[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Bows and How to Get Them

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Bow to my bow.

In Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen, Bungie has given guardians access to the Anti-Barrier mod for Bows. This means that bows can pierce the shields of Champion enemies and make them vulnerable to damage. So, as you load into your Nightfall strikes and Psi-Ops Battlegrounds, consider equipping a bow. Which one, you may ask? Well, here are our top 10 Bows to use in Destiny 2.

10. Wish-Ender (For PvP)

See through walls with Wish-Ender!

Wish-Ender is an exotic bow in the Kinetic slot. Introduced with the Forsaken expansion, Wish-Ender is one of the more uncommon bows seen throughout Destiny 2. However, when you encounter a guardian using this bow, they are quite the menace. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 92
  • Accuracy - 72
  • Stability - 91
  • Handling - 46
  • Reload Speed - 37
  • Aim Assistance - 51
  • Draw Time - 792

Wish-Ender's value is determined by its exotic perk, Queen's Wrath. When fully drawn and aiming down sights, this bow highlights enemies behind walls. In the right hands, this can be a very oppressive bow. Such that you need to consider changing your playstyle because of it. 

How do I get Wish-Ender?

Seriously. The Shattered Throne dungeon is great solo!

Wish-Ender is a quest exotic obtained through the Shattered Throne dungeon. And if you're up for the challenge, I recommend completing it solo. It's absolutely worth it!

9. Whispering Slab (For PvE)

Whispering Slab really looks like a meat cleaver.

Introduced with Season of Arrivals, Whispering Slab is a legendary bow in the kinetic slot. Looking like a meat cleaver, it has a lot to offer. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 68
  • Accuracy - 45
  • Stability - 58
  • Handling - 69
  • Reload Speed - 64
  • Aim Assistance - 75
  • Draw Time - 612

So why should you be on the lookout for a Whispering Slab bow? Well, to start, it’s one of the few kinetic bows. But also, check out these perk combinations:

  • Archer’s Tempo or Killing Wind + Vorpal Weapon
  • Archer’s Tempo or Killing Wind + Demolitionist or Swashbuckler

There’s a lot you can do with these combinations - it just depends on how much you want to build-craft. Perhaps you want Vorpal Weapon to give a consistent damage bonus against bosses and vehicles, or even Demolitionist to build into a Void 3.0 grenade-focused build. It’s entirely up to you. Whispering Slab is a great all-rounder!

How do I get Whispering Slab?

Visit the space horse for Whispering Slab!

There are currently two ways to get a Whispering Slab to drop:

  • Play Dares of Eternity when the weapon is in rotation
  • Wait for Xur to sell it

Herein, while it’s harder to come by since being removed from the world loot pool with the Witch Queen expansion, it’s still possible. And if you’re determined enough, I’m sure RNG will reward you.

8. Point of the Stag (For PvE)

This Iron Banner bow is a great starter bow for those going into endgame content.

The Point of the Stag is an arc bow with a precision frame and is very similar to Whispering Slab at number nine. With a longer draw optimised for damage, this one can really hit like a truck. But it’s also thanks to its perks. But first, let’s kick things off with the base stats:

  • Impact - 76
  • Accuracy - 78
  • Stability - 46
  • Handling - 60
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 72
  • Draw Time - 684

So, back to perks. Aside from Whispering Slab, The Point of the Stag is the only bow in Destiny 2 that can roll with Vorpal Weapon. Pair that with Archer’s Tempo to have yourself a bow that fires fast and hits hard.

How do I get The Point of the Stag?

Easy to get; wonderfully effective.

The Point of the Stag is a curated Pursuit weapon from Iron Banner and was introduced during Season of the Worthy. As such, it's easily accessible via the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower.

7. Wolftone Draw (For PvE)

If Cool Guy says it's a must-have bow, then it is. Try it out.

Wolftone Draw is number seven on our list of best bows in Destiny 2. Introduced with Season of the Lost, this is another go-to energy bow for many. First, let’s check out the stats:

  • Impact - 76
  • Accuracy - 78
  • Stability - 39
  • Handling - 60
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 68
  • Draw Time - 684

So what’s so special about Wolftone Draw that you can’t get with Point of the Stag or Whispering Slab? Well, as it was only introduced during the season before Witch Queen, this bow rolls with some of the newer perks -  some of which can make this bow a monster in PvE. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Impulse Amplifier or Archer’s Tempo + Frenzy
  • Impulse Amplifier + Dragonfly

Dragonfly is tried and true in Destiny, and pairing this with Impulse Amplifier will undoubtedly see you creating explosion after explosion. On the other hand, there’s Frenzy. Frenzy increases damage, handling and reload speed whilst in combat, which is all the time! Pair it with Archer’s Tempo and you’ll be slinging arrows left and right like Legolas from The Lord of the Rings!

How do I get Wolftone Draw?

Let's all hope Xur sells this bow again.

With the removal of the Season of the Lost content, your only hope of getting Wolftone Draw is Xur. He has the potential to sell this bow every week. Here's hoping!

6. Arsenic Bite-4b

Sometimes Destiny 2 sells god rolls and the community goes crazy.

Next up, we have Arsenic Bite-4b. Sleek and stylish, this is the bow that the wider Destiny community sent out red alerts for when Banshee was selling it. Let's first check out the base stats:

  • Impact - 68
  • Accuracy - 52
  • Stability - 62
  • Handling - 64
  • Reload Speed - 64
  • Aim Assistance - 81
  • Draw Time - 612

And what about the perks? What are the recommended perks? Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • Ramage + Explosive Head or Archer’s Tempo

Ramage is always great for PvE, and so too is Explosive Head. Pair them together and you’ll be a certified bow-main in no time! Or, if you prefer, pair Rampage with Archer’s Tempo, which will ensure that each final blow both increases your damage and reduces draw time. Nice!

How do I get Arsenic Bite-4b

Xur's will is not his own.

Just like Whispering Slab, Arsenic Bite-4b is currently only available through either Dares of Eternity - when it’s in the rotation - or through Xur. Perhaps he’ll sell us a god roll just like Banshee? We can hope!

5. Biting Winds (For PvP)

The bow for the PvPers.

Like The Point of the Stag, Biting Winds is another precision frame bow, but this time in the Kinetic slot. Here are the stats:

  • Impact - 76
  • Accuracy - 78
  • Stability - 49
  • Handling - 54
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 66
  • Zoom - 18

At first glance, these stats seem middling. Nothing special. But, as with many Destiny weapons, the perks are the defining factor. So, for those looking for their go-to PvP bow, here’s what I suggest hunting for:

  • Rapid Hit + Snapshot
  • Moving Target + Explosive Head
  • Killing Wind + Swashbuckler or Snapshot

Snapshot is snappy, Moving Target tacks on extra aim assist, Explosive Head deals extra flinch, and Killing Wind + Swashbuckler leaves you with increased damage, handling, range, and mobility. It’s buff after buff in the Crucible! If you don’t have a PvP bow yet, Biting Winds is the answer.

How do I get Biting Winds?

Icy Europa is your destination.

Aside from completing the Beyond Light expansion’s campaign - which awards the Biting Winds bow as a guaranteed drop - it can also drop from The Dark Priestess Empire Hunts on Europa.

4. Under Your Skin (For both PvE and PvP)

Crafting in Destiny 2 is showing its potential with this bow.

Introduced with Season of the Risen, Under Your Skin is arguably the best legendary bow. Offering a slick cabal aesthetic, a myriad of viable perks, and the capability of being crafted, this is definitely the legendary bow for you. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 76
  • Accuracy - 82
  • Stability - 52
  • Handling - 60
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 70
  • Draw Time -  684

So, once you’ve unlocked the ability to craft Under Your Skin, what perks should be on your radar? I recommend the following:

  • Archer’s Tempo + Explosive Head or Successful Warm-Up

Archer's Tempo decreases draw time with each precision hit, and Successful Warm-Up does the same on final blows. This is an excellent and synergistic combination of perks. Or, if you prefer, consider Explosive Head. The ability to deal flinch against enemies in both PvE and PvP is valuable!

And remember, the weapon being craftable means that you have access to the enhanced perks!

How do I get Under Your Skin?

Psi-Ops Battlegrounds is going to be your go-to method of acquisition.

This bow is obtainable from the Season of the Risen content. Complete Psi-Ops Battlegrounds, focus Umbral Engrams, rank up with the H.E.L.M. Additionally, after ranking up in the H.E.L.M, you can unlock the option to have Season of the Risen gear drop from regular playlist activities. Nevertheless, to the H.E.L.M. you go!

3. Ticuu’s Divination (For PvE)

You don't even have to aim. Just draw and release.

Kicking off our top three bows in Destiny 2, we have Ticuu’s Divination. Introduced with Season of the Chosen, it’s our second exotic bow on the list. Let’s first check out the base stats:

  • Impact - 68
  • Accuracy - 52
  • Stability - 57
  • Handling - 69
  • Reload Speed - 64
  • Aim Assistance - 79
  • Draw Time - 612

While aiming down sights, this bow shoots your normal arrow. However, thanks to the exotic perk Sacred Flame, hip-firing Ticuu's Divination shoots three separate tracking arrows that explode with final blows. Think Sunshot, but on a bow. This means firing two volleys of hip-fired arrows at one target triggers explosions. And they can chain from target to target. This bow is a sight to behold!

How do I get Ticuu’s Divination?

The Monument to Lost Lights kiosk has it all.

As with many other weapons in Destiny 2, Ticuu's Divination can be acquired from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. Consider this as your bow of choice, especially for end-game content.

2. Trinity Ghoul (For PvE)

Trinity Ghoul is a better Riskrunner.

Coming in at number two, we have the exotic bow Trinity Ghoul. This is an arc bow in the energy slot and, similar to Ticuu’s Divination, fires three arrows instead of one. Already intrigued, I know. Check out these stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Accuracy - 86
  • Stability - 55
  • Handling - 58
  • Reload Speed - 55
  • Aim Assistance - 74
  • Draw Time - 720

Trinity Ghoul sports the exotic perk, Split Electron. This splits one arrow into three. And the more you draw the bow while aiming down sights, the tighter the spread of your arrows. But also, landing one precision final blow charges said arrows with electricity. And whether you aim-down-sights or hip-fire the weapon while charged, lightning with chain from enemy to enemy and disintegrate them in the process!

How do I get Trinity Ghoul?

Good luck with your RNG.

Trinity Ghoul is a random world drop. This means that it can drop from just defeating enemies in Vanguard Strikes or at the end of a Gambit match. Playing any activity has the potential to drop an exotic piece of gear; let's just hope it's Trinity Ghoul. Or, perhaps Xur will be kind and sell it one of these weeks.  

1. Le Monarque (For Both PvE and PvP)

There is no bow like Le Monarque.

Le Monarque! Either you love it, or you hate it. And you likely hate it because it often leaves you with a sliver of health in the Crucible. Nevertheless, for both PvE and PvP, this is our pick as the best bow in Destiny 2. Here are the base stats: 

  • Impact - 76
  • Accuracy - 81
  • Stability - 51
  • Handling - 59
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 70
  • Draw Time - 684

Le Monarque comes with the exotic perk, Poison Arrows. After fully drawing the bow, precision hits explode with a cloud of poison and deal damage over time to both the target and nearby enemies. And paired with the Anti-Barrier mod for bows this season, Le Monarque is the go-to choice for taking on Champion enemies in end-game content. What’s more, this bow has a catalyst in the form of Unrelenting. That’s health regeneration as you rapidly defeat targets.

As for PvP, Le Monarque deals 151 damage to the head of a guardian when an arrow is fully drawn. However, with Poison Arrows, this increases to 175. That’s almost a one-shot headshot. Add in the fact that it has Snapshot, and Le Monarque is our pick for the best bow in Destiny 2.

How do I get Le Monarque?

It'll cost a few materials, but this bow is worth it.

To get Le Monarque, head to the Tower once more. The Monument to Lost Lights holds this top-tier bow. You won’t want to put it down!

So there you have it! Bows are critical to Destiny 2’s endgame during Season of the Risen. And to be on top of your game, these ten bows are the surefire way to do it!

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