[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Gambit Weapons and How to Get Them

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"All right, all right, all right. Let's see what we've got."

There is a renewed focus on Destiny 2’s Gambit. With the Witch Queen expansion, this core activity saw a lot of changes implemented with the hope of addressing some of the more obvious pain points. Heavy ammo, for example. Such that you may be hearing The Drifter’s soothing voice calling you in to slay some enemies once more. And to do so, here are the current ten best weapons to use in Destiny 2’s Gambit:

10. Izanagi’s Burden

Drewsky + MP Edits show what Izanagi's Burden can do!

There are three reasons to sport a weapon in Gambit. General add-clear, invading, or damaging the Primeval. And Izanagi’s Burden, the exotic sniper rifle in the Kinetic slot, actually shines while invading. Let’s kick things off with its base stats:

  • Impact - 70
  • Range - 53
  • Stability - 47
  • Handling - 52
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 62
  • Magazine - 4

Izanagi’s Burden hits hard, and each shot sounds like a hammer hitting an anvil. Such is why, in strictly PvE content, Izanagi’s is so coveted. With four bullets in the magazine, the exotic perk Honed Edge allows you to convert said magazine into one round with increased range and damage. Sounds great for boss damage, right? Yes, but consider consuming your magazine and then invading the enemy team to one-shot guardians to the body. It’s very effective. 

How do I get Izanagi’s Burden?

Izanagi's Burden hits like a truck. And with Honed Edge, like a cargo ship.

This exotic sniper rifle can easily be purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. You just need an ascendant shard or two, some materials, and a mountain of glimmer.

9. Null Composure

Null Composure is one sleek looking fusion rifle.

Null Composure was the Pursuit Weapon for Season of the Splicer. With this fusion rifle in the energy slot, you’ll easily be clearing waves of enemies in Gambit. First though, here are its base stats:

  • Impact - 55
  • Range - 36
  • Stability - 42
  • Handling - 60
  • Reload Speed - 53
  • Aim Assistance - 38
  • Magazine - 6

The reason to don this fusion rifle is the perk, Reservoir Burst. Originally only found on the Loaded Question fusion rifle, this perk enables increased damage and void explosions when your magazine is full. It’s perfect for add-clear in Gambit. 

How do I get Null Composure?

Easily accsesible and great for Void 3.0!

It’s easy! Head over to the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. There you can acquire it for an Ascendant Shard and a few materials.

8. Le Monarque

While not overpowered, Le Monarque is undoubtedly top tier.

The infamous Le Monarque. An exotic bow in the energy slot, this weapon leaves guardians weak or dead in the Crucible. And in Gambit, it is just as deadly. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 76
  • Accuracy - 81
  • Handling - 59
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 70
  • Draw Time - 684

Le Monarque’s exotic perk, Poison Arrows, does just what it says. It lets you shoot poison arrows. And precision hits with said arrows spread poison to nearby enemies. This is a fantastic way to quickly clear a group of enemies in Gambit. And with the intrinsic Snapshot, slinging arrows is your easy path to success. 

It is also good to note that with the Witch Queen expansion, Le Monarque was given a catalyst in the form of Unrelenting. So if you’re rapidly dispatching enemies, don’t be surprised to see your health regenerating!

How do I get Le Monarque?

Le Monarque is the bow for almost every activity. 

Nice and easy, Le Monarque can also be acquired from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. I heartily recommend this weapon.

7. Huckleberry

Huckleberry is absolutely slept on. Especially in Gambit.

At number eight, we have the exotic submachine gun, Huckleberry. One of my favorite Destiny weapons that you don’t see all too often. However, when you need a gun to clear enemies as quickly as possible, Huckleberry is a very solid option. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 23
  • Range - 53
  • Stability - 42
  • Handling - 60
  • Reload Speed - 10
  • Aim Assistance - 49
  • Magazine - 37

Huckleberry is often overshadowed by other such submachine guns as Shayura’s Wrath and Multimach CCX. However, consider its perk, Ride the Bull. As you hold down the trigger, the rate of fire and recoil increases while kills with the weapon reload the entire magazine (with the catalyst). Pair that with Rampage and Huckleberry lets you continually chew through enemies like a knife through butter. 

How do I get Huckleberry?

Huckleberry is Tex Mechanica, which means it's automatically excellent.

Huckleberry is a world exotic drop. This means that you can either get it from completing activities or Xur. Use Xur’s Fated Engram if you don’t yet have it - it guarantees an exotic to drop that you don’t already have.

6. Sunshot

Sunshot makes things go boom.

Sunshot is an exotic hand cannon in the Energy slot, and it’s one of my favorite weapons in the franchise. To convince you to use this hand cannon, even though it has been in the game since release, here first are the base stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Range - 38
  • Stability - 46
  • Handling - 83
  • Reload Speed - 75
  • Aim Assistance - 60
  • Magazine - 12

Sunshot has two exotic perks that work in tandem. Sunburn allows the weapon to fire explosive rounds and highlight damaged targets, and then Sun Blast disintegrates your enemies in a fiery explosion. Oh, and each explosive kill can chain to any nearby enemy. 

For Gambit, and like Null Composure, Sunshot’s chain explosive capabilities are fantastic. With waves of enemies in Gambit often close together, getting the Sunshot train going will make quick work of your foes. Also, note that Sunshot’s catalyst increases the gun’s range and stability. Even better!

How do I get Sunshot?

Why are you not using Sunshot? It's fantastic for making things go boom.

Sunshot is another world exotic drop. This means you’ll be relying on luck for this weapon to drop from activities. Vanguard Strikes, Crucible matches, you name it. Or, you can wait for Xur to sell it. 

5. Sleeper Simulant

Be careful with Sleeper Simulant; the laser can refract and kill you!

Coming in at number five, we have the Sleeper Simulant. This is an exotic linear fusion rifle in the Heavy slot. Perhaps you can hear the sound of its laser charging up back when it was released in Destiny 1. Nevertheless, let’s see the base stats:

  • Impact - 41
  • Range - 63
  • Stability - 41
  • Handling - 41
  • Reload Speed - 36 
  • Aim Assistance - 57
  • Magazine - 4

Heavy weapons are king in Gambit. Whether that’s for boss damage or invading, putting in big damage fast will see you winning more matches than not. This is where Sleeper Simulant excels. 

With the exotic perk, Dornröschen, this weapon’s laser over-penetrates enemies and refracts off hard surfaces. This is what makes Sleeper Simulant one of the best DPS weapons in Destiny 2. Add in the fact that it one-shot body shots guardians from across the map while invading or being invaded. This is a very valuable weapon indeed. 

How do I get Sleeper Simulant?

Don't sleep on Sleeper Simulant.

This exotic linear fusion rifle was a quest weapon released back with the Warmind DLC. As it’s no longer available, Sleeper Simulant can now be obtained from the Monument to Lost Lights exotic kiosk in the Tower. 

4. Dead Man’s Tale

CammyCakes say it's the best primary in Destiny, so maybe just try it out?

At number four, we have another exotic weapon. And while you may loathe this weapon in the Crucible, Dead Man’s Tale is unsurprisingly fantastic in Gambit. Here are its base stats:

  • Impact - 67
  • Range - 34
  • Stability - 37
  • Handling - 55
  • Reload Speed - 55
  • Aim Assistance - 60
  • Magazine - 14

Gambit maps are large. And having a good scout rifle to cover the entire space can prove very valuable. And Dead Man’s Tale is arguably the best scout rifle in the game. Depending on the perks, you can have great range, handling, and reload speed. So for Gambit and PvE, I recommend:

  • Subsistence, Fourth Time’s the Charm or Vorpal Weapon

Your choice of perk depends on what your priorities are, but these three are the best all-rounders for Gambit. Subsistence for add-clear and Vorpal Weapon or Fourth Time’s the Charm for the Primeval. Don’t pass up on Fourth Time’s the Charm though; it really pairs well with the gun’s exotic perk, Cranial Spike - chaining precision hits grants bonus damage and quickens reload speed. 

And don’t forget, Dead Man’s Tale has a catalyst that enables an increase in the hip-fired rate of fire and removes the associated accuracy penalties. You’re a space cowboy!

How do I get Dead Man’s Tale?

Presage was a great mission, wasn't it?

Dead Man’s Tale was available from the exotic mission, Presage. But with its removal come Witch Queen, the only way to acquire this gun is Xur. He’ll sell randomly rolled versions every week for you to buy. With luck, he’ll have a god roll. 

3. Gjallarhorn

The heavy weapon to rule them all.

Ye ol’ Gjallarhorn. This is the exotic rocket launcher introduced to Destiny 2 with the 30th Anniversary Event. And after only a few short months, and a recent tracking nerf, Gjallarhorn has already made its mark. Especially in Gambit. Here are the base stats:

  • Blast Radius - 95
  • Velocity - 51
  • Handling - 69
  • Reload Speed - 43
  • Magazine - 1

Gjallarhorn sports the perks, Wolfpack Rounds and Pack Hunter. Rounds fired offshoot cluster missiles that swarm targets and thereafter apply it to allies using a legendary rocket launcher too. It packs a punch, easily clears your lower-tier enemies, and does a decent job of putting in Primeval damage. Even with the recent nerf to its tracking capabilities, Gjallarhorn is still your go-to exotic rocket launcher in Gambit. 

How do I get Gjallarhorn?

The Grasp of Avarice dungeon is Bungie at their best.

Gjallarhorn has its own quest. As part of the 30th Anniversary Event, you can head over to Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome and he’ll give you the first step. It involves completing the Grasp of Avarice dungeon - twice if you want the catalyst, and you do because it bumps your magazine up to two rockets. 

2. Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected is low-key excellent.

Outbreak Perfected is an exotic pulse rifle in the Kinetic slot. Originally Outbreak Prime in Destiny 1, this is one of my go-to weapons for almost every activity. Especially Gambit. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 27
  • Range - 50
  • Stability - 46
  • Handling - 51
  • Reload Speed - 51
  • Aim Assistance - 65
  • Magazine - 35

Like many other weapons in this list, being able to quickly eliminate waves of enemies in Gambit is vital to success. And thanks to Outbreak Perfected’s two unique perks, The Corruption Spreads and Parasitism, this is exactly what you’ll be doing. 

These perks create swarming, damaging Siva nanites with rapidly landed hits and precision kills. Herein, Outbreak Perfected is wonderfully effective for both add-clear and Primeval damage. And it was recently buffed to be even better.

How do I get Outbreak Perfected?

Smooth, sleek, and lethal.

Outbreak Perfected had its own exotic mission, Zero Hour. But with that being currently unavailable, this exotic pulse rifle can be acquired from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. 

1. Ager’s Scepter

Seriously. Ager's Scepter in Gambit will surprise you.

That’s right. Ager’s Scepter. This is an exotic stasis trace rifle introduced with Season of the Lost. You don’t see this weapon all too often in Gambit, but trust me, it’s fantastic. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 6
  • Range - 72
  • Stability - 81
  • Handling - 57
  • Reload Speed - 60
  • Aim Assistance - 100
  • Magazine - 97

So why Ager’s Scepter? Aside from its excellent range, aim assistance, and large magazine, the weapon has two unique perks - Ager’s Call and Rega’s Refrain. Ager’s Call enables final blows to generate a slowing burst of stasis energy around the target and freeze any surrounding targets. And Rega’s Refrain transfers ammo to your reserves with stasis final blows. Not just from Ager’s Scepter, mind you. From any stasis final blow. 

Ager’s Scepter is a chaining weapon like Sunshot, but for stasis. And with the synergy between its two unique perks, you can easily clear waves of enemies in Gambit. But don’t forget that when you have a super, you can change to the gun’s alternate firing mode. At the cost of said super, you get increased damage and a larger magazine, and the ability to freeze targets. Ager’s Scepter really is fantastic, and it’s entirely underrated. 

How do I get Ager’s Scepter?

Freeze them all. 

The exotic quest to acquire Ager’s Scepter was removed with the arrival of the Witch Queen expansion. Instead, it can now be retrieved from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. You won’t regret spending materials on this one!

So there you have it. The ten best weapons to use in Destiny 2’s Gambit. And with the speed at which these games play, you’ll want one of these weapons to clear enemies fast, take out enemy players, or hit the Primeval as hard as possible. Have fun!

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