DOTA 2: How To Aggro Creeps

DOTA 2: How To Aggro Creeps In Lane

DOTA 2 can be tricky. You’re supposed to farm gold to get stronger, but the enemy heroes keep attacking you. Backing away only plays into their hands, so what are you supposed to do? The answer’s simple: You make the enemy creeps come to you.

This is how creep aggro works in DOTA 2:

Creeps, the small minion things in DOTA 2, behave a certain way. When in the lane, they’ll attack the closest unit - which is usually an enemy creep. But when an enemy Hero tries to attack their allied Hero, creeps change targets. Creeps are programmed to prioritize any enemy Heroes currently attacking the Hero the creeps are allied with. You can put this to use to gain an advantage in the lane.

Here’s how you can aggro creeps to you in DOTA 2.

Step 1: Enter Acquisition Range

Creeps have a certain radius called the Acquisition Range from which they can be aggroed. In other words, creeps cannot be aggroed if you’re outside this range.

These ranges vary between types of creeps at 500 units for melee, 600 for ranged, and 800 for siege creeps. You can get an idea of the range with practice.

Step 2: Right-click Enemy Hero

Creeps don’t wait for you to attack your enemy Hero to start prioritizing you. The moment you click an enemy hero in their acquisition range, you’re a target.

This means just a moment’s right-click can be enough if you’re in range. If you’re fast enough, you’ll right-click the enemy Hero and then run back to your side of the lane. 

The creeps should abandon their current target and chase after you. They’ll change their targets if you move too far away, though.

Regardless, your own creeps will be left behind as they chase after you, giving you some decent space to get those last-hits.

And that’s it. You can now aggro creeps and focus on last-hitting with ease.

Aggroing creeps can be tricky, though. Here’s a video guide that can show you the ropes.

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