[Top 11] Dota 2 Best Loading Screens That Look Freakin' Awesome

Loading screens in Dota are a work of art, which often go unappreciated. They’re meticulously crafted and designed with attention to detail. You can purchase loading screens separately or receive them with most sets.

To appreciate and spread awareness of great loading screens, we have compiled this list of the best 11 Loading Screens that Look Freakin’ Awesome.

11. Dancer of the Spiteful Eye Loading Screen

This loading screen was released as a part of the Dancer of the Spiteful Eye set. This Shadow Shaman set is great in its entirety but the loading screen puts more attention to detail on this fiery and captivating skin. Every Rhasta fan loves this loading screen.


10. Warbler and Snikt Loading Screen

This adorable and vibrant loading screen is based on the Warbler and Snikt courier. This was released as a part of the 2015 Fall Compendium, making it one of the first few loading screens dedicated to couriers. The vibrant and colorful color scheme of this loading screen makes it one of the best in the game!


9. Terror of the Year Beast Loading Screen

This loading screen is part of the Legacy of the Year Beast bundle. It was made for the New Bloom Festival 2015. The grim Year Beast is seen staring directly down your soul with a ferocious look, a look of no mercy and savagery! 


8. Dusklight Loading Screen

This is an example of an elegant loading screen where you see Luna and her trusted Sagan side by side. They’re either readying for war, facing their enemies or just getting lost in the vast beauty of Dark Moon! This is a breath of fresh air from the other loading screens which don’t try to think out of the box. 


7. Reminiscence of Dreams Loading Screen

This loading screen was a part of the Reminiscence of Dreams set, which was released by the legendary team Alliance as an homage to the marvelous Puck plays by S4 during the Ti3 finals. This loading screen has a dreamy and colorful vibe to it which is unmatched by most loading screens. You get lost in its beauty and there is no way out.


6. Shambling Trickster Loading Screen

Witch Doctor is a great hero with a great color scheme, which radiates to his loading screens as well. The pink hues and the shading is exceptional, with great attention to detail on his armor and of course the smoke emitting from his pot! Say whatever you want about this loading screen but it is anything but bland.


5. Bewitching Flare Loading Screen

Lina’s skins and loading screens are just like her, they’re too hot and fiery to handle! Lina has exceptional loading screens but none better than the Bewitching Flare. The various different vibrant colors seem to come together and pop, making it a great wallpaper as well!


4. Eminence Of Ristul Loading Screen 

Arcana loading screens are the most badass versions of loading screens. Queen of Pain’s Arcana has two of them! The bundle consists of the arcana and two equally awesome loading screens where you get to see the sensual Queen’s meticulously detailed arcana. 

Unfortunately, this loading screen is not available on Steam Market as it was released as a Cache set. (Limited Edition)

3. Litany of the Damned Loading Screen

Doom is a menacing hero and nothing is worse than facing him head-on in a pub game. His loading screens are equally grim and menacing. The sharp and crisp color combination of this set is great, even the subtle details allow the loading screen to pop.

Unfortunately, this loading screen is not available on Steam Market as it was released as a Cache set. (Limited Edition)

2. Twisted Maelstorm Loading Screen

There aren’t many skins for Enigma due to his weird model, yet Twisted Maelstorm finds its way to being one of the best sets and loading screens ever made. Everything from the way the particle effects move is just perfect and a breath of fresh air from the typical Enigma sets.


1. Armor of the Unyielding Mask Loading Screen

Juggernaut is one of the most played heroes in the game, this explains his badass image and skins. This loading screen is a great example of a well-done and badass skin. The motion of the menacing sword combined with the dark color combination qualifies it to be number 1 on this list!

Unfortunately, this loading screen is not available on Steam Market as it was released as a Cache set. (Limited Edition)

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