[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Damage Classes

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In Destiny 2 there are times when you need (or just want) to wail on an enemy for as long as you can. Y0u can of course do this with powerful weapons that have high damage-per-second output like the exotic Coldheart but you can of course choose a subclass to keep the pressure on with your abilities and supers.

Today, we’re going to list our Top 5 classes that are great for DPS.

Our Top 5 

  • Sunbreaker
  • Gunslinger
  • Voidwalker
  • Sentinel
  • Arcstrider

1. Sunbreaker

"Forge the fury of undying suns."

Though it’s waned in popularity over recent years, Sunbreaker Titans can still burn hot and bright. Top tree Code of the Fire Forged is good thanks to things like melee ability which hurts but also weakens your enemies. When your super is active,your hammer throws have more opportunities to create explosions. If you pair it with exotic chest armor Hallowfire Heart you can chain your melee and grenades as long as your super is charged.

Sunbreaker Strengths

  •  Thrown hammers increase damage the longer they fly through the air
  • Tempered Metal ability grants speed and reload boosts to you and teammates after solar kills
  • Hammers shatter and do AOE damage on impact
  • Enemies killed by Hammer of Sol explode


2. Gunslinger

"A lone wolf who lives for the perfect shot."

As Destiny 2’s resident space cowboys, Hunters who run Gunslinger’s bottom tree Way of the Sharpshooter bring the spirit of the wild west’s shootouts to humanity’s enemies. The abilities of this tree make the most of the Golden Gun with precision kills generating orbs of light, while also increasing it’s damage and duration.

Gunslinger Strengths

  • Faster Golden Gun cooldown with Practice makes Perfect ability
  • Bottom tree allows precision kills with Golden Gun to generate orbs of light
  • Synergizes very well Celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet and is highly effective against bosses at the cost of only having one shot


3. Voidwalker

"From the smallest atoms bloom the greatest explosions."

Look out! Space Wizards! Warlocks who love explosions and lots of grenades choose the top tree Attunement of Chaos makes your Nova Bomb split up into smaller projectiles, track down enemies and detonate on command. On top of that your melee ability charges your grenades making this good for aggressive playstyles.

Voidwalker Strengths

  • Chaos Accelerant ability uses Super energy to make grenades do more damage
  • Top tree Void abilities kills make enemies explode
  • Tracking Nova Bomb


4. Sentinel

"Valiant heart, unwavering resolve."

You’re probably thinking I’m going to talk about the Sentinel’s shield super, but actually we’re going to be highlighting the Sentinel’s top tree Code of the Protector. The super for this path is the Ward of Dawn, yes that’s right we chose the bubble shield because of its ability to empower you and your team with Weapons of Light. Which boosts your guns’ damage and allows you to really build up damage over time. Sometimes a good offense is a good defense.

Sentinel Strengths

  • Melee ability grants overshield and reload speed boost to you and allies
  • Melee restores health you and allies’ health and increases melee damage
  • Support abilities help keep you alive and allow for more pressure against enemies


5. Arcstrider

"Flow like lightning. Strike like thunder."

The Arcstrider subclass is for when you want to go beat things to death, but don’t want to play Titan. The top tree, Way of the Warrior, has you constantly on the move and dealing damage. Your melee and dodge abilities work together and when you activate your Arc Staff super kills with refill health and increases damage, which stacks 3x. 

Arcstrider Perks

  • Melee recharges dodge
  • Dodge charges melee range which can create a sort of cycle of melee and movement
  • Combination Blow ability triggers health regen and increases damage up to 3 times


Like our list? What classes do you think should be on here and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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