Destiny 2: How To Join A Clan

Player characters in Destiny 2 showing how to join a clan
Stop playing Destiny 2 the wrong way & join a clan

Destiny 2 Clans and How to Join Them

If you haven't joined a clan in Destiny 2, you are missing out.

While it is possible to play solo, Destiny 2 is designed to be an online multiplayer experience, with several significant features in the game to support this. Specifically the Clan feature, one with a lot of advantages that first-time players might miss if they don’t join one.  

Joining a clan in Destiny 2 makes it easier to find a group of dedicated players to beat a tough Raid or go on Nightfall Strikes with. As part of a Clan, you also get to unlock shared perks, weekly rewards and obtain items that your fellow Clan members earn. By joining a clan, you gain an even better experience playing Destiny 2.    


How to Join A Clan in Destiny 2:

  • First, you need to get an invite to join a clan. Search around for ones that match how you play, whether it be casual or dedicated. Here are some places you can find Clans to join: 
    • While Playing the Game - You’ll constantly end up in Fireteams with other players in Destiny 2, many of them in Clans who will often send you an invite to join if you show them you’re a reliable player.  
    • The Forums - The Forums are a great place to find Clans to join. Look for posts that discuss Clan openings, add your Bungie Name to the list, and you’ll likely get an invite. 
    • Destiny 2 Companion App - With the app on your phone, tap to launch, then look at the bottom menu where you’ll see the “Clans” Icon. Tap it, then the “Browse Clans” button. You’ll get two lists — one with Suggested Clans and a Clan Recruitment page filled with posts asking for players to join.  
    • Destiny 2 Discord Servers - Consider the Destiny 2 and Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers. Each has channels dedicated to clan recruitment.
    • Destiny 2 Subreddits - r/destiny2 and other related subreddits are also great online forums for players to find posts on Clans open for new members to join. 
  • Next, once you receive a Clan invite in-game, enter your Character Menu by pressing start/options/menu.
  • Then, press L1/LB or click the Roster Tab. 
  • There, press or click on the invite and accept it. 

You can also accept Clan invites through the Companion App or on Any way that you choose, just make sure that you find a Clan you know you’ll enjoy playing with and get those perks and rewards ASAP.

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