[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Items for Ursa

Best Items for Ursa
Nobody messes with (a fully farmed) papa bear.

To all of you, Cubs and Kindred, follow this list to keep your game in the bag.

    Ulfsaar, or Ursa, unlike what he seems to be, is actually an agility hero, not strength. Even so, he’s one mean, papa-bear machine. This Ursa Warrior isn’t one you’d want to mess with 1v1 in most conditions. You’d have to be really prepared to take him on, especially in melee. Because when it comes to protecting his kindred, his rage could destroy anyone.  Fun fact, this is the only hero that can take on Roshan's early game might from as low as level 4-5.

15. Orb of Venom

If early aggression is your thing, this will be your favorite 0-minute item.

    A fine early-game item, with this, each swipe will not just poison your enemy, but will also slow them down a little, just enough for you to constantly keep getting more ‘attack swipes’ onto your enemy, thus leaving them hapless and completely hopeless, unless of course, the entire team is there to counter Ursa’s maddening ‘first-blood’ chase.

What Makes Orb of Venom Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Every Swipe makes the opponent weaker and slower for Ursa to unleash his stacks of fury swipes upon.
  •  Added magical damage just makes life more annoying for the enemy hero.

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • - Deals 5 Magical Damage Per Second for Melee and 3 For Ranged
  • Slows Movement by 12% for Melee and 4% for Ranged
  • Last for 3 Seconds
  • Costs 300 Gold

14. Phase Boots

If an easy kill calls out, rush through the creep waves and claim it.

    With great support, comes great initiation. If your support keeps attacking enemy heroes in a lane, harassing and troubling them.  Your enemy will be in a much more difficult spot when you get these items. Stun them in a position for more than 2 seconds and that’ll give you just enough time to dash through enemy formations and decimate your opponent in no time!

What Makes Phase Boots Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Additional Movement Speed.
  • Ability to Move Through Enemy Units.
  • Additional Armor.
  • Additional Damage.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +15% Movement Speed
  • Grants +18  Damage (Melee)
  • Grants +12 Damage (Ranged)
  • Grants +4 Armor
  • Reset timer 8 seconds
  • +22% Increased Movement Speed on Melee Heroes (Active)
  • Cost is 1480 Gold

13. Vladmir’s Offering

The secret behind Roshan's secret hatred towards Ursa.

    The reason why this item is preferred over a Mask of Madness is because of that fact that it - 1) Provides more lifesteal, 2) Does not reduce armor, 3) Has Armor Aura for team-mates & 4) Grants +6 to All Attributes. These reasons make Ursa even more lethal in a team-fight, but more also, make him ready to take on the monolithic-monster of the map, Roshan.

What Makes Vladmir’s Offering Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • All bonuses are available to allies as a bonus aura.
  • 5% more lifesteal than Mask of Madness.
  • It can take on Roshan from level 4-5. (Must have 2 Fury Swipes 3 Overpower ready as skills.)

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +6 to All Attributes
  • 25% Lifesteal
  • 1.5 Mana Generation
  • 3 Armor
  • All allies get these bonuses too, apart from +6 All Attributes.
  • The total cost is 2300 Gold.

12. Blink Dagger

Blink into the fray and protect your kindred in the 'blink' of an eye.

    A wicked combination of stuns and slows can render opponents with low HP and armor almost helpless against the early-to-mid-game ‘blink, swipe, slow and finish’ method of Ursa.Getting this item is a must as it greatly increases your initiation powers and helps you take out the weakest links (if you prefer) or one you need to kill immediately,  in fights.

What Makes Blink Dagger Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Can Blink Freely within a radius.
  • Great for surprise attacks.
  • Great for escape plans.
  • Relatively cheap and can be purchased early game.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Reset Timer 15 Seconds
  • Teleport up to 1200 units
  • Can’t be used for 3 seconds after taking damage from enemy heroes or Roshan
  • Costs 2250 Gold

11. Silver Edge

Normally, it's not that easy for a big furry bear to sneak around, yay to magic.

    The choice of few, however, can be used spectacularly along with a Blink. Getting this item alone will leave Ursa vulnerable if opponent support units counter his movements with items that provide vision. This is why it is always suggested to get this with Blink for a surprise attack from behind. The bonus received with this item can help make short of an enemy in very little time.

What Makes Silver Edge Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • INVISIBILITY! Who doesn’t love sneaking up? Especially when the other team has weak support heroes that just won’t bother buying sentry wards.
  • It gives an insane boost to all other attributes, all while giving extra attack speed & bonus damage at the same time.
  • You move faster when you’re invisible.
  • Breaking your invisibility by attacking, grants bonus damage.
  • It can be used for ‘surprise attacks’ in the enemy jungle.

Item details (As of patch 7.23e)

  • Provides +36 Damage
  • Provides +30 Attack Speed
  • Provides +15 All Attributes
  • Grants Invisibility for 14 seconds
  • Grants +25% movement speed when active & you’re invisible
  • Bonus 175 damage on target hero if you attack while you’re invisible
  • Disables passive abilities for 4 seconds if you attack while you’re invisible
  • Total cost is 5550 gold
  • Mana cost is 75
  • Reset Timer is 22 seconds

10. Black King Bar

True invincibility for Ursa comes with the right item. This item.

    Keeping Ursa alive during mid-game clashes is extremely important. Especially since this is the stage where enemy magic attacks become even more potent. Yes, Ursa’s ultimate ‘Enrage’ will help him take up to 80% less damage, but that’ll just last 4 seconds and he can still be slowed or stunned during this time. Get a Black King Bar to keep Ursa moving forward without being stopped by any magical attack.

What Makes Black King Bar Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Complete immunity against magic spells.
  • Enemy magic heroes will dislike you a lot.
  • Provides extra stats apart from magic protection.

Item details (As of Patch 7.23e) 

  • Provides +10 Strength
  • Provides +24 Damage
  • Duration Reduces After Every Use from 10 seconds to 9/8/7/6/5
  • Reset Timer is 70 Seconds
  • Total Cost is 4050 Gold

9. Abyssal Blade

Blink, stun, kill & run. Trust me, it's fun.

    I can’t stress how important this item is now for Ursa. Especially since activation means a blink-stun combo that’ll leave most weak opponents with little to no choice but to just helplessly lay there as they get pummeled to a one-sided finish by the Ursa Warrior.

What Makes Abyssal Blade Great for Hero Name (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Blinks to target and stuns.
  • If that wasn’t enough, it has passive stuns as well.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • - Grants +25 Damage
  • Grants +250 Health
  • Grants +10 HP Regeneration
  • Grants +10 Strength
  • Uses 75 Mana
  • Reset Timer 35 Seconds
  • Blinks to the enemy and stuns the target for 2 seconds
  • 25% chance to stun for 1.5 seconds
  • Pierces Spell Immunity
  • Range 600
  • Total Cost is 6650 Gold

8. Diffusal Blade

Diffuse 1v1's into an easy win with this mana-hungry item.

    Sure, Ursa has a slow that’ll help him finish most enemy hero units in no-time. However, in prolonged fights, this may just help our Papa Bear come out on top as each swipe conveniently takes away more mana and on activation, slows down enemy units too!.

What Makes Diffusal Blade Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Eats away your enemy’s mana.
  • Use to slow down your target.- Illusions can dish out a part of your mana-burn too.

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +20 Agility
  • Grants +10 Intelligence
  • Slows enemy for 4 Seconds
  • Resets at 15 Seconds
  • Range 600
  • Burns 50 Mana with Manabreak Passive
  • 0.8 Damage per mana-point burned.
  • Illusions burn 16 mana (for melee) and 8 mana (for ranged).

7. Desolator

Tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

    Short and sweet, that’s how every fight will finish with a Desolator as it reduces enemy armor, making your opponent’s body softer and weaker against every attack that swipes down upon them from Ursa. 

What Makes Desolator Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Reduces enemy armor making them weak and soft enough to be attacked by an entire team.

Item Details (As of patch 7.23e)

  • +50 Damage
  • Attacks reduce armor by 7 for 15 seconds
  • Costs 3500 Gold

6. Bloodthorn

When someone's trying to roar louder than you, silence them with this.

    Although rarely used, a Bloodthorn can be used by Ursa when his attack-strategy is more like an assassin that targets specific units. With its added regular and critical damage, along with a 5-second silence and 30% guaranteed damage, this item just multiplies Ursa’s destructive power, making him a force to be feared with, in every single fight.

What Makes Bloodthorn Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Deals Extra Damage.
  • More Lifesteal from that damage for Ursa.
  • Silences enemy, forcing them into right-click attacks only.
  • Added damage.

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +25 Intelligence
  • Grants +30 Attack Speed
  • Grants +68 Damage
  • Grants +5.5 Mana Regeneration
  • Silences Target for 5 Seconds
  • Target takes 30% damage dealt during silence as magical damage once silence is completed.
  • All attacks on silenced targets will have a ‘true strike’ and a 100% chance for 140% critical damage.
  • Range 900
  • 20% chance to inflict 175% critical damage.
  • Mana Cost is 100
  • Reset Timer is 15
  • The total cost is 7055 Gold.

5. Scythe of Vyse

An extra disable is always great to have, especially if they can't fight back.

    Get this item to get the advantage over a stronger enemy during the late-game phase. This way you’ll get to stack a ton of swipes on the enemy, so once they transform back, they’ll be taking way more damage than they would have and you’ll be at the high-ground, which is an obvious advantage. Just how Obi-Wan taught Luke & Anakin Skywalker.

What Makes Scythe of Vyse Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Makes any and all heroes extremely vulnerable for 3.5 seconds.
  • Heroes like Bristleback will not spray quills whilst being attacked.
  • Most items are nullified once the enemy hero is transformed.
  • Great item for a late-game team nullification.

Item details (As of patch 7.23)

  • Grants +10 Strength
  • Grants +10 Agility
  • Grants +35 Intelligence
  • Grants +9 Mana Regeneration
  • Mana Cost 250
  • Reset Timer 22
  • Hex timer 3.5 Seconds
  • Mutes, Silences, and Disarms
  • Destroys Target's Illusions
  • Range 800
  • Costs 5700 Gold

4. Satanic

Surprise your enemy with a full-hp bar, in just 5 swipes. (More or less)

    A great way to keep Ursa in the fight longer is with a Satanic. He’ll muster up his HP in less than 3 seconds once activated and what’s even better, after multiple fury-swipe stacks on an enemy, even after the item is has done its job, Ursa will still stack-up huge life-steal HP from the stack of damage he already has on the enemy unit.

What Makes Satanic Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Replenish Hit-Points Fast
  • Massive bonuses apart from Lifesteal
  • Stay in fights much longer

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +25 Strength
  • Grants +25 Damage
  • Grants +30% Status Resistance
  • Grants 200% lifesteal for 5 seconds
  • Grants 25% lifesteal as passive
  • Reset Timer is 35 Second
  • The total cost is 5300 Gold.

3. Heart of Tarrasque

He already has a big heart, this will just make him stronger.

    A necessity for Ursa during the mid-late game phase. Survival is key during this stage and keeping Ursa alive could mean a massive victory for the side he’s on. This item is a MUST for Ursa and should never be considered against. 

What Makes Heart of Tarrasque Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Massive HP regeneration allows you to kite opponents and stay in battle for much longer
  • CAN BE STACKED! For added HP and HP regeneration/second.
  • It’s a passive item.
  • You’re going to be harder to take out.

Item Details (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Grants +45 Strength
  • Grants + 400 Health
  • Grants +50% Health Regen Amplification
  • Grants +10 HP Regeneration
  • Grants Passive Health Restoration every 7 Seconds
  • The total cost is 5200 Gold
  • Restores 5% of max health per second.
  • Regen rest timer is 5 seconds from Roshan or Melee heroes
  • Regen rest timer is 7 seconds from Ranged heroes

2. Linken’s Sphere

A sphere of protection from anyone that dares to silence the bear.

    Another late-game item you could consider is this. This way, nothing will stop your initiations with a Blink Dagger and you should be able to maneuver yourself into the thick of battle more easily, so you can shred through your opponents as they scramble to safety - far away from Ursa.

What Makes Linken’s Sphere Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Blocks multiple spells completely.
  • Immediately makes you more tanky and durable.
  • Gives great bonuses for all attributes.
  • Spell block is a passive skill after every interval, that’s one less thing to worry about in a fight.

Item details (As of Patch 7.23e) x

  • Provides +14 of Every Attribute
  • Provides +7 HP Regeneration
  • Provides +5 Mana Regeneration
  • Spellblock has a cooldown of 12 seconds
  • Spellblock can be transferred to an allied unit.
  • The total cost is 5050 Gold

1. Moon Shard

Apart from Tinder, Ursa needs to swiper faster to survive.

    Ursa is lethal because of his fury swipes and the speed at which he lashes them out because of his skills. But, turn his speed into a massive advantage, and you’ve got an Ursa with power that’s ‘bearly’ believable. With his claws swiping down on you without using his second skill ‘Overpower’, Ursa will find destroy enemy units in no-time.

What Makes Moon Shard Great for Ursa (As of Patch 7.23e)

  • Terrifyingly High - Attack Speed Bonus
  • It can be consumed for partial Attack Speed Bonus, and you can continue to buy another Moon Shard, for additional Attack Speed Bonus.
  • Makes your hero look like an in-game demonic entity eager to end the game quickly so they can go to sleep or just ‘play one more game’.
  • Makes Ursa highly dangerous in team-fights, as he’ll be able to finish off his opponents faster.

Item details  (As of patch 7.23e)

  • Passive Item
  • Can only be consumed once
  • Provides a Monstrous +140 Attack Speed
  • Grants 400 bonus night vision
  • It can be consumed to permanently grant +60 Attack Speed and 200 bonus night vision.
  • The total cost is 4000 gold

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