Destiny 2 Best Class for PvE DPS

Destiny 2 Best Class for PvE DPS

5. Shadebinder Warlock 

When it comes to field control, nothing comes close to the class Shadebinde. The Shadebinde Warlock found in the new Stasis subclass has a veritable hodgepodge of death-dealing tactics at its disposal. This character truly lives us to the name Warlock, using its abilities to freeze enemies and hold them in place, slow down others, and modify the terrain to their advantage. Their role is of damage dealers and crowd control, allowing other classes to drop enemies quicker. It is a team-centered class role, but a masterful role at that. 

  • Keep enemies frozen and stuck in place.  
  • Slow enemies down with grenades, and any time ice bolt hits, it will seek another target to freeze.  
  • Combine Winters Wrath and Shadebinder Warlock to change the battlefield to the fireteam's advantage consistently.  
  • Buff companions' weapons for even more damage.  
  • Combine with other classes to take down the enemy faster. 

PvE DPS score: 70 /100 


4. Nightstalker Hunter 

This subclass is a damage dealing nightmare of its own. The Nightstalker is still relevant thanks in part to its versatile super. It can either be a killer damage-dealing shot or an inescapable death trap when used in conjunction with the fireteam. It also allows for specific player preferred playstyles to become more prevalent with Way of the Trapper for those who enjoy using a vanishing step to survive and dodge or Keen scout for those who prefer a more tactical play style. The more aggressive notes are found in the way of the pathfinder as the playstyle requires a more mobility-focused way of fighting.  

  • Versatile play style.  
  • Great damage dealer and trapper.  
  • Vanishing Step allows for extra survivability.  
  • Moebius Quiver will enable the player to shoot multiple arrows, generate numerous orbs of light for those long Nightfall or Raid nights.  
  • A great addition to the team as an invisible survivalist that can revive fallen comrades.  

PvE DPS score: 75 /100 


3. Sunbreaker Titan 

The once-mighty Sunbreaker might not shine through it once did; it still holds a  place of high regard. The class is a guaranteed field clearing machine. Even when combined with a few other classes; it still shines bright. It can also debuff enemies and deal significant damage to those in melee range. The role of this class is to keep the field clear and taking down medium level enemies. This is a damage dealing class and should be on the front line.  

  • Hammer Strike will help keep enemies’ numbers down  
  • Set up Hammer strike at will with Hallowfire Heart.  
  • Combine with Phoenix cradle so team members can gain buffs to their damage.  
  • Debuff enemies, dealing with melee damage, combine with a shotgun to become a close-quarters monster.  
  • Stun bosses using Slam attack. 

PvE DPS score: 80 /100 


2. Sentinel Titan 

The wall that holds back the dark, the defender, the dam holding back the dark flood. The Sentinel Titan, the defensive bubble is still one of the best effects in the game; when cast with Well of Radiance the Ward of dawn can help survive some of the most challenging PvE activities, and when combined with exotics like Helm of Saint-14 or Doom Fang, this Class shines in its role. Then there is its offensive ability as it becomes a shield slinger that gives bot Cap and Taskmaster a run for their money.  

  • Defensive Strike is still one of the best attacks in the game.  
  • The bubble has become one of the essential features to survive PvE events.  
  • The Class is not only for defense; it can become a good damage dealer if so inclined.  
  • Combine the bubble with a Warlock rift to heal and buff, then just destroy everything.  
  • Combine with readily available exotics to be able to cast bubble after bubble. 

PvE DPS score: 85 /100 


1. Dawnblade Warlock 

The Dawnblade Warlock is arguably the most potent damage dealer available even in the new Beyond light expansion. It still is an extremely versatile subclass that generates energy for its grenades and melee being able to feed off each other and causing massive damage when combined with the right set of exotics. The subclass is also easily modified and exploits features to keep out of the enemy's range, and still deal tons of damage from a distance. That does not include its super, that when inflicted, both do huge amounts of damage to a single target and has damage splash zones that deal damage to multiple enemies at once.   

  • Keep enemies at a distance and still inflict significant damage.  
  • Well of radiance, Top Tree turns the Warlock into a dancing machine that goes at incredible speeds.  
  • Dawn Chorus can be used to considerable effect in aggressive gameplay style.  
  • The class generates a significant amount of energy to melee and grenade abilities.  
  • Rifts generate quickly and can buff or heal allies. 

PvE DPS score: 95 /100 

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