Destiny 2: How To Defeat Overload/Unstoppable Champions

Destiny 2 best overload weapon, destiny how to beat overload champion
Facing off against a Barrier Champoin

Ever since the Destiny2 expansion Shadowkeep, players would occasionally run into a buffed-up version of already formidable opponents. These shield bearing champions would be faster, much more aggressive, and able to shake off damage from weapons like flies off a horse’s... mane. They acquired this confidence because of the new barrier they sport. Once such a champion's health level would drop to half, a new shield would pop up; the new shield would negate most damage, and the enemy quickly regenerates its health bar. Some champions in the mix would even present the dreaded immune tag when shot at with regular weapons.   

Fear not guardian, for there is always a way. The way to a rip out a champions barrier protected heart would be the correct modified weapon; this could be in the form of a weapon drop that already has the prerequired perk, or having purchased it from the season artifact and modifying the weapon yourself. Here is a brief explanation of what modifications are available and a list of 5 weapons that come with the perk included.  

How to acquire.  

Once you have acquired the seasonal artifact is just a matter of purchasing the available. Since the artifact change by season, a player must be aware of what to buy. At launch hand, cannon armor-piercing rounds were the first to become available. These were the fastest to obtain and powerful, now seasons past, there is a slew of new modifiers available it is up to you to pick your poison.  

  • Anti-Barrier Rounds (for Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns) 
  • Anti-Barrier Hand Cannon 
  • Overload Rounds (for Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns) 
  • Overload Arrowheads 
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon 


Youtube: How to get Overload rounds, Unstoppable rounds, and Anti-Barrier rounds - Destiny 2 


How to use them in a fight.  

A one-two punch approach is recommended. Use your preferred weapon with the attached modifier to breach the shield; once the opponent's guard is down or is staggered, bring up your power weapon to drop the fiend's health. Preferably have a quick draw mod on both weapons for a rapid change. 

Youtube: Destiny 2 Barrier / Overload / Unstoppable Champions Beginner Guide - How to defeat Champions 

Here is an exotic side arm that already come primed to take on champoins. 

1.Devils Ruin 
Raid Drop: Garden of Salvation Raid. 
Great for Champoins 
Weapon Type: Side Arm 

Weapon Stats: 

  • Impact 49 
  • Range 46 
  • Stability 68 
  • Handling 54 
  • Reload Speed 42 
  • Charge Time 1000 
  • Rounds Per Minute 300 
  • Magazine 15 
  • Aim Assistance 56 
  • Inventory Size 64 
  • Zoom 12 
  • Recoil 100 
  • Bounce Intensity 0 

Weapon Perks 

Close the Gap – Strong against Unstoppable Champions-  



Barrel: Extended Barrel 
Battery: Projection Fuse 
Trait: Pyrogenesis 
Trait: Combat grip 

Weapon use and review: 

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