[Top 15] Best Combat Games That Are Amazing!

Best Combat Games
With sword in hand you're ready for combat

Top 15 best combat Games That Are Amazing

It's almost like these NPCs were designed to get pummeled. 

Release your inner warrior

Life is hard sometimes, and occasionally we need a bit of escapism. Some people escape with racing games. Sitting in the driver seat of that sports car that you definitely can't afford. Some like to simulate everyday life and look to the Sims. It gives them a sense of control. Sometimes though, after a long rough day at the office, we need just to hit something, blow off some steam. So we look at action games, where combat is present, and right in your face. So here are 15 amazing combat games.

15. Monster Hunter World (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Monster Hunter World Gameplay Trailer

Slay monsters, grind for loot and make awesome looking weapons, and armor. Monster Hunter was a big hit for Nintendo's handheld devices. However, we haven't seen a Monster Hunter title hit consoles since the PS2 era. In Monster Hunter World, you get to explore vast environments that have you looking for dinosaur-like monsters and tracking them down so you can kill them and gather their resources. Materials that allow you to craft better weapons and other gear.

The hunt is on: Track down terrifying monsters and defeat them to craft armor and weapons.

Hunting by yourself is no fun, bring a friend along for this epic journey. As long as both players have completed the mission by themselves, they can then join you to replay that mission and grind together.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall: Some monsters require more than one person. Are your friends too busy? Not to worry, your trusty calico can fill their boots and fight alongside you

14. For Honor (PS4, Xbox One, PC).

For Honor: Honor Games Event Trailer

Stain the land with the blood of your enemies. For Honor lets you live the dream of fighting as a Viking, Knight, or Samurai as you kill your way through the war-torn battlefield. Join a faction of the warriors mentioned and show your colors as you execute those who are weaker than you.

An ever-changing battle: There could be moments where you have the upper hand, then the next moment, you'll have a 1v3 scenario. These are not fun.

For Honor's got quite the learning curve, it's got the speed and weight of an action game but the dynamics of a fighting game. Knowing when to use your unblockables, timing your parries right, and mastering feints will take you far in this unorthodox fighter.

Timing is critical: To get the upper hand, you need to time your attacks and parries perfectly. It could be the deciding factor of the match.

13. Batman Arkham Knight (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Batman Arkham Knight Evening the Odds Trailer

Gotham is in danger, Scarecrow has created a new fear toxin, and a new rival has risen from Batman's past, seeking revenge. Sounds like every Tuesday for the Dark Knight. Batman has returned once again to remind criminals that they should be afraid of him. He's hitting faster and harder than ever before. This time to help him, he's got the Batmobile.

Be the Batman: Protect your city and stop crimes throughout Gotham.

Drive the streets of Gotham in every fan boy's dream vehicle. Chase down criminals, and stop militia APCs.  You own the streets. When the going gets tough though switch to battle mode and become the bat tank. This was the wrong night to pick a fight with Batman.

Quick Robin to the Batmobile: It's not Batman without the famous high tech car the Batmobile.

12. Borderlands 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal

Loot anyone? You've come to the right place vault hunter. Pandora is a treasure trove of unique looking guns, shields, mods, etc. You'll have a blast shooting you're way through this space western. Where you get to grab all the guns you can lay your eyes on. 

No rest for the wicked: Borderlands is back and gives us everything we could ever want. Guns, guns, and more guns. Just don't ask Marcus for any refunds.

Loot with a buddy; the game offers four-player online and offline co-op. Enjoy a hilarious story that has just enough adult humor and gore to keep the game fresh for replayability.

The more, the merrier: Play with up to four players as you scavenge the world of Pandora again for the legendary vault.

11. Doom Eternal (PS4, Xbox One, PC Nintendo Switch)

Doom Eternal Gameplay Trailer

Shotgun? Check, blood, and gore? Check, hordes of alien demons? Check, Heavy metal? Crank that up to 11. Become the doom slayer and blast your way through hordes and hordes of demons.


One hell of a time: Hell isn't ready for the likes of you. Remind these demons why they should shake in fear of the Doom Slayer.

Glory kills return, which replenishes your health, ammo, or shield. All while rocking out to the heaviest of metal soundtracks video games have to offer. Go crazy and raise some hell in this bloody adventure.

Give me that BFG: Doom Eternal's baddies are bigger and uglier, which gives you more creative ways to lay waste to the armies of Hell.

10. Destiny 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Destiny Gameplay Trailer

From the creators of Halo comes Destiny. A looter shooter RPG that sends you across our solar system, killing aliens and learning the truth about the planet-sized traveler. Which hovers above the last few survivors of humanity.

A new world: Destiny takes inspiration from many different Sci-Fi worlds and makes their own unique story.

Choose between three classes. The Titan class uses brute strength and could honestly care less about how many bullets you shot at him. The Warlock likes to annoy you with his elemental damage. Lastly, the Hunter is an all-round good fighter and can get himself out of most instances. Upgrade your guardian with different abilities and skills to make them unique to you.

Be your Guardian: Choose between three different classes, and unlock different skills and armor to craft your character.

9. Squad (PC)

Squad Cinematic Trailer

Squad is a team-oriented first-person shooter that heavily relies on team attacks and team coordination. Authenticity is the key here. As it almost acts as a military simulator and puts you in situations where you and your friends must work together.

Outsmart and outwit your opponent: The team with the better strategy will have the upper hand. Things are bound to go wrong, so always have a backup.

Claim victory together as you outwit and outsmart the enemy team.  Large open areas give you and your team environments to plan your attack and execute the winning strategy.

Realistic combat: simulate real-life firefights. They will be quick and fast, so stay vigilant and stay on your toes.

8. Conan Exiles (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Conan Exiles Launch Trailer

Enter the world of Conan the barbarian and survive an unforgiving world that will eat you up and spit you back out. Conquer the elements as you build a home, and expand into a large-scale kingdom. Build armies and engage giant monsters that think they own the world. 

Friend or foe? How about Frenemies?:  You could make friends and gain allies for a massive army. Or you could just kill everything that moves.

Survive together in the unforgiving environments with your friends or make new enemies in this massive open-world RPG. You bow to no one, but you will make everyone bow before you.

Survive the elements: Survival is essential in this unforgiving world. Build an empire and make all kneel at your presence.

7. Dota 2 (PC)

DOTA 2 Official Trailer

One of the original MOBAs. Also known as, massive online battle arena. Dota puts players in arenas and has them battle with side objectives sprinkled throughout the match. Players can choose from over one hundred characters to play. Take on one of many different roles to support your team in various ways to achieve victory.

So many choices: There is a large assortment of different characters, all of which have different abilities to utilize. There's something that caters to all kinds of play styles.

Dota is very much a team-based game. The better your team communicates and works together, the better you'll do.  Make sure you fight the enemy and not yourselves.

Devastating ultimate abilities: Game-changing abilities known as ultimates do just that. If used correctly, ultimates could ultimately (pun intended) turn the tide of the game and put the victory back in your team's hands.

6. Hunt: Showdown (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Hunt Showdown Launch Trailer

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession. Wouldn't you agree? You' have a target. Hunt them down and reap the rewards. Be careful though you're a target as well. Hunt combines PVP and elements from PVE.  Hunt your monster,  and you become a target. If you don't watch your back, you might find a knife in it.

Get your bounty and get out of there: There's a monster loose, it's your job to kill it. Once you do, other hunters will be on your trail, so get out as quickly as possible.

Death is cruel, as dying will strip you of your weapons, gear, and character while keeping your experience gain intact. Keep your head on a swivel and claim your bounty.

A cruel and dark world: It's a dark world out there. Never let your guard down, your progress is at stake.

5. RUST (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Rust Trailer

Rust makes you survive in a barren wasteland where you must hunt animals to stay fed. Find water to stay hydrated. All while trying to protect yourself from other players as they will go after you and your resources.

Survive: Don't trust anyone in this survival shooter. They will be after your resources and other gear, gear, which might be useful to build shelters or start fires.

Sometimes the way to win is not to fight at all. Avoiding confrontation sometimes saves your skin, but let's be honest here, not everyone is perfect at preventing conflict.

Maybe they won't see me: Sometimes it can be difficult to hide when the fields are so open. Find shelter or build shelter, and hope for the best.

4. Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

From the team that brought us the critically acclaimed Witcher series, now brings us a sci-fi game set in a Cyberpunk world. Cyberpunk 2077 is based on a tabletop game that takes inspirations from games like dungeons and dragons. In Cyberpunk, you will craft your own story as you create your character and give them your background to immerse yourself in this extensive scope of a game.

 Choose wisely: Decisions will profoundly impact how your story plays out from the upgrades you choose, to how NPCs see you.

Cyberpunk's a first-person shooter that utilizes cybernetic upgrades. Similar to those from Deus Ex. You can give yourself robotic spider arms or blades that enhance your melee capabilities.

More than guns: While it is a first-person shooter. Cyberpunk will offer upgrades and modifications that enhance both shooting, melee, and other aspects of the game.

3. Mordhau (PC)

Mordhau Trailer

Strike down all those who oppose you. In Mordhau, you create your warrior and customize them with loot you pick up from the battlefield. Play the way you want with the option to switch between third and first-person. 

So many weapons: Play to your liking by choosing swords, axes, morning stars, etc.

 Similar to For Honor, there's a learning curve that you must overcome to dominate. Once you get past the learning curve, matches start to become extremely fun and addictive.

You think melee is your only option?: Unlike For Honor, Mordhau also puts a focus on ranged combat. Snipe from afar with a bow and arrow, but don't be that guy.

2. Mount & Blade: Bannerlord (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Trailer

Experience the medieval conflicts of old as you take up your sword and shield and go up against others. Mount & Blade uses directional inputs to control your weapon.  It's a skill-based system that is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Ready for battle: Engage in real authentic castle sieges and medieval combat. Every strike counts, and missing will be severely punished.

Mount & Blade lets you live the fantasy of sieging a castle and participating in large scale battles. Not only do you play as infantry, but it allows you to mount up on horseback and fight on the battlefield while mounted.

Lay siege: Siege the castle and claim it as your own. Dominate the playing field and let the enemy know you are a force not to be trifled with.

1. Resident Evil 3 remake (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis Trailer

Third times the charm. After the successful remake of Resident Evil 2. Capcom has returned to give us the remake of Resident Evil 3.  Survive as Jill Valentine. She's one of the last survivors in Raccoon City as a bioweapon gets out of hand and infects the inhabitants.

Blast from the past: Resident Evil 3 takes place during the events of Resident Evil 2 while Leon and Claire survive their story.

Perform elaborate puzzles, survive hordes of zombies, and avoid the deadly Nemesis experiment. Watch your ammo though you only have a limited amount.

You can hide if you want. It won't help: Similar to Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake, Nemesis will hunt you down until you're dead. Better watch yourself, and watch that ammo.

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