[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Invoker Players In The World Right Now (2022)

Masters of the arcane arts!

When it comes to the complexity of heroes in the game, none come close to the level of the grand magus! Mastering Invoker is no easy feat, even after a thousand games with him, you may learn something new.

The complexity didn’t discourage the below players from mastering this Magus. The below are known to exhibit exceptional Invoker gameplay and have impressed millions of fans worldwide.


10. Karl

Karl’s nickname is a tribute to the Dota 1 name of Invoker! Talk about dedication! Karl is known to be a fierce and threatening force in the laning stage, especially when he gets hold of his beloved Invoker! 

Currently playing for T1, Karl has been a rising superstar in the SEA region. His impressive gameplays end up on YouTube every day! Enemies often respect-ban this hero in pro games due to him! 

Karl is lauded for his lightning-fast spell casting and reflexes along with his brilliant item timings. He is a propagator of the Quas Wex build, due to the escape and control it provides. He loves building Shiva’s Guard as a tool to slow enemies and lower their armor in team fights. In short, Karl loves building fighting items over passive items!

Impressive Invoker plays by Karl!

Karl Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place ESL ONE Summer - $175,000


9.  SumaiL


None shall replace the almighty king! SumaiL is a huge threat as an enemy mid laner. His impressive game knowledge has won him thousands of games. He is one of the few Ti winners on this list!

Sumail is widely regarded as the King of the mid-lane. This is due to his hyper-aggressive playstyle and immense mechanical skill. He has been known to win his lane most of the time and dominate the enemy laner, he does this exceptionally with his Invoker!

Sumail loves the Quas Wex Invoker build. Right from his splash on the competitive scene, he has been a propagator of the build, adding items like Hand of Midas, Spirit Vessel into his list. Sumail is known to prioritize the early game build, opting to gank different lanes and get kills and XP.

Recent Tournament Achievements - 7-8th 10th International - $1,000,000

Sumail Twitter

Impressive Invoker plays by Sumail!

8. Bzm

We won’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Bzm before he joined OG. He is new to the pro scene, at only 16 years of age, he is in the top 10 European leaderboards. Bzm is known to be a menace on Invoker.

Not much is known about Bzm except the fact that he is an impressive mid laner. He is known for his versatile hero pool and exceptional Invoker plays. He has a very hyper-aggressive but disciplined play style. His insane reactions made him fall under the radar for OG

Bzm loves building mobility and farming items on Invoker, ideally playing for the late game. He loves items like Midas, Blink Dagger, Boots of Travel, and even Shiva’s Guard. Bzm loves the Quas Exort build!

Recent Tournament Achievements - 1st place D2CL - $25,000

Bzm Twitter

Impressive Invoker plays by Bzm!


7. Abed

This prodigy is known to be a brilliant mastermind in the game. Abed has been playing Dota since he was 8 years old! He has risen through the ranks to establish himself as one of the best mid laners in the game.

While being an amazing mid laner, Abed is also a great Invoker player. His spell casting is unparalleled. Abed is known to be quite an aggressive mid laner, but as an Invoker, he is quite bloodthirsty, always in the mood for kills and ganks! His excellent item timing combined with his mechanical skills makes him a great Invoker player. 

Abed is known to be a great initiator, which he manages to do even with Invoker. He quite often juggles around between Quas Wex and Quas Exort builds. His quick-paced gameplay makes both builds succeed. The Spirit Vessel into Boots of Travel build is his favorite, that is due to his intense and aggressive playstyle!

Abed Twitter

Impressive Invoker plays by Abed!

Recent Tournament Achievement  - 1st Place DPC NA Upper Division - $30,000


6. Gunnar

This highly talented yet humble youngster has been doing rounds in the pro circle for a while now. His insane caliber is not yet matched by any other player. 

Gunnar rose to popularity by spamming high tempo and skilled heroes like Invoker and Ember Spirit. Many players in the NA region agree that his Invoker is quite possibly one of the best they have ever seen in the region! He often streams his impressive gameplay live on Twitch!

Invoker has always been a favorite of Gunnar, it is so feared that it’s banned every other game when he is playing! Gunnar loves building an early Aghanim’s Scepter after the Midas. He is a firm believer in the Quas Exort build, often rotating and spotting for kills with his Sunstrike!

Recent Tournament Achievements - 1st Place BTS Pro Series Season 5 - $17,000

Gunnar Twitter

Impressive Invoker plays by Gunnar!


5. Torontotokyo

Torontotokyo and the entirety of Team Spirit shocked millions of fans all across the world by doing the unimaginable. They won the 10th International, and they made it look easy!

Torontotokyo is one of the best mid laners in the current professional scene, this is due to his immense understanding of the game and impressive map awareness. His Invoker is considered to be one of the best due to his excellent spell casting and item builds.

Torontotokyo loves the Quas Wex build, due to the mobility and regen it provides! Pair it with an early Urn of Shadows and a Hand of Midas. This provides him with immense XP and gold potential. He has an ultra-aggressive playstyle, which suits the mentioned build well! 

Impressive Invoker plays by Torontotokyo!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place 10th International - $18,200,000


4. Somnus

This unstoppable beast from the east is feared worldwide! Somnus is known to be one of the best mid laners in China. His mechanical skill and prowess are unmatched.

Somnus is a respected and well-known figure in the Chinese professional scene, his 2nd place at the Ti8 garnered him praise and support. His great Invoker plays are unparalleled, often opting for the Quas Wex build. 

Standard Invoker build by Somnus includes Drums of Endurance, Black King Bar, Hand of Midas, Boots of Travel, Aghanim’s Scepter. These items allow for extremely aggressive gameplay, right from the early levels! Somnus loves ganking early and the build offers him great damage and kills potential!

Impressive Invoker plays by Somnus!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place China D2PL - $116,000


3. No[o]ne

No[o]ne is the embodiment of flashy and cockiness. But his playstyle does fit like a glove for him! He is one of the few players to have won multiple DPC majors!

No[o]ne has been in the pro Dota scene for over 8 years now, he has been known to be an aggressive mid laner, never settling for anything except kills! His Invoker garnered him fame when he first started his pro journey. He was known to have great reflexes and impressive game sense.

Hailing from Ukraine, No[o]ne has tasted success after winning 3 majors with Virtus Pro (VP), he is known to have a vast hero pool, but nothing matches his Quas Exort invoker! From getting a 5 minute Hand of Midas to making his enemies rage quit, he has done it all!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st place 2020 Parimatch League - $50,000

NoOne Twitter!

Impressive Invoker plays by NoOne!


2. Miracle

Miracle was the only professional player spamming Invoker when it was nerfed a few years back. He is an absolute maestro when it comes to successfully casting skills on this hero. And did we mention that he is also a Ti winner? 

Hailing from Jordan, Miracle was a well-known pub star, with no intentions of playing professionally until he joined OG. He gained notoriety for his flashy playstyle and versatile hero pool. His highly impressive plays and strategies made him a superstar. 

Miracle loves the Quas Exort build, prioritizing Sunstrike, making it easy for him to get kills from miles away! His Invoker playstyle is quite cocky, but it lands him kills and wins him the game! He popularised the Urn of Shadows build!

Recent Tournament Achievement -1st place 2018 China Dota Supermajor - $555,000

Impressive Invoker plays by Miracle!

Miracle Twitter


1. Topson

This legend needs no introduction! The only 2 time Ti winner on the list! Topson is not only known to be a great Invoker player but also a great and feared mid laner!

Topson was relatively unknown before joining OG. His career trajectory changed after a few good performances leading to Ti 8. OG shocked the world by winning the Ti, with the MVP being Topson. His sick Invoker plays have garnered him praise and recognition, right from his pub star days! 

Topson is known to have an aggressive Invoker playstyle, often opting for the Quas Wex build and coming up with the most innovative items such as Glepnir and even Veil of Discord! He has multiple tricks up his sleeve which often catches the audience and even the enemies by surprise!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place The 9th International - $15,620,181

Impressive Invoker plays by Topson!

Topson Twitter

This concludes the list of the best 10 Invoker players in the world right now. We hope you are inspired and learn from these impressive players, as they have a lot to teach you with their incredible gameplay! 


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