[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Farming Items To Farm Gold Fast

No such thing as too much farm!

As a carry player, there are moments of weakness in pub games where you feel like the enemy has surpassed you, and very well he has! You may lack farming items which may accelerate your farm, that’s the reason you fall behind in the early or the mid-game!

To help you pull through and out farm your enemies, we have compiled this list of the Best 10 Farming Items which accelerate your farm and give you a headstart.

10. Veil of Discord

If you’re a spell caster and a hero that does immense magic damage, then this is the right item for you if you want to farm fast and clear out waves and stacks. Veil of Discord on usage amplifies the magical damage in an AoE enabling you to constantly dish out your low CD nukes while dealing more damage to both enemies and creeps.

Why is Veil of Discord a great farming item?

  • Low Cooldown
  • High AoE and Magic Damage


9. Solar Crest

This mysterious talisman has saved millions of lives by blessing the targeted unit with armor. Solar Crest has been a life save ever since its addition to the game. It provides the caster and the targetted friendly unit with 6 bonus armor for 12 seconds along with increased movement and attack speed. In the case of an enemy, the bonuses are reversed, making it easy for you to kill creeps faster.

Why is Solar Crest great for defense?

  • Armor and movement reduction for enemies 
  • Increased armor for you and your allies


8. Gleipnir

Akin to the two other thunderous items on our list, Gleipnir is extremely powerful if you want to trap your enemies and also deal a wee bit of damage at the same time. Gleipnir combines the powers of Rod of Atos and Maelstorm, making your root enemies in an AoE and damaging them. Not only this, but even your normal attacks have a great chance to proc, making this item great on both melee and ranged heroes.

Why is Gleipnir a great farming item?

  • Roots enemies
  • Deals AoE damage
  • Procs on hits


7. Meteor Hammer

Meteor Hammer is a great tool that helps in dealing decent damage over time while also being a potential threat to buildings. On activation, a meteor strikes the targetted area, stunning towers, and enemies, and deals decent damage over time to both. This item can be used to clear out waves, rat, and push towers and also to farm the jungle. It is bought by both support and offlane players. 

Why is Meteor Hammer a great farming item?

  • Low mana cost
  • High AoE damage over time
  • Affects buildings and enemies both


6. Maelstorm

Shocking your enemies was never easier without Maelstorm. With Maelstrom, you have a 30% chance to proc a thundering bolt that travels through 4 targets, dealing 140 magical damage to each of them. This item is high bought by melee heroes and is seen frequently in pro games due to its high farming potential and also immense damage that it provides for little to no cost. 

Why is Maelstorm a great farming item?

  • Low cost
  • High magical damage
  • Helps clear waves and creeps


5. Manta Style

If your hero lacks split push potential or struggles against basic debuffs then Manta is a great choice. On activation, Manta Style creates two illusions of you, they get all your buffs and they are also controllable. This may sound great but the selling point of Manta is the instant dispel that it provides on usage, ensuring the next time you get silenced, you can quickly purge it off or even dodge projectiles if you time it right.

Why is Manta Style a great farming item?

  • Can dodge projectiles
  • Dispels debuffs
  • Creates illusions that deal decent damage


4. Hand of Midas

If you want a golden opportunity to farm some quick gold, then Hand of Midas is the right item for you. The active, Transmute, grants you 160 Gold and 2.1x experience if cast on enemy creeps or neutral creeps. This is a great way to have some easy gold and high experience if you are having a tough time in the early phase of the game.

Why is Hand of Midas a great farming item?

  • Low Cooldown
  • Instant gold and XP


3. Radiance

If you want to roast your enemies without using all chat, then Radiance is the perfect method to do so. With Radiance, you deal 60 damage per second in a small AoE, which makes this item great on melee heroes and even illusion heroes which get half the DPS. You also get 60 attack Damage which is extremely lethal along with 15% bonus evasion! You can easily clear out that huge neutral stack or the wave that’s been pushing in, quite effortlessly. 

Why is Radiance a great farming item?

  • Passive damage per second
  • High damage


2. Mjolnir

Behold the thundering hammer of Thor! Mjolnir is a great upgrade from the Maelstorm which is also on this list. Mjolnir provides you with great farming speed as you have a 20% chance to proc the thundering bolt which deals over 225 damage. This is a great way to farm and clear waves in the late game, the active also allows you to put the charge shield on an ally, providing them with the same benefits.

Why is Mjolnir a great farming item?

  • Great in the late game to farm
  • Procs when enemies attack, dealing damage to them


1. Battlefury

The ultimate carry item is undoubtedly Battlefury. It allows you to cleave through enemies and clear waves quickly. Costing 4100 gold, Battlefury deals 70% of your attack damage in a cone-up area, making you farm faster. It also provides 60 bonus damage along with health and mana regen. All melee carry heroes benefit a great deal from this item, as it works in tandem with their illusions from Manta Style or other illusion items.

Why is Battlefury a great farming item?

  • Cleave that is great for both farming and fighting
  • High attack damage


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