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Raise you Guardian's fashion with Ornaments

How to Create and Apply Ornament (by WoW Quests)

What's the best way to change your character's appearance in Destiny 2? 

Ornaments are a highlight of Destiny 2’s character customization. They are unlockable cosmetic items that allow you to change the appearance of your weapons and armor. 

Weapon ornaments are mostly for Exotic weapons that can only be purchased with Silver. However, some can be purchased with Bright Dust from the Eververse, but they’re rarely available. 

You’re likely more familiar with armor ornaments, as they are easily obtainable by completing bounties and earning Synthweave from Ada-1. 

Once you synthesize or obtain ornaments, you can customize the way your Guardian looks. Here’s how to apply ornaments to your weapons and armor in Destiny 2:   

How to Apply Ornaments in Destiny 2:

  • Applying Ornaments To Your Weapons: 
    • Access your Inventory.
    • Place your cursor over your desired weapon and press Triangle/Y or click on it. 
    • In the perk selection screen, press down to the weapon appearance screen. There will be one tile. 
    • Select the tile. 
    • Scroll over the dropdown menu and select the ornament you would like to use for your weapon. 
  • Applying Ornaments to Your Armor:
    • Access your Inventory. 
    • Scroll your cursor downwards.
    • Press on the down arrow at the bottom. 
    • Select the top-right tile with the name “Appearance Customization”. 
    • On the left side, select the piece of armor you want to ornament. 
    • Select the third tile at the top. 
    • Scroll over which ornament piece you want from the menu. 
    • Select an ornament piece. 
    • Your armor ornament has been applied. 

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