Top 10 Best MMOFPS Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

Best MMOFPS Games
The best PC shooters for playing with friends and stomping your foes!

What Are The Best MMOFPS Games To Play Right Now?

The FPS genre is one of the most tried and tested out there with so many variations on offer, whether eradicating hordes of alien invaders or battling through trenches. In the past few years, however, we’ve seen perhaps one of the greatest developments of FPS games – even more bad guys. MMOFPS games have really ramped up the number of players we get to battle in our quest for the number 1 spot.

Whether you’re looking to team up with friends, or to show them who’s boss, there are some great titles out there. We’re going to walk you through each of them.

10. Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals Gameplay

Taking us back to one of the most loved war genres, Heroes & Generals lets players battle it out as either American, German, or Soviet troops during WW2.

Selecting between recon pilots, tank commanders, paratroopers, and many more, you deploy into individual campaigns that influence a larger online war directed by your generals.

Players earn credits that can used to purchase better gear or vehicles, and these are then brought into each battle that you enter. Entering a battle where each player brings something different to the table makes for truly unique battlefield experiences.

Most importantly, this is a free-to-play title, so there’s no reason not to check it out.

Heroes & Generals is a combination of real-time battles and strategic warfare as Generals control battle supply lines.

Being a free-to-play game, Heroes & Generals gained a huge player base very early on in release that still thrives today.

9. PlanetSide 2


Another free-to-play game in our countdown is Planetside 2. With 3 main factions at war,  your first priority is to pick a side before battling for annihilation of the other factions and achieving ultimate supremacy.

Class types, weapon attachments, and vehicles: Planetside 2 doesn’t come lacking. Players are pitted against each other across expansive maps with square kilometres of uninterrupted gameplay. You really feel the sense of all out war.

With 2000 players battling it out per continent, the battlefield is utter chaos. It’s great! If you’re looking for an all out war, then this is the game for you.

Planetside 2 is an epic scale FPS title with 6000 players battling over 3 continents.

  Planetside 2 delivers missions catered to your location, as well as those for battle hotspots - deploy where your faction needs you the most.  

8. Destiny 2

The much anticipated sequel is here. Destiny 2 continues with the last remaining guardians now fending off an invasion from a devastating new enemy, Ghaul.

Destiny 2 brings together fast-paced coop and competitive multiplayer gaming. Between going on raids or taking on the crucible, there is every opportunity for a player to show their worth.

The one thing almost as important as combat in Destiny 2 is style. There are so many armour configurations that players can then customise. Showing off your new gear is vital, you’ve earned it after all.

Unlock new skills and abilities to unleash devastating attacks on your enemy. Destiny 2 has placed a large focus on clan missions, meaning better rewards and loot when competing with your clanmates!

7. Battlefield 1


The team over at Dice really nailed it with the Battlefield series; they’ve produced so many adored titles, and Battlefield 1 has only added to that list.

Bolt-action rifles, cavalry, biplanes, and even trains. BF1 uniquely takes us back to WW1 where warfare was darker, more personal, and truly vicious. With world giants battling across Europe, players get into the thick of it by cutting enemies down with anything from light machine guns to spades.

The atmosphere is great. You really feel immersed in the fight, as if every decision you make matters. Boasting authentic weaponry, including our favourite - the B.A.R, and truly immersive SFX, you’ll get no closer to the action than BF1.

The enemy can appear from anywhere. The environment in BF1 can make enemy movement patterns very unpredictable.

When in doubt, pull out the club and charge the enemy down…unless they have a light machine gun.

6. Squad

Squad pits two teams of up to 50 players against each other, battling across vast open maps with extremely realistic features, such as VoIP for proximity communication and navigational systems. Squad really immerses players in their environment.

Squad isn’t simply about frontline combat, but it’s also about support roles such as offensive and defensive fortification construction, capturing assets to allow for properly supported frontlines, and air or armoured support.

Being able to join up in a team of 50 players and battle through realistic scenarios is what sets Squad apart from more fictional background games.

Take control of the battlefield using the terrain and building layouts to your advantage. Boasting realistic weapons, attachments and environments, Squad is one of the most realistic shooters out there.

5. Defiance

Taking place on the newly terraformed Earth, players scour the lands in search of alien tech. Thousands battle in this huge open world shooter in an attempt to unlock new gear and level up their skills.

Defiance doesn’t only allow players to compete against each other, but also to team up for some of the more challenging events in Arenas and Instances.

The levels of customisation in Defiance are huge, giving each player the chance to become a truly unique citizen in the new frontier. Also, being a free-to-play game, it does offer in-game purchases for those who can’t wait to max out their character.

Some colossal enemies will require a group effort to defeat, so be sure to make some friends along the way.

Make sure to use energy weapons and completely obliterate other players.

4. Survarium

Our final free-to-play game to make it to the list is Survarium. Fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world, players battle it out for artifacts which can turn the tide against their enemies.

Factions are your friends! The more missions completed in Survarium, the more rewards you’ll receive from those factions. Skill trees are extremely important in Survarium as they will allow players to increase accuracy or effectiveness of medical abilities, so teaming up with players who have a variety of different skills will really benefit you in battle. When choosing a faction, a unique set of weapons and equipment becomes available to you through their merchant.

Being able to not only kill but also wound other players is great! Shooting their legs prevents them from moving, 2 broken arms and they can only fire pistols - it’s these details that really make Survarium a tactical survival shooter.

Don’t forget you can wound players to your own advantage, shoot their arms to limit their weapon choice.

The element of surprise will help edge your team closer to victory.

3. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Continuing the epic saga, Battlefront 2 sees you playing as an Empire special forces commander who turns away from the dark side and takes up arms with the Rebellion.

Battlefront 2 brings many popular features from the first installment as well as a revamped progression system, new game modes, and playable heroes (yes, this includes Darth Maul!). Taking part in epic space battles or land assaults on the side of empire or rebellion, you get to live everything Star Wars.

Marching up to rebel trenches whilst being supported by AT-AT’s is nothing short of awesome. There’s nothing more iconic than blasters going off around you whilst trying to secure an objective. There is a great emphasis of squad play in Battlefront 2, and it’s the key to any victory.

Epic space battles are a huge part of Battlefront 2, just make sure not to lose sight of your wingman.

Squad-based gameplay is the key to victory, there’s always safety in numbers.  


Parachuting onto a 8x8 km island with 99 other players and nothing but your fists is terrifying as much as it is exciting.

PUBG is the title that really drew attention to the battle royale series. Players can battle either solo, in a duo, or as a squad of 4, and the end goal is that number 1 spot. “Winner winner chicken dinner” is what every player hopes to see at the end of a round.

Landing in town, field, or airport, the first goal for everyone is the same: get gear. Everyone starts off with nothing, so you really begin on an equal playing field. Knowing where to land and the best places to get gear will really serve you well in PUBG.

The intensity of even the smallest fight is sometimes too much with this game, as once you’re dead, you’re out and off to start again. Death can come as quickly as you land, that’s what makes this game so thrilling and deserving of the number 2 spot.

It’s all about the gear in PUBG, don’t miss out on airdrops but be wary of enemy snipers baiting you in.

Take them down quickly and effortlessly, always take the headshot.

1. Fortnite


Number 1, Fortnite. Another battle royale game but with a more laid-back game style, and the ability to build your own structures.

Fortnite combines the love of intense battles and the need for easy-to-play games. Dropping into the zone from the battle bus, you run to the closest building in search of any guns or shields. Unlike PUBG, realism wasn’t Fortnite’s priority - instead, there’s a heavy focus on the fact that players can build enormous buildings/cover with resources they collect from destroying the environment.

Downing a player with a pumpkin RPG, then pulling off the running man... I mean, how can the game get any better? Fortnite has also brought in game modes such as 50 VS 50, and a potentially new gun game mode on top of the solo, duo, and squad play.

Fortnite’s great, whether playing solo or with friends. Boogie competitions can happen anywhere, anytime. Just because there’s an epic battle, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your moves!

Fortnite is great when playing with friends…you can pick up their gear when they die. We all know it’s about how you look when you’re dancing over the corpses of your enemies, unlock new style choices with loot boxes.

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