[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Effigies That Look Great

Beautiful Effigies need some appreciation!

Effigies in Dota are all about showing off and adding the flair of humor to the otherwise intense atmosphere of the game. Along with the sly humor, you can showcase your favorite hero, your favorite voice line, or in general anything you want to write under it! It’s essentially a statue that guards the tier 4 towers in the base! 

We bring you the 10 best effigies that look great, along with that they have just the right pinch of humor. We hope you are inspired by the mentioned effigies and try them out for yourself in-game, and if your effigy is nice enough then you will be showered with loads of commends in no time! 

10. Treant Protector

Our fellow Tree here has trouble finding his contacts! This weird-looking pose is basically him riling up his ultimate! One can come up with various humorous captions for the said animation! The one thing that makes some effigies hilarious is the caption, so try your hardest to come up with an innovative caption! 

9. Drow Ranger 

Don’t worry about her, she is just taking a power nap between the hectic battle! Most effigies are made on Drow Ranger as she is just very majestic and picturesque. There are always new animations discovered which are rather funny and overdramatic at times, just like the one we see above! 

  8. Oracle

Oracle has the funniest effigies because of his hero model. His hand model is quite played around with, as the dota veterans love to joke around and call it a basketball. You may have seen the dunk effigies of Oracle where he is up in the sky, throwing his handpiece into the back piece! 

7. Phantom Assassin

The Assassin pounces on her victims! Phantom Assassin has a reputation for being lethal, her qualities also apply to her effigies. The above effigy shows her mid-air, in the process of latching on her poor victims. The arcana adds the cherry on top as it makes her more fierce and powerful! Remember, skins do add weightage to the effigy! 

6. Juggernaut

We see Juggernaut doing his best Jackie Chan impression, straight out of 80’s Hong Kong movies! Juggernaut has some peculiar animations which you can work through to find your suitable effigy! The incredible set and the bugged-out sword are the icing on the cake along with the deep quote as the caption below. 

  5. Sniper

If you’re like me, then you probably haven’t recovered from the crisis that was the 6.82 patch! Hearing Shrapnel still makes my skin crawl! The dwarf yet deadly Sniper is seen holding his invisible gun and doing his annoying little dance after he assassinates his foes! The hoo hoo ha ha caption adds salt to the wounds and makes matters worse for you! Any effigy with Sniper ensures instant disgust in our minds!

4. Puck

It’s like looking into a mirror! Puck is seen striking a majestic pose in the effigy because it is quite literally a majestic hero! The faerie dragon has some interesting animations including the Illusory Orb animation which coupled with a witty caption can result in a great effigy with tons of commends! 

3. Axe

Axe is one of the most badass heroes in the game, so are his effigies! Due to the extreme swagger in his animations, the effigies are always badass and too cool for school! The animation for Axe’s ult makes for a great effigy as he is literally in the air, players love to call his ultimate the “Dunk”. 

2. Morphling

Look at Morphling, he’s just…..doing his thing we suppose. Morphling is in dire need of a remodel and we hope it’s coming soon! But for now, we’re stuck with the low polygon model which is quite horrendous, to say the least, but it makes up for hilarious and awful effigies just like the one above! 

1. Lone Druid

This regal pose by our Lone master is quite the striking one! The pose is actually a mid animation snap of him while he summons/recalls his trusty bear! The bear obviously is nowhere to be seen in the above effigy. You could always play around with the animations until you end up finding something cool or funny to finalize! 

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