DOTA 2: How To Predict Win

DOTA 2: How To Predict Win

Getting into the opponent’s head is an art of war. While simple toxic comments can be enough, there’s a cooler way to do it in DOTA 2. You can predict your victory at the start of each game, making your Hero yell a customized voice line about the game being in the bag.

By correctly predicting your victory in DOTA 2, you get shards that can be traded in the in-game Shop. More importantly, predictions earn you an easy way to tilt your opponents.

Predictions require a DOTA Plus Subscription. Once you’ve got that, you’ll automatically get an item, the Dota Plus Victory Shout.

With this item, you can easily predict wins at the start of each game, before the first creeps spawn. Simply click the Predictions button in the bottom left, right above the map.

Your Hero should say a custom voice line along the lines of “it’s in the bag!”.

You’ve now predicted your team will win. Better stay true to that!

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