Destiny 2 Best FPS Settings That Give You an Advantage

Destiny 2 Best FPS Settings

Having an edge in competitive play can be the difference between victory and defeat. The particular problem explored here has been felt by many. One moment your enemy seems at a distance, and suddenly they are upon you; a flight of light and one bang later, you are lying prone on the ground with your ghost waiting for you to instruct you to revive it. This sudden burst in your enemy's speed isn't because they have some blink feature that allows them to teleport. It's more likely that your frame rate is too low, and there is a fraction of seconds lost in animation. It might not seem like a big issue, but it does affect your kill ratio. Here we take a look at possible solutions to your problem. Bring the fight back to them a guardian. 

Field of View build.  

The first thing you want to do is check your current graphics and resolution settings; what you want to check here is your graphics refresh rate. The rate is usually set at 60 hertz per second, meaning you see 60 frames. Even if you have a monster master race pc build and can handle a lot more if you do not modify this number, it's like having a Ferrari and keeping it in first gear. So, make sure you place it at the max or near max refresh rate and make sure your resolution is at least 1080p.   

Now launch your game and go to the setting of the game and click on the video options. At this screen, choose your framerate cap to match your setup's best performance. If you skip this step, you might be overworking your pc with little to no benefit since your setup cannot display more than its current cap. Now go ahead and check your field of view, usually capped at 80 since that is the counsel's original setting. Click to 100 so you can see more of the surroundings this way, you have a much wider field of vision and become harder to surprise. 

 There is not much to do in the advanced video setting since Destiny 2 is well optimized; what you want is the shadow quality at the lowest setting to optimize frame rate. If you feel you could still be doing a better job, then turn off the Wind Impulse. Wind Impulse is the particle effects on screen. This drives all the virtual ram you need to your refresh rate. You might be tempted to decrease the resolution; it is recommended to go against this since it might change your game's look.    

  • Amplifies your field of view, so no more sneaking up on you.  
  • An optimized refreshed rate allows for a better idea of your enemy's movements.  
  • Easy enemy tracking means more informed decision making.  
  • Still fantastic graphic experience with the changes.  
  • Allows your computer to work at optimized conditions.   
  • Easy to follow instructions for best performance based on your build.  

You have now closed the gap between competitive players and yourself, even giving you a greater advantage on the battlefield. This setup also allows for a great solo gaming experience. Destiny 2 is already an optimized game for graphics. As a user, you are just adjusting to allow for the best performance possible.  


Have fun. 


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