[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Class for PvP

Destiny 2 Best Class for PvP

10. Titan Arc Middle Code of the Missile


This Titan class hurls through the air in a superman punch, pose that, when lands, generate a great amount of damage. Though not the main attractive feature of this fighting class, that would be its neutral fighting abilities, the gameplay itself is built around the super and extra super energy that can be saved. The idea here is to cast the super often. This Arc type sticker is benefited greatly by high mobility; the super can even be used to avoid getting cornered and even flying back to destroy an opponent. 

Code of the Missile Strengths 

  • Quick, supercharge. 
  • Combines great with Dunemarchers for extra energy and mobility. 
  • The high movement rate pairs well with a shotgun for close encounters 
  • Dominates small maps, especially three vs. three scenarios 
  • Super can be used to escape and avoid. 

This is a great learning class to start with when engaging in PvP activities and can be quickly mastered to become a threat. It becomes a quick reaction type at high-level play and can move quite quickly, taking out enemy after enemy. The player needs to focus on speed, and great for close up combat. 

PvP score:  65/100 

9. Titan Arc Bottom Code of the Juggernaut

This Juggernaut comes with all the bells and whistles needed to take out groups of enemies. The bottom tree fist of havoc possesses a great damage hitbox; it can even break other guardians out of their supers. Its melee generating abilities make it a fantastic class for those aggressive types that love to get in close and personal to do major damage. 

Code of the Juggernaut Strengths 

  • Excels at close quarter combat 
  • Can take out multiple enemies with melee  
  • Excels with aggressive in your face playstyles.  
  • The super take out multiple opponents.  
  • The shotgun and melee combination will trigger a knockout perk, which means the next hit is almost a guaranteed kill. 

This arc class striker shines when in the hands of those unafraid to invade zones in control or skilled enough to either flank, rush into the enemy. Its only drawback is its lack of possible ranged combat, making it more of a one-trick pony. This is made up for by its super, taking out multiple opponents at a close range. 

PvP score:  70/100 

8. Titan Solar Bottom Code of the Siegebreaker 

The second most versatile of the Titan classes, Siegebreaker, ranged combatant with decent enough close range. With its super ability focused on throwing exploding hammers at the enemies. Its theme, though, is creating sunspots to exploit the class features that work well while within these flame zones are active and, with certain perks, can even buff your allies.  

Code of the Siegebreaker strengths 

  • Fantastic super ability, throwing exploding hammers that almost always take out the enemy. 
  • Super generates sunspots that buff the player and can even buff allies. 
  • The Sun warrior generates melee and grenade energy faster. 
  • Restores health with solar ability kills. 
  • Combine with Pheonix Boots to double sun warrior's duration for devastating effects. 

This is one of the more tactile based combatants, but it should not feel intimidating. The learning curve is very generous, and with the ability to heal, buff, and deal damage with the super activated, the player can afford to slip up once and a while. At its best, it can take out multiple enemies and still recuperate from damage thanks to its healing abilities.  

PvP score:  70/100 

7. Titan Void Middle Code of the Commander 

The most defensive playstyle is found in the Code of the Commander. With this class, the Void heavy class relies on slow movement and damage redirection. It super makes it versatile as the shield becomes a bashing weapon and, when blocking, damages enemies.  

Code of the Commander Strengths 

  • Defensive Play 
  • Super can bounce damage back at enemies. 
  • The grenade's effects are great as they damage and leave detonators on tagged enemies for extra damage when detonated. 
  • Super can block damage aimed at allies and produces orbs. 
  • It can be combined with exotics to move faster and exploit the defensive stance even more. 

This class is for the more slow-burn player. Their main attractive feature comes from helping teammates with al almost passive effects of providing cover, booby-trapping enemies for further damage, and building supers one after another.  

PvP score:  75/100 

6. Warlock Arc Middle Attunement of Control 

The middle tree Stormcaller subclass is all about super energy conservation. When in the hands of an experienced Warlock combatant, this effect can be used to take out enemies and then stop and conserve super energy. Its concentrated beam of destruction paired with its quick energy build makes it a force to be reconned with.  

Attunement of Control Strengths 

  • Defeating enemies may grant energy to your abilities. 
  • Being critically wounded can grant you and your allies a boost in speed.  
  • Its melee is strong, just slow. 
  • The pulse wave allows one to escape from engagements.  
  • Combine with Geomag Stabilizers for the added super energy. 

The only real downside to this class feature is, honestly, the camera angle when casting the super. Even the jumping animation is not the issue. The angle presents are a change that takes some time to get used to. Once dominated, though, the Warlock is a tank on the battlefield dealing large portions of damage. 

PvP score:  65/100 

5. Warlock Arc Top Attunement of Conduction 

The player is the storm. This damage-dealing lightning storm is one of the most aggressive and mobility-based classes on this list. It's super when used with fully charged melee, and grenade energy lasts longer and thus extends the damage output. It's an intimidating sight to see the arc wielder float above the ground unleashing lightning from its fingertips.  

Attunement of Conduction Strengths 

  • Fast energy collection. 
  • Extended super when cast with melee and grenade energy. 
  • Ionic blink activates during Storm trance for added mobility. 
  • Arc web chains lighting to nearby enemies. 
  •  Great against enemy super since Ionic Blink can close the gap and deal damage. 

An experienced player can take this class to a great level. The ionic blink makes the mobility with this character class bar none. Being able not only to avoid enemy fire but to place themselves in an advantageous position. This is only a bonus to an already powerful lighting super that can link for group destruction. The neutral abilities themselves make this character very powerful. 

PvP score:  85/100 

4. Warlock Solar Top Tree Attunement of Sky

The most powerful damage dealer on the list. The only reason it doesn't rank any higher is that after expending the super, it leaves a player vulnerable to attacks. That is, if anyone is left alive to capitalize on the opportunity.  

Attunement of the Sky Strengths 

  • The flaming swords track enemies and have a generous hitbox. 
  • Super energy can be quickly collected. 
  • Winged Sun allows you to be accurate even when airborne. 
  • Melee's energy is regained when enemies are killed in the sky. 
  • Various dash is arguably the most OP mobility ability in the game. 

The versatile class does it all. High mobility to close off the range, has a powerful melee attack, takes precise air shots. There is little negative that can be said about it. The only glaring miss with this is how fast a player can deplete his supers' power by wasting swords. If well managed, this class dominates on the battlefield. 

PvP score:  95/100 

3. Hunter Solar Bottom Way of the Sharpshooter 

Probably one of the coolest character classes and honestly fun to play. The sharpshooter boasts one-shot supers as soon as it is activated. This class is for aggressive types that are not afraid of being fired back upon and can rely on their keen accuracy to pull them through. 

Way of the Sharpshooter Strengths 

  • With precision hits, the cooldown for the golden gun is shortened. 
  • Killing with the melee knife will immediately recharge the attack. 
  • Precision hits with golden guns generate orbs of light. 
  • The thrown weighted knife has almost no counter. 
  • Precision hits charge the super very fast. 

This powerhouse runs around ruining everyone's fun. Well, except for the player playing them. The class focuses on precision and thus can generate massive damage when used right. It requires some practice to master, and the knives are not as powerful as they once were; they are still dominant. 

PvP score:  70/100 

2. Hunter Bottom Way of the Wind 

Speed, this class is all about speed. Not only does this feature heavily, but it is also stated in its stat description. The main draw about it is the ability to raise its damage output when wounded and the super's ability to deflect damage and even redirect it towards competing guardian. 

Way of the Wind Strengths 

  • Easily the best Hunter subclass when in neutral combat. 
  • Melee blinds enemies. 
  • Reduced damage when dodging. 
  • Sprint recharges dodge 
  • The super can be frustrating but worth the time to master. 

One of the most fun classes to play; this hunter might lack in the super department, is more than makes up for it during its neutral play with its inherent abilities. The dodge roll that allows surviving encounters that otherwise would normally take out a player is a huge benefit. The Way of the Wind allows the player to dish out damage, take damage themselves, and use that damage to cause even more damage to the enemy. 

  PvP score:  85/100 

1. Hunter Void Middle Way of the Wraith 

The middle void Hunter might be the complete combatant of them all. While yes, the super does dominate with its two modes of execution and takes some getting used two, a player can hold their own on the battlefield and excel without having to depend too much on it. 

Way of the Wraith Strengths 

  • Multiple opportunities go invisible 
  • Super not only strikes enemies but allows for disengagements when done perfectly. 
  • A crotched headshot reveals enemy positions 
  • Smoke grenades are powerful and easily some of the more powerful in the game. 
  • The most resistible super with two modes of execution. 

This highly aggressive class does require some gentle tactical touch and should be better used by an experienced player. Once it has been dominated, it can claim the battlefield as its own. This super slices and dices through enemies and the grenade abilities light up an area with damaging effect. The grander effect of going invisible and repositioning after a cast super is definitely a great boon to the class. 


  PvP score:  85/100 

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