[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Monkey King Builds For Godlike Rampage

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So have you picked up safe lane? Tired of relying on players who don't communicate? How you build could quite literally take you from relying on teammates forced into the support role to a Godlike Rampage and ten-win streak.


5. Matumbaman Build

So first on the list is a build we saw in play by Mutumbaman with Team Secret vs. Thunder Predator. In this game, the team revolved heavily around MK (Monkey King) playing to the strength of his ultimate ability.

About this Build:

This build is excellent in terms of items for making this Melee powerhouse an even larger threat. With Wukong’s Command being the centerpiece we see the Aghanim’s Sceptre pick up which allows MK to have a presence with his Ulti without technically using it. Also, we see that Abyssal Blade is a pick-up on this build granting bash a mini stun that can drastically increase your fighting potential. For the last of the Core items, we saw an Eye of Skadi making it difficult for high-strength heroes to regen Hp and making MK’s auto attacks and Ulti even more devastating. So in short if you have a team that will agree to play around your Mk this build will make a great choice 

Build Strengths:

  • Great Fighting items 

  • Built-in crowd control

  • Amazing Damage

  • Drastically increases the effectiveness of MK’s Ulti

Full Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPIydSL7F14 


4. Sneaky Core Build


Some core builds don't require you to build the hard crit items that you would normally see in attempts to hit for massive damage quickly. Some builds create an entirely new way to play a hero.

About this Build:

When using this build I found that it benefits from a more deliberate play style the Echo Sabre pick-up makes getting your Jingu mastery off much faster increasing your fighting power. When you pair this with the roaming and escape potential of Shadowblade it gives your the upper hand in fights with initiative frequently going to you. When you finally pick up the Desolator this will turn those already deadly auto attacks into devastating ones reducing the target's armor allowing for Jingu Mastery to deal even more damage.

Build Strengths: 

  • Great Engagement and Escape potential

  • Can fight Tanky heroes 

  • Quick Jingu build-up for most damage

  • Has a lot of flexibility

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/ultimate-monkey-king-sun-wukong-gu...


3. Hero Build


So we all know farming is half the battle in a game of Dota but for the new and inexperienced it can be seen as an impossible hurdle. Well the build below I've found is a great way to get into a good way to learn the hero and how to farm well, making it very new player-friendly.

About this Build:

After taking a look at the items this build recommends and trying it out for myself I found it not only far less complex than many other MK builds but still covers many of your bases for a good even great build. With Battlefury being a popular farming item it’s no wonder it shows up in this build as well. Coupling that with Sange and Yasha not only gives you significant survivability but decent stats and damage to fight many heroes in early to mid-game. Once you purchase Aghanim’s Sceptre it will not only give you a larger team fight presence but allows you to fight one or even two heroes by yourself.

Build Strengths:

  • Survivability

  • Flash-Farming

  • Team fight presence 

  • Decent Damage

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/monkey-king-core-watch-the-trees-2...



2. Topson MK Build

So whether or not you actively follow Esports I think we can all agree that the professionals pave the way to new meta, build, and team comp ideas. In this build and the video below is the build Topson used to kick off a 5 game win-streak in what looks like pubs. Now I don’t know about you but I was impressed by the performance of the build and Topson here.

About this Build:

Now with a very strong hero like Monkey King over the years, he has been taken into multiple positions mid, safe, and even support. Now this build makes use of Manta Illusions that although don’t benefit from Jingu Mastery can offer not only do more damage but disorient your opponents. As well as the extra agility the item grants this is an overall great pickup on MK. Power Treads have become a popular item on many heroes allowing them to switch the bonuses they receive with a click of a button, In conjunction with Butterfly, these items alone make fighting other physical carries easier with the increased evasion the item provides now I don’t know about you but no damage is the only kind of damage I’d want to see. The final core item, we see built is Crystalys a great item to increase damage output with a flat damage bonus as well as increased critical intensity this makes for an excellent pickup on most safe-lane heroes. I’d try this build it you are even slightly confident in your skill with this hero.

Build Strengths: 

  • Excellent Damage

  • Survivability

  • Enemy team disorientation 

  • Flexibility

Build Guide Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKvE2plRWzU


1. Old Hero Build


Sometimes revisiting an old build can make way for new ideas. Earlier we spoke of the Hero build on MK, so now we will revisit the older version.

About this Build:

Although one of the items the build calls for you to start with the stout shield it is no longer in the game but could be replaced with another item with relative ease. Building Phase boots allows MK to chase his opponents closing the gap. Whilst Desolator increases the effectiveness of your Jingu Mastery attacks, and when you finally complete the Diffusal Blade each of your attacks will burn away their mana this makes hitting Intelligence heroes twice as effective.

Build Strengths:

  • Burns away enemy mana

  • Reduces armor of enemies hit 

  • Decent damage

  • Build Jingu Mastery quickly

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/monkey-king-and-the-journey-to-gai...


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