[Guide] RUST Best Ways To Get High Quality Metal(Top 5 Ways)

RUST Best Ways To Get High Quality Metal
RUST Best Ways To Get High Quality Metal

What is High Quality Metal(HQM) and why is it important?

HQM is a resource in Rust like Metal Fragments, Stone and Sood. It is vital for progression as it can be used to strengthen the defenses on your base and craft weapons and weapon attachments. HQM is not as common as the other gatherable resources in Rust, so it is necessary to find ways to acquire HQM efficiently. Here are the top five ways to get HQM in RUST:



The most straight-forward way to get HQM is to mine it from metal nodes. For every metal node, you have the chance of receiving 1-2 HQM ore as long as you are using a Pickaxe, or Jackhammer. You will then need to smelt the ore to get usable HQM.

Most likely, you will not go out farming for HQM like this. Rather, it will be a byproduct of farming regular metal ore. 

As mentioned, you will get 1-2 HQM ore per metal node which makes this a very slow method for getting HQM.

How it works:

  • Have a Jackhammer or Pickaxe ready.
  • Go and find metal nodes.
  • Mine them completely, as you will only receive HQM ore on the last hit of the node.
  • Smelt the ore into usable HQM.


4.Recycle Items

Recycling is an effective way to get HQM. Between all of the methods shows in this Guide, Recycling your unused components and guns is the easiest and safest. There isn’t much work involved other than taking your junk to the Outpost where it’s safe to recycle. There are many items in the game that wield HQM. Below is a list with all of the different categories of items that can wield HQM and its quantity when recycled.


  • Rocket Launcher - HQM ×50
  • Assault Rifle - HQM ×25
  • LR-300 Assault Rifle - HQM ×20
  • M249 - HQM ×20
  • MP5A4 - HQM ×20
  • Bolt Action Rifle - HQM ×15
  • M92 Pistol - HQM ×13
  • Thompson - HQM ×13
  • Custom SMG - HQM ×10
  • Flame Thrower - HQM ×8
  • Pump Shotgun - HQM ×8
  • Python Revolver - HQM ×5
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol - HQM ×4


  • 4x Zoom Scope - HQM ×25
  • Holosight - HQM ×6
  • Muzzle Boost - HQM ×5
  • Muzzle Brake - HQM ×4
  • Silencer - HQM ×3
  • Simple Handmade Sight - HQM ×3
  • Weapon Lasersight - HQM ×2
  • Weapon Flashlight - HQM ×2


  • SMG Body - HQM ×2
  • Rifle Body - HQM ×2
  • Semi Automatic Body - HQM ×2
  • Metal Pipe - HQM x1 
  • Metal Spring - HQM x1
  • Road Signs - HQM x1
  • Sheet Metal - HQM x1
  • Tech Trash - HQM x1


  • Metal Chest Plate - HQM ×13
  • Metal Facemask - HQM ×8
  • Hazmat Suit - HQM ×4
  • Heavy Plate Jacket - HQM ×4
  • Heavy Plate Helmet - HQM ×3
  • Heavy Plate Pants - HQM ×2


  • Workbench Level 3 - HQM ×50
  • Workbench Level 2 - HQM ×10
  • Vending Machine - HQM ×10


  • Armored Double Door - HQM ×13
  • Armored Door - HQM ×10
  • Reinforced Window Bars - HQM ×2


  • Auto Turret - HQM ×20
  • Flame Turret - HQM ×5

Recycling items is a great way to get some extra HQM. As can be seen above, some will wield 20+ HQM. You can recycle extra guns for a lot of HQM because most of Tier 2 plus all Tier 3 guns will recycle into some amount of HQM. This is good if you have a surplus of Pump Shotguns for example. They aren’t particularly a useful weapon, especially after the Slug nerf,  You are better off using an SMG. Extra Tier 3 workbenches are also good because you can collect them from raided bases (as long as you have Building Privileges) to gain an extra 50 HQM.

The effectiveness of this method purely depends on the amount of junk you have left over to recycle. If you are in dire need of HQM, for example if you made enemies with your neighbors and you are afraid they might raid you overnight you can recycle most of your guns, attachments and components to wield a high amount of HQM.

How it works:

  • Gather junk from your loot boxes.
  • Make sure it is safe outside for the most part, no door campers and no ongoing battlefield outside of your base.
  • Get to the outpost. Preferably you would do this in a Mini Helicopter, but if you don't have one, you can use a Horse or Car. It is unwise to run to the outpost with all of the junk on you, unless it is close to your base.
  • Recycle everything you have on you and get as much HQM as possible. While at the outpost you can trade with other players for HQM in return for byproducts of the items you recycled, for example Scrap.


3.Raid Bases

If you can’t get your hands on HQM, simply steal it from someone else. Most of the bases in Rust accumulate HQM, but never use it. For example, they might recycle a lot of components, guns etc. and have a surplus in HQM because they aren’t at the stage of the game where they need it. Even if a base does not have a lot of HQM, it is likely that they have components or other items that can be recycled into HQM as per the above method. 

Just like with mining, you will probably not go out of your way to raid a base because you need a lot of HQM. It will be hard to reach the HQM in the first place, as most of the HQM in a base is located in the Tool Cupboard (TC) which is heavily guarded, and will cost you a lot of Sulfur to get to. On the other hand, if you are pretty late into the wipe and you need HQM urgently, this is a fantastic way to get it, assuming that you have the explosives ready and you don’t need to farm any extra Sulfur. You will also profit from other goodies like Guns, Sulfur and Components.

The main drawback, as discussed above, is the need for a high quantity of Sulfur. This will take time to farm and process into the Explosive of your choice. Raiding will also take a lot of time and attract a lot of attention from nearby players. You run the risk of losing your explosives and the potential HQM.

How it works:

  • Find a base you want to raid, preferably on the easier side.
  • Farm Sulfur and craft the Explosives of your choice.
  • Raid the base and prioritize finding the TC.
  • Loot all of the possible HQM in the base, including an extra Workbench and other items that can be recycled into HQM.
  • Try your base not to die on the way to your base.


2.HQM Quarry or Excavator Pit

HQM can also be mined via a HQM Quarry or an Excavator Pit. Since the new update in December, all of the quarries on the map, including HQM Quarry will use Diesel fuel instead of Low Grade Fuel. Diesel is much harder to get than Low Grade Fuel, hence the resource yield has been increased as well. From a HQM Quarry, for 1 Diesel you will receive 50 HQM ore and this will take roughly 2 Minutes. For the Excavator Pit, for 1 Diesel fuel you will receive 100 HQM ore for the same amount of time.

Using these monuments to get HQM is one of the most fruitful ways to get HQM in Rust. However, it is very risky to use these Monuments. First of all, they generate a lot of noise. The HQM Quarry is loud and can be heard by nearby players. The Excavator is much louder than the Quarry. Additionally, players will see the Excavator working from a distance. In the case that you run into players, the Quarry offers less hiding spots and high ground as the Monument itself is quite small. This makes it easier for enemies to creep up on you, but harder for them to steal your loot, unless you aren’t in the area. On the other hand, the Excavator Pit is massive and there are plenty of hiding spots. It will be harder for players to find you and take you out, however, easier for them to steal your loot. Lastly, the Excavator Pit is filled with Scientists, making using the Excavator much harder.

If you have a lot of Diesel, using these Monuments will wield a high amount of HQM ore. It is worth noting that neither Monument has a guaranteed spawn chance on a map. In terms of pure efficiency, the Excavator Monument is twice as efficient as the HQM Quarry since it has double yield. However as mentioned above, you run more risk. Diesel fuel can be found in the Dome, Junkyard, Small/Large Oil Rig or purchased with 300 Low Grade Fuel in Outpost.

How it works:

  • Find either a HQM Quarry or Excavator Pit.
  • Gather all of your Diesel Fuel.
  • Use the Quarry or the Excavator by putting fuel in the storage and turning it on. In the case of the Excavator you also have to set it to mine HQM ore.
  • Wait patiently and defend the site until your fuel runs out, or you have the desired amount of HQM ore.


1.Oil Rig

This method applies to the Small Oil Rig and the Oil Rig Monuments. HQM can spawn in loot crates such as the Locked Crate, Treasure Box, Supply Drop, Elite Crates etc. And guess what, most of these crates spawn on the Oil Rigs. Additionally, Scientist also have a chance of 3% to drop 15-24 HQM when killed.

In my opinion, running the Oil Rigs is the best way to get HQM in Rust, it also comes with a few extra bonuses. Firstly, you will not have to do any smelting, since all of the HQM on the Oil Rigs come in the processed version. Secondly, both Oil Rigs are great for loot in general, which means you will be leaving with more than just HQM, you can also recycle the guns to further maximize how much HQM you gather. Lastly, it is a very quick method since it only requires you to gear up and go to any Oil Rig and loot it. There is some risk of running into players, however you most likely hear or see them coming to the Oil Rig.

For the Small Oil Rig, you could be looking at around 200 HQM from one run assuming that you recycle everything. For its big brother, the Oil Rig, you could be looking at 300+, especially if you get lucky with some of the crate drops. The Oil rigs will take around 25-30 minutes to clear out and loot the Locked Crate, assuming that you don’t run into trouble.

How it works:

  • Gear up and head to either Oil Rig. Make sure to bring the necessary security cards to open the locked rooms.
  • Clear out all of the Scientist and begin Hacking the Locked Crate.
  • Kill the Heavy Scientist that will spawn, and be on the lookout for players.
  • Loot the Locked Crate and head back to base.
  • To maximize your output, recycle everything you have gathered from either Oil Rig.

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