[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Armor Builds

Destiny 2 Best Armor Builds

It takes more than a cool gun to be the biggest and baddest in Destiny 2. You can be armed to the teeth but you won’t get anywhere without having the right armor suited to your subclass and weapons. To help you out, we’ve curated 10 builds that focus on synergizing your abilities and gear with an exotic armor piece to squeeze every drop of potential out of them. Each build comes from a creator on Youtube, and we encourage you to watch the original videos will be included in the Build Video section for each one.

Our Top 10 Armor Builds

  • Web of Tempests Build (Arc Warlock, PvP)
  • Ashen Wake Build (Solar Titan, PvP)
  • Invisibility Build (Void Hunter, PvP)
  • Health and Melee Build (Void Titan, PvP)
  • Ain’t Dead Yet (Solar Warlock, PvP)
  • Stick and Move (Arc Hunter, PvP)
  • Chain Lightning Build (Arc Titan, PvE)
  • Light and Darkness Build (Stasis Titan, PvE)
  • DPS Build (Stasis Hunter, PvE)
  • PvE Stasis Build (Stasis Warlock, PvE)

1. Web of Tempests Build (Arc Warlock, PvP)

This arc build for Warlocks is powered by the Crown of Tempests exotic helmet which charges your grenade and melee abilities but also extends your super ability, making a powerful cycle of lighting on lightning action.

Skill Tree: Attunement of Conduction

Ability: Healing Rift, Arcbolt grenade, burst glide

Armor: Crown of Tempests,

Weapons: Weapons that have Demolitionist perk, i.e Breachlight, Austringer, Old-Fashioned

Armor Mods to Use: Discipline Mod, Strength Mod, Impact Induction, Momentum Transfer, Hands-On, Distribution

Build Strengths:

  • Grenade and melee work off each other
  • Longer super
  • Fast grenades

Build Video by Dychronic:

2. Ashen Wake Build (Solar Titan, PvP)

Moving on to the solar builds we have this build that uses the middle tree Sunbreaker. The build is centered around the exotic Ashen Wake gauntlets and throwing grenades to get your supercharged. If you play it right you can get your super up a lot more in matches. Get ready for some hate mail from the enemy.

Skill Tree: Code of the Devastator

Ability: Fusion grenade, your choice for lift and barrier

Armor: Ashen Wake

Weapons: Weapons that roll with Demolitionist perk

Recommended Armor Mods: Ashes to Assets, Recovery Mod, Intellect Mod, Discipline Mod, Impact Induction, 

Build Strengths:

  • Fast charging grenades
  • Charge super quickly
  • Multiple supers in a game

Build Video by CastleIsLive:

3. Mobility Build (Void Hunter, PvP)

This build combines a high mobility stat along with the double dodge ability from the Sixth Coyote chest piece to keep you on the move. You’ll be running top tree Way of the Trapper, and use mods that buff auto rifles. It’s also helpful to mix with armor that boosts your recovery stat as well.

Skill Tree: Way of the Trapper (Top Tree)

Ability: Gambler’s Dodge, your choice of grenade

Armor: The Sixth Coyote (Exotic chest piece)

Weapons: Gnawing Hunger, or your auto rifle of choice

Armor Mods to Use: Traction, Distribution, Mobility mods, Auto rifle buffing mods

Build Strengths:

  • High mobility
  • Long invisibility
  • Faster ability charge

Build Video by PartTimeGuardian

4. Melee and Health Build (Void Titan, PvP)

For this build, you’ll run top tree Sentinel for its Defensive Strike melee which grants you an over shield while also charging your melee when you get final blows while you have said over shield. The top tree’s Rallying Charge perk will heal you and nearby teammates on melee kills. By combining these two with the exotic gauntlets Synthoceps and their boost to melee range you’ll be tough to crack.

Skill Tree: Code of the Protector

Ability: Gambler’s Dodge, Tripwire grenade, and jump

Armor: Synthoceps

Weapons: Monte Carlo

Recommended Armor Mods: Strength Mod, Hands-On, Void ability mods

Build Strengths:

  • Overshield also extends to nearby teammates
  • Faster charging melee
  • Good durability

Build Video by BRAVExHERO:

5. Ain’t Dead Yet (Solar Warlock, PvP)

This build uses top tree Dawnblade and the Karnstein Armlets exotic gauntlets which heal you for melee kills. It works with both your close and ranged melee. Pairing this with the exotic hand cannon Crimson will keep your health up as its exotic perk is healing on kills.

Skill Tree: Attunement of Sky

Ability: Your choice of rift, grenade, and lift

Armor: Karnstein Armlets

Weapons: Crimson, shotguns, sidearms

Recommended Armor Mods: Strength Mod, Outreach, Hands-On, Mobility Mod, 

Build Strengths:

  • Healing from gun kills
  • Healing and regen from exotic gauntlets
  • Good for close-quarters encounters

Build Video by Marcusbgaming:

6. Stick and Move (Arc Hunter, PvP)

This hunter build is heavily focused on maneuvering around the map. You’ll be running bottom tree Arcstrider, focusing on speed and pairing it with the Wormhusk Crown exotic helmet.

Skill Tree: Way of the Wind

Ability: Your choice for grenade, dodge, and jump

Armor: Wormhusk Crown

Weapons: Crimson, SUROS Regime,

Recommended Armor Mods: Mobility mod, Recovery mod, Intellect mod, Dynamo, Distribution,

Build Strengths:

  • Good for run ‘n gun playstyle
  • Evasive
  • Good recovery

Build Video by Marcusbgaming:

7. Chain Lightning Build (Arc Titan, PvE)

An upside to this build is that you can pretty much use any striker tree with it. I found middle tree striker works best. You’ll use the intrinsic perk of the exotic leg armor Dunemarchers, which chains melee damage. Then you pair that up with the Striker class middle tree Code of the Missile Ballistic Slam melee. To top it off, you’ll use the exotic bow Trinity Ghoul which grants you chain lighting after precision kills.

Skill Tree: Code of the Missile (Middle Tree)

Ability: Pulse or Lightning Grenade

Armor: Dunemarchers (Exotic leg armors)

Weapons: Trinity Ghoul (exotic bow)

Armor Mods to Use: Momentum Transfer, Distribution, Strength Mod

Build Strengths:

  • Chain multiple targets together
  • Focusing on melee mods allow for frequent chain damage
  • Can work with any subclass
  • Really cool

Build Video by Arctic:

8. Light and Darkness Build (Stasis Titan, PvE)

Do you like grenades? Yeah? Then here’s one for you. Utilizing the exotic chest piece the Armamentarium and the Aspects and Fragments of the new Stasis subclasses, you’ll earn the name behemoth. Be sure to check out the build video to get the complete setup.

Subclass: Behemoth

Ability: Glacier Grenade, your choice of other abilities

Armor: Armamentarium (Exotic chest armor)

Weapons: Traveler’s Chosen (Exotic sidearm)

Armor Mods to Use: Swift Charge, Firepower, Impact Induction, Discipline Mod, Fastball

Build Strengths:

  • Two grenades
  • Fast grenade recharge
  • Simple and effective

Build by This Week In Video Games:

9. DPS Build (Stasis Hunter, PvE)

This Stasis build uses the Hunter’s Revenant subclass. It prepares you to dole out hearty helpings of damage against enemies in PvE activities. It makes use of the class’ Glacier grenade and utilizes high DPS weapons like the Witherhoard grenade launcher and the beastly Falling Guillotine sword.

Subclass: Revenant 

Ability: Gambler’s Dodge, Withering Blade, Strafe Jump, Glacier Grenade

Armor: Frost-EE5 (exotic boots)

Weapons: Witherhoard, IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2, Falling Guillotine

Armor Mods to Use: Resilience Mod, Taking Charge, Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Shield Break Charge, Concussive Dampener, Melee Damage Resistance, Radiant Light, Absolution, Outreach, High Energy Fire

Build Strengths:

  • Great DPS
  • Works well in team activities

Build Video by Unstoppable:

10. PvE Stasis Build (Stasis Warlock, PvE)

For this build you have a variety of exotic armor options to choose from, pick whichever you have or like best, then make tweaks as you go. This one has a great deal of crowd control potential and AOE damage. The build video included has it all in-depth, and I recommend you give it a look.

Subclass: Shadebinder

Ability: Healing Rift, Strafe Glide, Penumbral Blast, Duskfield Grenade

Exotic Armor Options: Eye of Another World (Helm), Verity’s Brow (Helm), Claws of Ahamkara (Gauntlets), Necrotic Grip (Gauntlets)

Weapons: Witherhoard, IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2, Falling Guillotine

Armor Mods to Use: Global Reach, Grenade and Sword Ammo Finder, Taking Charge, Recovery Mod, SMG Loader, Discipline, Rage of the Warmind, Protective Light, Wrath of Rasputin

Build Strengths:

  • Extensive and powerful
  • Good weapon combos
  • Multiple options for exotic armor

Build Video by ShadowratihXI:

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