they require other items to capitalize on their skills, in such cases, having a satanic is a great investment. Its massive lifesteal on activation means you’ll go from 30% to 100% health in no time. All the while your opponent will try to avoid fighting with you, leaving his back completely open for the kill.

What makes Satanic Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Massive lifesteal on activation of the item.
  • Instills fear in anyone who dares fight you 1v1.
  • Has great status resistance (reduces stun time).

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Provides +25 Strength
  • Provides +25 Damage
  • Provides +30% Status Resistance
  • Active - Unholy Rage Provides 200% Lifesteal for 5 seconds
  • Passive Lifesteal is 25%
  • Reset Timer is 35 Seconds
  • Total Cost is 5300 Gold

1. Cheese

This is why almost everyone loves cheese.

    Why not Aegis? One may wonder. Well, yes, aegis is a great item if you want to remain ‘alive’. But what’s most important in a team fight is not losing the rhythm. The moment during a fight is very important, aegis resurrection just allows opponents to wait while you come back to life, while their skills get off cooldown. Cheese, on the other hand, keeps you in the fight and continues the pressure on the opponent. In a 5v5 team fight, ‘Cheese’ makes it 6v5 without delay.

What makes Cheese Awesome (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Instant HP and Mana Recharge.
  • It does not smell.
  • Unlike Aegis of the Immortal, Cheese CAN be sold for 500 gold.
  • It can be shared.  

Item details (As of Patch 7.23)

  • Drops after Roshan’s 2nd Death
  • Restores 2500 Health and 1500 Mana
  • Can be sold for 500 Gold (only by the hero that picks it first)
  • Cannot be sold if picked up by the courier

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